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take it off
JCC members get results with
take it off
weight loss program
at the Leventhal-Sidman JCC
Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston
Leventhal-Sidman JCC
333 Nahanton Street • Newton
617-558-6522 • bostonjcc.org
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617-558-6458 or [email protected]
Open to all
I struggled for years to lose weight
and keep it off. But the TIO program
put it all together in a way that
helped me shed pounds, get strong
and fit, and feel good about what I
eat and what I don’t. Checking in
each week in a private session,
along with personal training, has
helped keep me on track. This has
truly brought positive change to
my life.
- Rabbi Barbara P., West Roxbury
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Get even better results!
Combine the Take It Off weight loss
program with personal training or Pilates
Studio training.
Personal Training
Reach new fitness levels
by training with a JCC
certified, professional
personal trainer. Build
strength, improve
flexibilty, prevent
injury. Anyone
can benefit
from personal
training. Stop
by the trainers’ desk in the
fitness center or contact
617-558-6458 or
[email protected]
Pilates Studio
Enhance your fitness
even more by
training in the
JCC’s private
Pilates Studio.
Increase flexibility,
relieve stress and
back pain, boost core
strength, develop leaner
muscles. Contact
[email protected]
to learn more.
Lose Weight
and Keep It Off!
at the Leventhal-Sidman JCC
take it off
weight loss program
There’s no secret to
losing weight!
Watch What You Eat
Regular Exercise
Sustained Weight Loss
and Healthier Lifestyle
With the Take It Off weight loss program,
you can lose weight, keep it off and develop a
healthier lifestyle in the comfortable, convenient
and supportive environment of the JCC.
Take It Off is a national weight loss and nutrition
program offered to JCC members.
Combined with an exercise regimen using the
JCC’s top-rate fitness and exercise facilities, it’s
all the motivation you need to lose weight and
keep it off.
take it off
is different!
Through Take It Off, you’ll work with your own
personal weight loss coach who will develop a
personalized nutrition program just for you.
No group settings, no group meetings
Individualized motivation and support
12-week program
One-on-one meetings every week
15-minute meetings held at your convenience
Simple to follow meal plan that lets you choose
your foods
• Grocery store bought foods
• Simple exercise program
Successful weight loss is a “calories-in, caloriesout” equation. Reduce the number of calories in.
Maximize the number of calories expended.
To lose weight, your Take It Off coach will help you
control your food intake by providing guidance on
selecting proper quality of food, proper quantity of
food and proper times of day to eat.
Take It Off provides specific meal guidelines,
clearly outlined portion sizes, information on proper
meal timing, weekly educational materials to help
you stay motivated and an easy-to-use journal to
track your progress.
To create the “calories-out” needed to result in
weight loss, your coach will ensure that you have
a regular exercise routine that incorporates both
cardiovascular and strength training.
With these nutrition and exercise components,
you’ll make the realistic lifestyle changes needed
to achieve and maintain optimum fitness.
take it off
at the JCC really works!
• Nearly 550 Leventhal-Sidman JCC members
have completed the program since January 2007
• These members have lost nearly 8,000 pounds!
• The average weight loss per person is 12-15
pounds over 12 weeks
• Many have lost more than 50 pounds by
continuing with our “Keep It Off” program
• One participant lost 110 pounds!
What started out as a 90-day experiment
has turned into a way of life. I knew I could
do a lot of things, but I never thought I
could do this. This program has taught me
that I really can live a healthy lifestyle.
- Jen B., Marlboro
Lost 53 lbs.
Because it’s a one-on-one program, you can register
at any time for Take It Off, begin whenever you’d
like and schedule your sessions whenever it’s
convenient. But the key is to get started.
For a FREE Take It Off consultation,
contact 617-558-6458 or
[email protected]