Heart to Heart: Seed of Life Mandalas



Heart to Heart: Seed of Life Mandalas
Heart to Heart: Seed of Life Mandalas
Artwork by Kathryn Costa
As I was designing the mandala art to
go with Mae Edward’s article for the
September/October issue of Parable
Magazine, I thought about my own
experience as a mother.
The seven circles are interlocked
throughout the design to illustrate
the connections that we have with
our loved ones, friends, colleagues,
and members in our community.
The “Seed of Life,” a design found in
sacred geometry, is one of my favorite
patterns. It is a perfectly symmetrical
arrangement constructed by drawing
seven circles of the same size.
The flowers and seeds throughout
remind us of how as parents we
are gardeners. There is a time for
planting and tending, and even more
time requiring love and patience.
At the center, I drew my momma’s heart
flanked by six stalks of wheat symbolic of
love and charity and surrounded by little
bursting seedlings.
Parable Magazine is the publication of the Diocese of Manchester.
Look for more coloring pages from Parable Magazine at: www.catholicnh.org/downloads
If you would like to learn how to
draw the Seed of Life and other
mandala patterns check out my
book, “The Mandala Guidebook.”
published by North Light Books.
Reflect on the seeds that you’ve planted in your life as you color the Seed of Life pattern.
The seeds that you are tending may be about parenting, your career, a personal goal or a
dream project. The spaces in this design are perfect containers for journaling or adding
other drawings and doodles. For more coloring pages visit catholicnh.org/downloads

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