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Nu Vision Limited
Issue 2
October 2015
43 Normandale Road. Lower Hutt. Wellington. New Zealand
Matol news
Tapping into
Nature’s Secrets
Km® is good for anyone looking to support their
digestion and fill the nutrient gap that exists in the
modern western diet.
For optimal digestive health*
Essential bitter herbs and minerals which are critical
for digestive health have been removed from the
modern western diet due to their pungent taste. Yet, in
European countries like Germany, Italy and France,
people have been consuming bitters before a meal to
get a jumpstart on digestion for centuries.
Km® was created to provide this critical digestive
support. Rich in phytonutrients, km® uses a proprietary
process, from a synergistic combination of minerals and
extracts of 13 unique botanicals. It also provides a
source of recommended daily minerals.
• Helps regulate the body’s pH balance.
• Supports digestion.
• Provides a good source of potassium and iodine.
Km® has been sold all over the world for more than 30
years. Karl Jurak, creator of the original Km® formula,
found the herbs that have been used for centuries to
improve digestion and created this formula that helps to
fill the gaps in the modern diet while also providing your
body with a good source of potassium and iodine.
Km® is a proprietary blend of botanicals and minerals,
including potassium, one of the minerals vital to human
cells’ permeability and their inherent ability to absorb
nutrients from foods.
* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
“I am impressed to say the least that since
its creation in 1922 no one has been able to
duplicate Karl Jurak’s incredible formula.
There have been those who have tried and
will continue to do so, but fail to withstand
the test of time.”
Nu Vision Limited
Issue 2
October 2015 P2
43 Normandale Road. Lower Hutt. Wellington. New Zealand
Although no medical claims are made customers with low
energy and skin problems report noticeable results; a
customer with psoriasis writes “I have been using MatolKm for a month now and the Psoriasis on my skin has
cleared. Matol-Km has increased my energy levels too –
I’ve ordered another supply.”
Ms D Hill, Notts. UK
Recovering Quicker.
“After taking Matol-Km for a week and not noticing any
changes, I decided to try it for another week before
returning my bottle and asking for a refund.
After the two weeks was up, I noticed my training was
improving. After hard training sessions I noticed I was
recovering quicker and training better on the following
days. I also found that I was sleeping soundly and
although tired some days I was still able to train hard.”
Tony Stretch - NZ Triathlon Team
Legs and Feet began to Feel Warmer.
Jeff Snackers of Rangiora, Christchurch NZ proudly
shows off what has become a rare treasured poster from a
bygone era. Jeff has been taking Matol-Km before it was
officially launched in New Zealand in 2nd August 1993 by
Matol Botanical New Zealand Ltd. Jeff says “Matol-Km
has given me the energy and vitality of a man half my
age. In August I celebrated my 77th birthday”.
Depression Lifted
Within weeks I was sleeping better because of not having
“restless legs”. I was full of energy and the black cloud of
depression lifted. My health seems to continue to improve
each year. I now work full time, work out at the gym and
have plenty of energy to play with my grandson.
Migraines no More.
For six weeks I had re-occurring migraine that was
driving me blindly wild. Massage was helping but the
stress related effects on my body was definitely too much.
I took 15mls of Matol-Km that did not taste good at all
but, within 45 minutes the pain and the abnormal vision
was gone. The next few days saw the stress factors reduce
considerably and my skin and energy levels improved.
Matol-Km tastes a whole lot better now.”
Dean. Wellington NZ.
Less Stiff Joints.
Mrs JD Wilkins, 83 of Liverpool wrote “Because I am
taking Matol-Km every day I have more energy, less skin
problems and less stiff joints”.
“Six years ago I was diagnosed diabetic type 2. One day
after talking about my problems, my friend left a bottle on
the bench asking me to try it.
Nothing happened with the first bottle and I was going to
give it up she said ‘No take another’. About halfway
through, things started to happen. Firstly my energy level
increased and I was back mowing lawns with the push
mower. After a couple of weeks my legs and feet began to
feel warmer, muscles were toning up and I started
walking for an hour at a time. So, ever since then I take
Matol-Km regularly because I don’t wish to go back to
the way I felt.”
Gary Logan. Lower Hutt NZ
I Feel Like a New Person.
“I have suffered from bad circulation of the blood with
rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis for approx 30 years.
I could hardly believe the results I had in a short time.
Within a few days of taking Matol-Km I experienced a
higher energy level which I found great. I was no longer
experiencing the dreadful agony in my left leg as I usually
did. The pain I was experiencing with my arthritis had
been waking me through the night, this no longer
happens. I have been doing so much more since I haven’t
had my arthritis, I feel like a new person.”
Mrs Pamela Raiti. Whitby, Wellington NZ
Products offered by Nu Vision Ltd., are not
intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any
disease. If you are unsure please seek advice
from your medical professional prior to
consuming any new medication or supplements.
“The Sick have only one wish, the Healthy have Many”
Nu Vision Limited
Issue 2
October 2015 P3
43 Normandale Road. Lower Hutt. Wellington. New Zealand
Monthly Shipments
of Matol-Km® to
New Zealand
January 12th 2009 Univera, Inc., a Washington USA statebased pioneer in the development and distribution of
scientifically-validated and vertically-integrated natural
health products through a relationship marketing model
“MLM” announced that it had entered into a binding
agreement to acquire specific assets and the distributor
network of Canada-based Matol Botanical International.
Today, Univera continues to produce what is now simply
called Km®
July 16th last year I visited the Univera’s Asia Office in
Malaysia and established a secure supply of our beloved
product direct from Canada. Shipping to New Zealand has
of course had its challenges and I acknowledge the
tremendous support of Jim, Janet & Judy in America and
their Canadian Univera support team who have made it all
possible. I am happy to say apart from the odd bottle
leaking, each monthly shipment has been well received.
Univera Malaysia – Selangor D.E., Malaysia
The recent devaluation of NZ Dollar verses USD of
course has had an effect on the cost of the product at the
end of day. For the meantime, this will not change the
price to you - our valued customer.
Air freighting has been found to be the best method to
minimize damage to the fragile eco-friendly cardboard
boxes and consequent displacement of bottles. This
means that after jumping through NZ Customs hoops I
can usually receive a fresh supply 14 - 18 days from date
of order.
Advertising has been primarily through Finda, an internet
search engine and by word of mouth, with enquiries
coming from as far away as Brazil, New Caledonia and
Australia, many of whom used to be distributors and ask
the question - “Do you still have Matol?”
Having an Import & Export License and Ministry for
Primary Industries accreditation to clear sea containers
has helped. However, special thanks go out to Go Air,
Land, Sea Logistics who with their excellent support and
expertise ensures a safe delivery of our precious cargo.
I have been very privileged in meeting a lot of these
“Matol believers” often spending many hours sharing the
many Matol stories of what was, what will be and the
immense benefits that people of all ages have found in
consuming this legendary product. For the uneducated
some of these personal stories stretch the believability.
“Knowledgeable scientists could devote a
life’s pursuit to unraveling the mystery
locked in this unique molecular combination
and come up empty handed…Even to this
day, I feel privileged to have been given this
formulation.” Karl Jurak, Agrobiologist (1904 – 1993)
New products come and go in today’s
market, but few actually withstand
the test of time. Matol-Km was
created in 1922 and to this day is one
of the largest selling liquid food
supplements in the world.
“It is not until you lose something, that you appreciate what you had.”
Nu Vision Limited
Issue 2
October 2015 P4
43 Normandale Road. Lower Hutt. Wellington. New Zealand
Distribution points in key areas now
make it easier for you to acquire your
beloved Matol-Km®. If you are in one
of these areas please do not hesitate to
contact them for your next supply:
Jenny How – Wellness Consultant
PO Box 35 350
Browns Bay
Ph: 021 292 6804
Email: [email protected]
Sally & Marshall Petley
956 Main Highway
LEVIN 5573
Ph: 06 362 6150
Mob: 027 329 0760
Email: [email protected]
John Bray - Naturopath
Unit 2 32 Oxford St
Ph: 03 544 5190
Mob: 027 542 3522
Email: [email protected]
Richard Quigley
Oceans Osteopathic & Natural
Therapeutic Health Services
75 Hardinge Rd. Ahuriri
Ph: 06 835 8830
Mob: 027 600 5771
Email: [email protected]
Suzie Dawe
475 Rangiora-Woodend Rd
North Canterbury
Ph: 03 313 3995
Mob: 027 650 8491
Email: [email protected]
Please address all correspondence to the publisher:
Nu Vision Ltd.
PO Box 33 347
Petone, Lower Hutt.
Wellington 5046
New Zealand
Heather Thomson
68 Norwood St
Ph: 03 216 7324
Mob: 021 078 7543
Articles about Independent Distributors and Customers
represent the opinions of the individuals interviewed, not those
of the Company.
Important Phone Numbers:
Enquiries: 04 - 971 4011
Mobile: 021 862 865 - 021 8MATOL
“Person to person…friend to friend, together we will make a difference”

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