rehearsal dinner etiquette



rehearsal dinner etiquette
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by: Julie Abreo
rehearsal dinner etiquette
Select a date and time
that is convenient for working and out-of-town
2 Select a venue
that is close to the wedding ceremony location and
consider possible parking restraints.
3 Select a menu
that is varied enough to accommodate most dietary
needs. (i.e. fish/poultry, salads, vegetables, fruit and
who is expected to rehearse:
-Parents of the Couple
-Grandparents of the Couple
-Attendants (bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl,
ring bearer, and their spouses guests and parents
of young children)
-Musicians/Vocalists and their spouses (not
necessarily their “guests”)
-Wedding Official (Justice of the Peace, Pastor, etc.
and their spouses, if applicable) Coordinator
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5 Invite by word-of-mouth
and follow-up with a reminder via mail.
-Moderate alcoholic offerings
-Couple bestows gifts to attendants and parents*
-Gratuities and fees due to officials and other paid
contributors IN ATTENDANCE should be discreetly
disbursed (sealed envelope) at this time unless other
arrangements have been previously made.*
-A brief speech may be made by the couple expressing
their gratitude to all who have supported/guided them
to this point in their lives.
Of Note:
The groom’s family traditionally is responsible for the
costs of the rehearsal
*These are typically the responsibility of the couple and/
or the bride’s family