Happy Halloween Martians!


Happy Halloween Martians!
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John Capone, Cr., Photog. CPP
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Associate Director
Don Engler, M. Photog., Cr.,
New Castle, Delaware
Steve Clark, Cr. Photog. CPP
Laurel, Maryland
Secretary / Registrar
Nancy Capone
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Gary Lloyd, Cr. Photog.
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Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography
Happy Halloween Martians!
Halloween is a holiday celebrated in the USA on October 31
each year. Many of the children and
some adults visiting homes say those
words “Trick or Treat” to the person
answering the door.
When you knock on MARS Door or
call Nancy Capone, our Registrar to
select a class at MARS this fall, remember to ask for the very special
“treat” of becoming a MARS Student,
and the ability to “trick” your competition with the knowledge you will gain by your attendance in 2015.
This is a fact supported by all of the past alumni from our school.
Soon our 19th year will be beginning on May 3rd and we want
you to be part of it!!
Look over the following
page to view the speakers
attending MARS this coming
year to receive your Trick and
Theresa Airey
Lindsay Adler
Ken Sklute
John Pacetti
Martin Tremarco
Ken Whitmire
Alycia Alvarez
MARS Scholarships
For scholarship assistance, you must submit a written letter to the Scholarship Committee. Certain
scholarships have selection criteria, and not all scholarships may be awarded if there are not
enough or no qualifying applicants. Please click on each scholarship name to review the information required for that particular scholarship.
Only one scholarship per person. Scholarships cannot be combined with any
other discounts, assistantships or rewards.
1, 2014. Recipients will be notified by JANUARY 31, 2015 which will allow time
to take advantage of the monthly payment plan.
The Milt Techner Memorial Scholarship
This is a full tuition scholarship for the 2015 MARS session for the class of your choice, room (double-room occupancy) and all
scheduled meals. Applications should be mailed before April 20, 2014. Applications may also be handed in to the Registrar at
the "Command Center" during the MARS 2014 Session before noon on Thursday May 8, 2014 to be considered. The winner will
be announced at the MARS Wrap Party on Thursday evening.
The Robert F. Young Jr. Memorial Scholarship
One full-tuition scholarship will be awarded toward the study of Digital Photography. It includes room (single occupancy) and all
scheduled meals to the MARS 2014 Session.
The Richard Roberts Memorial Scholarship
A $1000 scholarship for the 2014 MARS session.
PPA/MARS Scholarships
Up to TWO $500 Scholarships may be offered to the 2015 session. Applicants must be a current member of the PPA
(Professional Photographers of America), and a PPA Member for three years or less.
MARS $350 Scholarships
These scholarships may provide photographers the opportunity to enhance their photographic knowledge and skills, learning
from some of the finest talents in the photographic industry. Several scholarships in the amount of $350 may be awarded to
selected applicants.
Information in detail can be found on MARS website: www.marsschool.com
ATTENTION all past MARS assistants and potential 2015 Assistants
All those interested in becoming a M.A.R.S. assistant need to know several things.
Three quick important points:
 This is a working scholarship.
 To be eligible you must have attended M.A.R.S. at least 2 years as a student.
 Only one person per studio.
Applications are due to me by December 1, 2014
Assistants will be notified after April 1, 2015, and a compensation check will be presented to
you during the schoolweek.
To register for M.A.R.S. go to the M.A.R.S. web site and Register for a Class.
Then complete the Application for M.A.R.S. Assistant and either print it and send it to me or
email it to me. My address and email address are on the application form.
First - click on the Courses to select your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class choices. (Note: applications
listing the same instructor more than once will not be considered)
Second - click on Registration or Apply Now and complete the M.A.R.S. Registration Form
and submit it.
Third - get back to the main menu and click on Apply to be an Assistant, complete it and get
it to me.
Questions? Give me a call or send me an email. Hope to see you in Cape May next year and
work with you as an assistant!
Steve M. Clark, Cr. Photog. CPP
M.A.R.S. Trustee
Girl with Flowers
“Highlighted Artists” PPA Magazine
The Professional Photographer
Lucy Menshov of Camelia Portrait Studio and
long time attendee of MARS captured “Girl
with Flowers” in her Woodland Park, New
Jersey studio.
Lucy usually shoots with a Canon EOS 5D
Mk II but sometimes takes backup shots with
her iPhone. “I was fascinated with the
girl’s expression that I didn’t find in any of the
other images,” she says. “For photo output,
an iPhone cannot compete with the professional quality of the Canon, but in my case
quality is not critically important because the
original photo is used as an underpainting.”
Camelia Portrait Studio specializes in digitally
painted portraits of families and children.
Camera and Lens: iPhone 4s
Exposure: Auto
Lighting: Two continuous lights - CFL 20” x
28” soft boxes from OBN Photo and a silver
reflector and umbrella hair light (Studiohut
Post-Capture: Photoshop CS5 was used for intial color balancing and retouching, and Corel Painter XII was use for digital painting.
We, the Trustees at MARS are so proud of Lucy for her image to be
selected into the PPA Magazine.
Also, many may remember Lucy’s image taken during the Cape
May Challenge of 2013 which won the Portraiture Category.
Congrats Lucy! And keep up
the great work you are doing!
MONA K. SADLER - Judges Choice
Serving on the Judging panel were Canon Rep: Michael Sheras, Director John Capone, Associate Director:
Ed Buxton, Trustee: Steve Clark, and Trustee: Gary Lloyd. There was much discussion about the open category of Portrait since there was only one image available and it did not have the necessary qualifications,
so all agreed to create a “Judges Choice” category and award to an image that was striking and could effectively cover several of the prescribed categories.
For the 2015 session, M.A.R.S. would like to welcome back EP Levine as our continuing supply house. The helpful folks there will answer any of your questions, support
all of our instructors, carry the needed photographic supplies you will be using, and
overall, support the school. Their service will be continuous throughout the week.
Please save your purchases for the school.
While there, visit their store, introduce yourself to Mike Bard and take advantage of
this 'in-person' opportunity!
If you haven’t visited our website lately, (www.marsschool.com);
you may want to go to the “GALLERY” tab and view images from last
years’ instructors master sets, the “Cape May Challenge Contest” or
the very inclusive “Week in Review”.

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