- Mike Grant Decals

Transcription - Mike Grant Decals
H i g h - q u a l i t y
S c r e e n - p r i n t e d
W a t e r s l i d e
D e c a l s
One of the most well-known B-24’s of WW2,
‘Witchcraft’ flew over 130 missions without any
crewman being killed or injured.
The famous ‘Red Raiders’ of the 408th BS/22nd BG,
5th AF flew their B-24’s from bases in Australia to
strike Japanese installations, oil refineries and
airfields in Borneo and the Phillipines.
H i g h - q u a l i t y
MG 48-046
S c r e e n - p r i n t e d
W a t e r s l i d e
D e c a l s
24 + 25 16
17 18
20 (first apply decal 1 )
The markings based on this scheme are based on
photographs, however I have been unable to find
pictures of this B-24’s tail. Consequently I’ve
based the decals on photos of aircraft from the
same squadron, so although the tail number/serial
are correct, the exact placement may not be
(for instance some aircraft did not have the black
outline on the white stripe). Similarly I’ve been
unable to determine if any nose art was carried on
the starboard side of the aircraft.
References: ‘B-24 Liberator’ by Bill Holder, squadron/signal publications
(National insignia in same position
on underside of starboard wing)
22nd Bomb Group website:
MG 48-046
H i g h - q u a l i t y S c r e e n - p r i n t e d Wa t e r s l i d e D e c a l s
B-24H-15-FO of the 790th
BS/ 467th BG, 8th AF,
based at Rackheath in
England. To model this
Ford-built B-24 requires the
use of the Cutting Edge
conversion set (CE 48444)
which includes new resin
nose, bombardier’s
transparency and ‘blown’
navigator’s window to
convert the Monogram 1/48
B-24J kit.
MG 48-046
w w w. m i k e g r a n t d e c a l s . c o m
Overall Olive Drab upper surfaces, Neutral Gray lower surfaces.
Fabric covered areas such as ailerons and rudders show
significant fading of the OD colour. Cowling rings red, although
some black-and-white photographs seem to show one as
unpainted (natural metal). Similarly some cowl flaps are natural
metal. National insignia in standard four positions.
14 ft.
4 4b
11 Inside of port fin
5 5b Some photographs show the Witchcraft
lettering and bomb-tally without the black
outline, which may have been added later
to give better definition in publicity
photographs. Seperate outlines (decals 4b
and 5b) are provided for this option.
Photographs show this
configuration of missionmarkings and bomb-tally to
commemorate Witchcraft’s
100th bombing run. The ‘100’ is
supplied as a separate decal.
References: ‘The Mighty Eighth Warpaint & Heraldry’ by Roger A. Freeman
Non-standard serial style 11
on inside of starboard fin
467th Bomb Group website: