english-language hungarian cooking class



english-language hungarian cooking class
in the Chefparade Cooking School
Chefparade Cooking School is contemporary
cosmopolitan cooking studio where you can
master the basics of Hungarian cooking
(as well as other cuisines) in a fun and
interactive atmosphere.
Our hands-on courses give you the
opportunity to cook and ask questions
side-by-side with our Chefs.
Learn about the ingredients as well as the
history of featured dishes and cuisines.
Enjoy the camaraderie that comes from
preparing and sharing a meal together.
Take home tips and recipes to making
cooking for friends and family easier and fun.
For information or
reservations, contact
At Chefparade, SEE, TOUCH,
Any day, please call, email us at least
24 hours in advance to arrange your class.
Any time you wish, the program
takes usually 3 hours.
Chefparade Hungarian Cooking School
1094 Budapest, Páva utca 13, district IX
Phone: +36/1 210-6042
Online: www.chefparade.hu,
[email protected]
or skype chefparade budapest
in the Chefparade Cooking School
on the menu
3or 4 course menu up to your choice
Borsóleves – Traditional green pea soup
Tejfölös krumplileves – Potato soup with sour cream
Meggyleves – Sour cherry soup
Tárkonyos csirke raguleves – Chicken soup with tarragon
Jókai bableves – Bean soup
Gulyásleves - Goulash soup
main course
Tojásos lecsó – Paprika & tomato stew
Paprikáskrumpli – Potato “paprika”
Fasírozott és főzelékek – Deep fried meat loaf,
potato or green pea gravy
Csirke vagy gombapaprikás nokedlivel – Mushroom
or chicken paprika with noodles
Káposztástészta - Pasta with cabbage
Krumplistészta - Pasta with potato
Hortobágyi palacsinta - Pancakes “Hortobágy” style
Almás, meggyes és mákos pite – Apple, cherry,
poppy seeds pie
Palacsinta – Hungarian style crepes or pancake
Somlói galuska – Chocolate sponge cake
Madártej – Floating island
Pozsonyi kifli – Mini “kifli” with walnut filling
Almásrétes – Apple strudel
EXCLUSIVE cooking class
for individual tourists
Chefparade offers customized classes
around your cuisine preference
9:30 Taxi picks you up in your Hotel
10:00 arrive at cooking school, short
intro to school, dishes and recipes
10:30 to 12:30 cooking 3-4 dishes or pastries,
or desserts – tasting, eating and drinking…
finish about 13:00 Taxi will drive
you back to downtown
Standard package: 99 EUR / 2 persons
Premium package: 129 EUR / 2 persons
Standard package: taxi to and from Hotel, location
rent and cleaning, chef’s help, kitchenware and utensils,
ingredients and lunch (what you cooked), use of aprons,
recipes in English, refreshment
Premium package: standard + one bottle fine
Hungarian wine, one Culinaria Hungary cookbook,
one Chefparade apron
cooking class for
tourist groups
Our cooking studio can accommodate up to
40 guests; outside venues for larger groups
can be arranged.
arrival, welcome drink, quick snacks
creating 3-4-5 teams, set norms, every team
will prepare one big portion of dish or cake.
60 to 90 min cooking, tasting, eating and drinking
finale - competition with prizes for the best
cooking team
19 to 59 EUR / person depending
on date, menu, group size
Location rent, cleaning chef’s help,
kitchenware and utensils, ingredients,
lunch, use of aprons, recipes in English,
refreshment, beer, wine