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Sunset School News
Sunset School News
A community of Learners and leaders!
Awards Assemblies!
Parents you are welcome to attend the awards ceremonies! This is a time
when we celebrate our student’s success and growth! See the times below
listed above your class.
Congratulations to the following students…..
Thursday October 8th
Kinder awards assembly 12:00p.m. Library
Mrs. Anctil: Abigayle Toth, Bari Davis, Lincoln Sullivan, Karli
Olmos, Tyler Ketring-West, Angelina Jeremias
Mrs. Quam: Kylee Vasquez, Abril Aparicio, Chloe Morales, Adam Marlett, Meliya Alvarez, Jade Clark
9-26-15 First Saturday Academy at Sunset
Teacher in-service training day
9-30-15 ELAC meeting 8:00 in library
10-1-15 School Site Council Meeting 2:45 in library
10-2-15 Jog-A-Thon! Families welcome!
On the lawn at 8:30 a.m.
10-13-15 Art Trek parent helper meeting 6:30 rm 20
10-14-15 Picture re-take day
10-19-15 No school this week, Fall Break
1st, 2nd & 3rd grade Assembly 12:35 p.m. Cafeteria
Hudspeth: Coleton Cameron, Dylan Miller, Karen Escalante,
Audrina Donaldson, Chloe Merriman
Dann: Kailey Eggebraten, Daniel Ramirez, Cheyenne Walsh, Allen
Martinez: Gregory Davis, Jesus De Alba, Hailyn Manson, Jessica
Rodriguez, Lauryn Gushwa
Coffman: Corina Buck, Xander Marlett, Mia Noriega, Parker Hickman, Keith Gallego, Kezhiah Mabanta
Hastie: Bella Coleman, Isaac Salgado, Rosa Flores, Kiki Lawson,
Susie Sanders, Jordan Butcher
Patten: Claire Mathieu, Alina Olea Lazaro, Jacob Waggoner, Issac
Geogopoulos, Isabella Fernandez, Riley Bell
4th & 5th grade Assembly 2:00 p.m. Cafeteria
Sarak: Juniper Whinnery, Kalea Kenton, Landen Melendez, Cah
Merriman, Oscar Reynoso, Kali Cressey
Marshall/Norton: Reagan Monsour, Gabi Gallego, Jacob Ogletree, Adrian Ruiz, Jack Carrigg, Leland Minniear
Powers: Nina Maxwell, Jose Salgado, Ronnell James Mabanta,
Diego Torres, Emily Krohn, Esai Smith, Sarita Hallock
*Middle School Awards Assembly will be held the end of the MS
quarter, more news to follow!
Community Members: Ryan Moore (father of Zoey 3rd gr) &
Greg Hammed (father of Emily 3rd gr) are honored as our community members of the month for their generosity and skills! They
built a beautiful stadium piece for our VIR Lounge (Very Important
Readers) Lounge in the Library. If you have not seen the Lounge
please stop by!
Staff Members: Wendy Clyde: Our awesome Sunset Office Manager who helps to keep students safe, staff supported and our front
office running smoothly! She does a fantastic job supporting our
Bobcat’s and we appreciate her!
Mrs. Alicia Peak: Our 7th and 8th gr. awesome Math and Science
teacher who is also our Student Council Advisor. Thank you Mrs.
Peak for your excellent work in the classroom (have you seen our
Middle School Science and Math scores!?) and for her extra time
and commitment leading our student leaders! You are appreciated!
Visit us on the web at
The Rotary Club of Ojai honored Katie Medina, a seventh
grader at Sunset, as the Physical Education Project (PEP) student of the month. Her teacher Mrs. Guzik said “Katie is a
‘lead by example’ type of student.” She is confident, kind and
always encouraging to those around her. She is a talented athlete who excels in her PE class and pushes herself to go beyond the minimum, even when it does not come easy. These
character traits will take Katie far in life! She was honored at a
Rotary luncheon at Soule Park in Ojai and received a $200
scholarship. Katie, Sunset is proud of you!
Attention Parents!
ID Cards a Must!
All adults coming onto campus
will be asked to show their ID
before being able to see a
student or pick them up for early
release from school. The person
who is picking up early must be
on the emergency card or the
legal guardian must contact the
school before anyone not on the
list can pick up. Volunteers
must check in on campus, sign
in and wear a visitor badge.
Thank you for your help with
this procedure to ensure student
Electronic Device Use
on Campus
Cell phones, MP3 Players,
digital cameras, headphones etc. The following
are Sunset guidelines for
all electronic devices on
All cell phones
are to be out
of sight and
not in use
once on the
Sunset campus. Cell
phones in view in class or
Student Store is Back! on campus will be
confiscated. Cell phones
Every Friday at lunch our stumay be used once the
dents get to enjoy the student
store in room 20! The PTA, and school day is over.
our marvelous volunteer Linda
Electronic devices that are
Potter ,open the doors so that
confiscated will be restudents can shop for school
turned to the student , on
supplies, Sunset “swag” gear
the first offense, at the end
and even gifts for friends or rela- of the day; on the second
tives. This is a great way for
offense, a parent or guardistudents to learn the value of
an must pick up the device
money, budgeting, saving and
from the principal.
giving! Try to put in place age
Electronic devises are
appropriate chores at home for a brought to school at the
small allowance! Please send no student’s own risk. Stumore than $5 at a time to the
dents should keep elecstudent store. You can send
tronic devices in a secure
money in a sealed envelope with location at all times. If a
instructions if your student
device is lost or stolen on
might need help while shopping. campus, the principal will
Contact Ms. Sims if you might
not investigate or search
be able to help in the store from for devices.
11:00-12 on a Friday. It is
Students are not to use
their phones to call parents to be picked up during the day. If a student
is sick and feels the need
to go home, he/she must
check in to the health
office and be released by
office staff.
Buy your 2015– 16yearbook on-line!
Enter code: 78693
Secure your yearbook for
$25 now. Add $3 for
custom personalization.
$30 starting January 1st.
Online orders only till
January 1st.
Prices will go up…... so
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Check out
Sunset PTA
website at
Saturday Academy is an
opportunity for your
child to “make up” a day
they missed. The following dates have been
scheduled for 201516School Year:
September 26
November 7
December 12
January 30
March 12
April 23
When students attend
Saturday Academy they
“make up” an absence
they have received.
Perfect Attendance will
be rewarded at the end of
the school year.
Jog- a- thon!
Jog-a-thon envelopes are being sent home!
Don’t miss them!
This is our biggest fundraiser of the year for
Every Friday, wear your
our campus, and all of the money raised goes Sunset Shirt or Blue on
towards fieldtrips, student programs and asFriday’s!
semblies for our students. Students who
choose to participate will not only be helping
our school….. they will also have a chance to
earn some fun prizes! Please help your
Friday 10-30-15:
student to collect donations in the jog-a-thon
Crazy Hair Day
envelopes. Our community loves to support
our school, so just ask! This fun event will be
held on Friday October 2nd at 8:30 am. Each
classroom teacher is looking for two or three
volunteers to help at the event. Let your
teacher know if you can join in on the fun!
Zoe and Emily with their dad’s,
Ryan Moore and Greg Hammed,
in the new and improved V.I.R.
Lounge (Very Important Readers
Lounge). The library is open at
lunch time for 4th through 8th
graders who want a quiet place to
read and look at books on those
hot Sunset days!
Below: Sunset Student Council students rocking it
at Back to School Night! There are 42 Middle
school student active in our student council. They
learn leadership skills, community building, the
value of service before self and have a blast while
doing it! Student Council will be putting on several activities for the school this year. They will also
raise funds to do a service project on our campus!
Go Bobcat leaders!