District Administration - West Texas District AG


District Administration - West Texas District AG
West Texas District Council of the Assemblies of God
MARCH 2011
From the Heart of the Superintendent
given me a personal challenge to work toward building healthy ministers and
The Ministry Evaluation
Tour will give the District
Leadership Team an opportunity to be apprised of the
needs of our ministers and
discover ways to meet those
needs. So, during the Spring
Conventions this year the District Leadership Team will be
conducting an evaluation of
the ministries of our district.
The goal of these meetings
will be to discover what
Glenn & Betty Beaver
need to be made
to the district meetings in
order to utilize them to be
more valuable for our minisThe evaluation process is ters.
vitally important to assist the
District Leadership Team in
determining the status of the
district and the direction in
which to lead it in the future.
This district has enjoyed
many years of excellent leadership and with that in mind
we want to make sure that
In a few weeks I will be
we continue the process of
to you an evaluation
building the kingdom accordform.
asking you to give
ing to the design of the Holy
Spirit. Jesus said in Luke 6
that when we come to Him
and do what He says that we has said, “We cannot do what
are like a man who built a we have always done and exhouse upon a solid founda- pect to get different results.”
After the completion of
tion. He says that there are
tour the District Leadertwo important issues to conship
Team, Sectional Presbysider; dig deep and lay the
Department Directors,
foundation upon rock.
Sectional RepresenGod will lead us with His wisdom in building stronger and tatives will be invited to come
more effective ministers and together for a Ministry
The Lord has Evaluation Summit. This will
2011 Ministries
Evaluation Tour
District Administration
The Two-Percent Advance: The Power of Little
by Glenn R. Beaver
be time devoted to praying,
reviewing and planning for
the future based on the information you have shared
during the evaluation tour.
As we look forward in the
year 2011, I want to share
with you some of the district
events which have been designed to add value to you
and your ministry.
Clay, General Treasurer for
the General Council and also
the West Texas District
Council speaker, has been
invited to speak during the
Tuesday afternoon session of
District Council on The Influence of the Local
Church. In July Marvin Gorman has been invited to be
the speaker for Camp Meeting. This will be a time for
each of us to seek God for
personal renewal.
School of Ministry in September will be used to focus on
Church Planting and creating
healthier churches. The District Leadership Team is also
working on establishing a
coaching network. At the
present time we are considering a plan which will involve approximately two
years of training and implementation. This process will
give pastors the tools to
evaluate their church and
their leadership style along
with a plan to improve their
Continue to pray with me
that the Lord will make the
days ahead the most effective days of ministry for the
West Texas District!
Some of the definitions given in the dictionary for the word little are not big . . . small in size
or extent; small in comparison with related forms; small in condition, distinction, or
scope; and not much. In today’s culture, little merits no headlines or attention, yet the little
things are what make impressive differences to the quality of our lives. How thankful I am for the
little things - the kind words, the encouraging texts and emails, the notes of gratitude, the calls of
appreciation, and the sacrificial financial gifts that have been given over the years.
Two-percent - not much by some standards, yet a great blessing to our district over the years.
Back during the early-to-middle 80’s, the 2% Advance Program was introduced to West Texas pastors and churches through the ministry of Rev. Richard Dortch, who served at that time as the Superintendent of the Illinois district. Shortly after his ministry in our district, the voting body at DisBilly & Bettye
trict Council passed a resolution to recommend that each church in our district give two-percent of
Secretary/Treasurer their undesignated funds to support the district. Originally, those contributions went to the tithe
fund, however, in recent years the pastors and church delegates voted for half of the two-percent
to be equally divided between three departments (Christian Education, Women’s Ministries, and Men’s Ministries).
In 2010 thirty-two churches gave in the 2% Advance Program for a total of $45,045.67. With half of that amount
going to the three designated departments, each of those ministries received $7,507.60 for the year, averaging
$625.63 a month. That amount by no means fully funds these departments but it certainly helps make a significant difference. How true the words of Douglas M. Lawson who said, “We exist temporarily through what we take, but we live
forever through what we give.” Two-percent is not much compared to the giving of some, however, only eternity will
reveal the lives that were touched and the progress that was made by the power of little! It is reported that an English nobleman just before his death said, “What I spent, I had. What I kept, I lost. What I gave, I have.”
Minister & Church Updates
Newly Credentialed:
Roxanne Richardson, CM
Transferred Out:
R.T. Havener (Sr O) Arizona
Joyce Havener (Sr O) Arizona
Sam Stewart (O) Pen Florida
Transferred In:
Kenneth Harryman, (L) Kansas
James Hatcher (CM) South Texas
Phillip Blake Collins (CM) North Texas
Michael Barnhill (L) Pen Florida
New Pastors:
Amarillo, Tradewinds AG
Pastor: Karel Cantrell
Big Spring, First AG
Pastor: Craig Wascon
Spearman, First AG
Pastor: Brad Smith
Available for Ministry
Gene Benningfield
Simon Beteta
Kelly Breckenridge
Terry Callis
Harry Coons
Paul DeWolfe
Larry Elder
Dale Griswold
Jack Hargrave
Bob/Doris McCutchen806.341.4351
Rick & Tori Mitchell 806.241.1259
Z.A. Myers
J.C. Owen
Forest Srader
Todd/Angela Starnes 806.771.8887
Marcus Tanner
Kevin Vander-Plas
Kenneth Davis
August 18, 1952 - January 27, 2011
Ken Davis was an Ordained minister credentialed with the West Texas District. Ken
and Linda, his wife, served the Lord faithfully
in ministry positions in West Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and South Texas. They
also served for four years in New Mexico as
district appointed missionaries to Native
Americans. Cards can be mailed to the Davis
family at 10024 Suez Drive, El Paso, TX
Please pray for the family and
friends during this time of bereavement.
Bible Institute of West Texas
Courses for March 12, 2011
Certification Level
Introduction to Pentecostal Doctrine
Barry Tilley, Facilitator
License Level
New Testament Survey
Glenn Beaver, Facilitator
Ordination Level
The Corinthian Correspondence
Jannetta Fairbanks, Facilitator
Courses for April 9, 2011
Certification Level
Acts: The Holy Spirit at Work in Believers
Chris Murdoch, Facilitator
License Level
Old Testament Survey
John Murdoch, Facilitator
Ordination Level
Billy Nickell, Facilitator
Tracy & Cara Lynn McWilliams
Director of Church Ministries
[email protected]
Tracy McWilliams, Editor
West Texas Assemblies of God
5504 Wayne Avenue
P.O. Box 64778, Lubbock, TX 79464
Phone: 806.792.5835
Please notify editor of any change
of address.
Third class postage paid at Lubbock, TX.
Published monthly.
Glenn R. Beaver
[email protected]
Tom Lakey
Assistant Superintendent
[email protected]
Billy D. Nickell
[email protected]
Cliff Houghton, Danny Williams,
Neil Unwin, John Murdoch
Randall McDonald, Ben Hodge III
Web site: wtaog.org
Women’s Ministry
“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can;
In all the ways you can, in all the places you can;
At all the times you can, to all the people you can;
As long as ever you can.”
John Wesley
May these words challenge our hearts and spirits in order that we can
accomplish great things through Women’s Ministries for the glory of God!
Becky & Joe Nenstiel
Women’s Director
Coins for Ministries Rally
Belize Missions Project
The Power of Influence
October 24 - 31, 2011
Tuesday, April 19
10:00 AM
District Auditorium
Cost Per Person: $1,200.00
Call Becky at 806.7908821
to Sign Up
$100.00 Deposit Needed by
March 15
Missions Offering $8,000.00
Budget Offering $2,200.00
Jannetta Fairbanks
Funds Needed For Project
Men’s Ministries
West Texas 2011 Banquet Tour
Speaker Roger Kuykendall
Mark Stripling
Men’s Director
Ribeye Steak Dinner - only $8.00 per plate
Serving begins at 6:45 pm; Banquets conclude at 8:30 pm; Exception: El Paso, Breakfast at 9:00 am
February 28
6:45 pm
East Plains
Trinity Assembly, Floydada
March 1
6:45 pm
North Plains
First Assembly, Amarillo
March 3
6:45 pm
West Plains
Grace Assembly, Lubbock
March 5
9:00 am
El Paso
Grace Christian Church, El Paso
March 7
6:45 pm
South Plains
First Assembly, Lamesa
March 8
6:45 pm
First Assembly, Odessa
West Texas Assemblies of God
81st District Council
April 19 & 20, 2011
Council Schedule
District Council
Rev. Douglas E. Clay
Guest Speaker
Tuesday 10:00 am
Women’s Ministries Rally
Around West Texas
2011 Ladies In Ministry Retreat
March 25-26
“Here Comes the Groom!”
Revelation 19:7
"For the wedding of the Lamb has come and His bride has
made herself ready."
Begins Friday at 2pm at the Beaver’s home
(4001 Woodrow Road, Lubbock, Texas). It will continue through Saturday at noon at the District Office Auditorium. Please make an effort
to join us for this retreat designed to encourage and refresh you in your
walk with our heavenly groom, Jesus Christ!
Tuesday 2:00 pm
Influence of the Local Church
Doug Clay, Speaker
Business Session
Cost: $40
Tuesday 5:00 pm
Grand Club STL & BGMC Banquet
Assemblies of God
General Treasurer
Mindy Hines
LIM Coordinator
Betty Beaver
Birth: Justin & Kristen Wehunt (Youth Pastors, First AG,
Dumas) are the proud parents of a new baby boy, Raygen
Lee Wehunt, born January 22nd weighing 6 lbs., 7.5 oz.
Prayer Needs: Simon Beteta has been diagnosed as having
cirrhosis of the liver and is undergoing further testing; Ruby
Brown is having health issues and is also having medical tests;
Dahlia Russell is recovering from a knee replacement; Cliff
Houghton just recently had gall bladder surgery; Rosie Gilbert’s mom is suffering from strokes and undergoing tests to
determine the cause; Harlan & Ruth Peacock, Glenn Beaver’s sister and brother-in-law are moving to care facilities
due to declining health.
Sympathy: We express our sympathy to the family of Randall
Mitchell’s niece, Terri, who passed away on February 16th in
Albuquerque, New Mexico and also to the family of Cliff Houghton whose mother, Fannie, passed away on February 23rd in
Alabama. Please remember these families in prayer.
Card of Encouragement: West Texas minister L.R. Green
and Alene Esch, spouse of minister Walter Esch, are both in
long-term care facilities and would enjoy hearing from the ministers around the West Texas District. Cards of love and encouragement can be mailed to them at: L.R. Green, 3317
Wagon Trail, Amarillo, Texas, 79118; and Arlene Esch, P.O.
Box 931, Alpine, Texas, 79831. Please notify the district office
if you know of other ministers or spouses who are in similar
Tuesday 7:00 pm
Missions Rally, Message by Doug Clay
Wednesday 9:00 am
Hour of Prayer
Wednesday 10:00 am
Memorial Communion Service, Directed by Tom Lakey
Keynote Message by Glenn R. Beaver
Ministry Evaluation Tour
Wednesday 2:00 pm
Business Session
West Texas District Superintendent
Wednesday 7:00 pm
Ordination Service, Message by Doug Clay
A Nursery Will Be Provided During All
Sessions for Preschool Children
Ordination Candidates
Darla Anderson
Kevin Anderson
Rosalie Gilbert
Mindy Hines
Ronald Kelley
Jeena Lee
Ryan Pate
April 1-North Plains
Amarillo, First AG, 10 am
April 4-South Plains
Denver City, First AG 10 am
April 5-East Plains
Floydada, Trinity,7 pm
April 6-West Plains
Plainview, First AG, 10 am
April 7-Pecos
Midland, First AG, 10 am
April 8-El Paso
Grace Christian Center,10 am
5504 Wayne Avenue
P.O. Box 64778
Lubbock, TX 79464-4778
Rev. Glenn R. Beaver-Moderator
Spring Conventions
Wednesday 11:30 am
Business Session