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M i n i s t r y ...Upward in Worship • Inward in Discipleship • Outward in Evangelism
Official Organ of the West Texas District Council of the Assemblies of God
October, 2010
Volume LXIV Number 10
From the Heart of the
by Glenn R. Beaver
Matters of the Heart
As ministers of the gospel it is of
utmost importance to keep our hearts filled
with good things and void of bad things.
Jesus was well aware of the condition of
the heart and how it relates to our actions.
He knew what was in a person’s heart even
before that person realized it himself. On
one occasion the disciples were arguing
among themselves as to whom was the
greatest. Jesus knew what was in their
hearts and used a child to teach them a
basic principle. We must be diligent to
keep our hearts in perfect condition before
Michael Clarensau in writing the textbook
Internship sets forth some important
things for us to consider regarding the
heart. First of all, we must Develop the
Right Heart. In Luke 6:45 Jesus sets forth
the parameters of the development of the
heart. “The upright (honorable, intrinsically good) man out of the good treasure
[stored] in his heart produces what is
upright (honorable and intrinsically good),
and the evil man out of the evil storehouse
brings forth that which is depraved
(wicked and intrinsically evil); for out of
the abundance (overflow) of the heart his
mouth speaks.” By this passage we understand that it is vitally important to take
good things into our heart and keep good
things in our heart. The development of a
good heart is accomplished as we fast and
pray, study God’s Word, and guard our attitudes toward others.
Develop the Right Heart
Turn from the Wrong Heart
God’s Tests for Leaders
(Michael Clarensau)
Luke’s gospel then records how Jesus
also speaks to the matter of wrong speech
and actions coming out of a heart full of
evil. Clarensau points out how as ministers
we must Turn from the Wrong Heart.
He then makes this observation, “Most of
the time, we see only what is in plain sight,
the outward appearance that scripture mentions (I Samuel 16:7). We may have suspicions about what lies beneath someone’s
persona, and we may even be able to make
a strong case for our views. But the fact is,
we cannot know for sure.” Paul told the
Philippians that God’s peace would set a
guard about our hearts. This peace will
keep our hearts from turning to things that
are wrong. May we allow peace to be the
guard around our hearts.
Finally, Michael Clarensau suggests
that God Tests Leaders hearts. The test
of leaders comes in various ways.
The Test of:
Right Attitude
In order to keep a Right Attitude we
must avoid allowing ourselves to submit to
selfishness. Clarensau says, “Selfishness
is at the core of a negative attitude.” He
also says, “While the test of attitude comes
in many forms, typically it can be recognized as a test that identifies self-interest.
A healthy perception of ministry is important in maintaining a good attitude.” The
test of compassion is often one of the most
difficult. It seems that people who are in
need of compassion come into our lives at
the most inconvenient times. Our test is
how we respond to these interruptions.
The next time you are interrupted, note
whether you react or respond. Too often
our reaction is not in a true Christ-like spirit. But if we will allow the Holy Spirit to
speak through us we will respond with the
compassion which will gain the approval
of Christ. The last test is in regard to our
integrity. Richard Dortch in his book
Integrity/How I lost it, and My Journey
Back says, “Integrity involves everything
about the wholeness of our inner person,
our heart, mind, and will. Integrity simply
means singleness: singleness of purpose,
singleness of our will, singleness of our
hearts.” Scripture warns against being
double minded. It is said of David in
Psalms 78:72 that he was a shepherd with
an upright heart.
May the Lord help us to guard the
Matters of the Heart!
Banquets 7:00 p.m.
For Ministers & Church Leadership
Rick DuBose – Speaker
North Texas
District Superintendent
North Plains Section
Monday, November 1
Amarillo, First AG, Banquet $9.50
El Paso Section
Friday, November 5
El Paso, Sun City CC, Banquet $9.50
East Plains Section
Tuesday, November 2
Floydada, Trinity AG, Banquet $8.50
South Plains Section
Monday, November 8
Lamesa, First AG, Banquet $7.50
Pecos Section
Thursday, November 4
Midland, Calvary, Banquet $8.50
West Plains Section
Tuesday, November 9
Lubbock, Christian Life,
Banquet $8.00
After defining faith in Hebrews 11:1, the writer then goes on to say in verse six, “But without faith
it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder
of them that diligently seek him.” (KJV) Having served the Lord for the better part of fifty‑eight years,
I never cease to be amazed at the importance of this God‑given commodity which is non‑negotiable for
successful Christian living. I have read that the African impala can jump over ten feet high and cover a
distance of thirty feet. Ironically, that magnificent creature can also be held in captivity behind a wall
that is only three feet high because the impala will not jump if it cannot see where it's feet will land,
and beyond the wall it cannot see. D. L. Moody once said, “Trust in yourself and you are doomed to
disappointment; trust in money and you may have it taken from you; but trust in God, and you are never
to be confounded in time or eternity.”
Life is a series of choices that require the exercise of faith which seldom show where our feet will
Billy & Bettye Nickell
Each day brings reminders from the world, the flesh, and the devil that it can’t be done because
of age, education, abilities, background, finances or location, yet Jesus says in Mark 9:23, “If thou canst
believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.”
I am told that the mighty Niagara River plummets some 180 feet at the Horseshoe Falls. Before the falls there are violent, turbulent rapids. Farther upstream, however, where the river’s current flows more gently, boats are able to navigate. Just before the
Welland River empties into the Niagara, a pedestrian walkway spans the river. Posted on this bridge’s pylons is a warning sign for
all boaters, “Do you have an anchor?” followed by “Do you know how to use it?” Faith, like an anchor, is something we must possess and know how to use to successfully navigate through life for without faith it is impossible to please God.
Transferred In:
Dale Griswold (L) New Mexico
New Pastor:
First A/G, Kermit - Jackie Redmon
Courses for October 30, 2010
Certified Minister Level
Beginning Ministerial Internship
Robert Burns, Facilitator
License Level
Conflict Management for Church Leaders
Tracy McWilliams, Facilitator
Course for November 20, 2010
License Level
Intermediate Ministerial Internship
Glenn R. Beaver, Facilitator
Gene Benningfield
Simon Beteta
Kelly Breckenridge
Terry Callis
Harry Coons
Paul DeWolfe
Larry Elder
Dale Griswold
Jack Hargrave
Bob & Doris McCutchen
Rick & Tori Mitchell
Z.A. Myers
J.C. Owen
Forest Srader
Todd & Angela Starnes
Marcus Tanner
Kevin Vander-Plas
Tracy & Cara Lynn
Director of
Church Ministries
Tracy McWilliams, Editor
West Texas Assemblies of God
5504 Wayne Avenue
P.O. Box 64778, Lubbock, Texas 79464
Phone: 806.792.5835
Please notify editor of any
change of address.
Third class postage paid
at Lubbock, Texas.
Published monthly.
Glenn R. Beaver
Tom Lakey
Assistant Superintendent
Billy D. Nickell
Cliff Houghton, Danny Williams,
Neil Unwin, John Murdoch,
Randall McDonald, Ben Hodge, III
Web site: wtaog.org
Email: [email protected]
Chris and
District Youth
& CE Director
Becky Nenstiel
Women’s Ministries Director
Giving the Gift Mini Conference
Friday, October 22 – 10:00 am –District Auditorium
Women’s Ministries
Fall Connection
Thirsty for His Purpose
October 22 – 23
District Auditorium
Kerry Clarensau
Leadership Development Coordinator.
National Women’s Department,
Author, Pastor’s Wife
Rosie Gilbert
Christmas in October
October 1
October 4
October 5
October 7
October 8
October 15
North Plains, First Assembly, Amarillo
East Plains, First Assembly, Crosbyton
South Plains, Lighthouse Assembly, Snyder
Pecos, First Assembly, Midland
West Plains, District Auditorium, Lubbock
El Paso, Harvest Christian Center
El Paso Rally begins at 6:30 p.m. and all other
rallies begin at 10:00 a.m.
Budget: $16,000
You will make your own hotel reservations
[email protected]
Royal Rangers, FCF members, and Ranger leaders will have a workday at the
Roaring Springs Camp on Friday night and Saturday, October 15-16. If you cannot arrive on Friday
night, plan to join us on Saturday bright and early. FCF member can earn credits for your Trappers
Brigade. Contact Ranger Director Clois Burgess at [email protected] by October 8 to let
him know you plan to participate. If you are able to donate towards needed materials, please contact
camp director Raymond Mizelle at [email protected] We especially encourage leaders to
attend for a brainstorming session on Friday night.
Missions Trip to Leon, Mexico
Mark Stripling
Men’s Ministries
Oct. 3 – 10
A number of West Texans participated in a missions trip to Leon in August. We
helped in a tent crusade with Missionary Evangelist David Godwin, did some work
and ministry at Templo Christiano de Agua Vida, and participated in a Convoy of
Hope outreach, where over 900 received groceries, medical, dental, and chiropractic care, haircuts, spiritual counseling and prayer, and children's ministry. I first
went to Leon in 2002. Following that trip, the Men’s Department sent $1500 to put a
roof on Templo Estrella de Belen in San Francisco del Rincon, a suburb of Leon.
That church is now packed on Sundays and in need of expansion. They are ready to
build a second floor for Sunday School rooms at a cost of $5,000 for materials.
I hope to raise and send this amount to them before next summer. We will be
making a second trip to Leon in June of 2011 if Jesus tarries.
. . . People to People . . .
Prayer Updates:
Mary Beggs – Mary has been diagnosed as having contracted a fungus sometime during her life possibly in her travels
abroad or while living in Florida. This is treatable with medication. The doctor has also removed a benign tumor from her
Rosie Gilbert – Rosie has been diagnosed as having nodules
on her thyroid. The test on the nodules has shown they are
benign and can be treated with medication.
Mary and Rosie wish to thank you for having prayed for
them during this uncertain time in their lives.
West of 50’s Camp: The camp will be held at the Roaring
Springs Camp & Retreat Center during October 12-15. Former
North Texas Superintendent Derwood Dubose will be the
evening speaker with Tracy McWilliams, West Texas District
Director of Church Ministries, speaking on Wednesday morning and Glenn Beaver, West Texas Superintendent, speaking
on Thursday morning. Registration forms have been mailed
but they can also be downloaded at wtcause.com.
Executive Director needed for Teen Challenge of the
Permian Basin. If you are interested in this position contact
Randall McDonald at 432.559.9354.
P.O. BOX 64778
LUBBOCK, TX 79464-4778
Prayer Requests:
Please pray for Hannah McMorris, 4 month old daughter of
Tim and Brehanna McMorris (youth pastors at First AG,
Pampa). Tests show that she possibly had a seizure and has
been referred to a pediatric neurologist for further testing.
Also remember Bethany Garcia, 12 year old daughter of
Bobby and Lupe Garcia (pastors at Grace Christian Center AG,
El Paso). She has begun the series of surgeries in Dallas to
straighten her back. She has had the first surgery to place a
halo, secured with eight screws, on her head for traction 23
hours a day to make her ready for the main surgery which will
be a 12 hour operation on October 26. Her parents also need
prayer as they rotate providing care for her.
75th Anniversary of First Assembly of God, Odessa: First
AG, Odessa, celebrated its 75th anniversary during the weekend of August 27th – 29th. The church hosted a weekend
reunion including a jam session, golf tournament, ladies tea,
plenty of food and fellowship and a Sunday rededication
reunion service. Many in attendance were those called into the
ministry at the altars of First Assembly of God. The church
began in 1935 when the Rev. W.C. Collins arrived in Odessa
wanting to begin an AG Church. Former pastors in attendance
were Rev. James Uselton, Rev. Paul Thompson and Rev. Tracy

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