Overview Brochure


Overview Brochure
for me?
write us and get the whole picture.
Street address:
Stop! Whoa! Hold on there. Before you
go any further, see how many you check
off and score yourself below. It’s fun
and you’ll gain insight into who makes a
successful Grooveground franchisee.
Day phone:
n I firmly believe that chocolate is the missing link in
call us and get the whole picture.
866 / 529 / 1444
the food pyramid.
Evening phone:
Cell phone:
Best time to reach you:
E-mail address:
How did you hear about Grooveground?
n Without coffee, I am only able to see out of one eye.
n Music is the globe’s most sustainable fuel source.
n A sense of culture, community and diversity play a
major role in my life.
I know I would be an excellent leader.
I’ve always wanted to run my own show.
People continue to fascinate me.
I learn something new every day.
I’ve been called a “foodie” for my culinary curiosity.
I know what it takes to get things done.
I’ve waited more than 5 hours for concert tickets.
I play well with others.
So, how’d you do?
1 point for each check...
1-4 points: Call us as soon as possible−you need to get
out more. 5-8 points: Ideal candidate and at one with
the universe. 9-12 points: You should purchase five
units as soon as possible and start the rest of your life!
Main Offices
647 Haddon Avenue / Second Floor
Collingswood, NJ 08108
P / 866 / 529 / 1444 / Toll Free
F / 856 / 854 / 2648
A business based only on mochas,
muffins and mugs? No way.
How fast would that get boring? So we created a place
that’s unique, comfortable and ever changing. One visit
and you’ll realize why so many comment on “never having
seen such a place.” To us, it is the biggest compliment
we could receive. In an age of cookie-cutter formulas and
corporate coffee giants, Grooveground is and always will be
an original and as you’ll see, it’s all part of the plan.
coffee’s future is in the mix
Grooveground opened its first store in 2001 just outside
Philadelphia, PA offering an eclectic product mix built on
a rock-solid coffee and café foundation. Word of mouth,
rave reviews, and extensive media coverage created such
a buzz that by 2005, Grooveground had already won
numerous “best of” awards and began to draw visitors
from both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
The benefits of our concept are simple:
Unmatched product diversity
reinventing the coffeebar
product diversity
Grooveground offers the most
unique product mix available in
both the coffee and micro-retailer
categories. In a comfortable and
stylish environment, it delivers both
the expected and unexpected from
the moment you arrive. Grooveground
consists of a main lounge with lowprofile seating, a cafè with varying
arrangements of café tables, focal
areas for CDs, DVDs and merchandise,
a line queue, and coffeebar.
Grooveground brings the best to your
customers across all of our product
categories. Through a finely tuned
and ever-evolving product mix, we
are strategically positioned to be
a market leader in concept retail
environments. We are simply the
most flexible and adaptable retail
café in the marketplace.
franchising works
on-going support
fill me out + mail me in
Experienced management
Commitment to franchisees
Tried and tested systems
Extensive training and development
Adaptability to market trends
Full merchandising services
Ease of operation
“Tech-forward” thinking
[Web Systems / Wi-Fi / MP3]
On-going support
Behind these strengths you’ll find a team of passionate
professionals with extensive experience in executive retail
management, advertising and brand design, customer
relations and foodservice–all committed to redefining the
third-space experience for your customers.
Franchising is an opportunity for
highly-driven, talented people to start
their own American dream. With a
franchise, much of the legwork has
been completed for you. All you
need is high energy and a drive to be
successful! Our franchisees receive
full use of the Grooveground logo,
brand identity, menus, recipes, proven
operational guides, business model
and vendor contacts, including prenegotiated pricing on many products.
In addition to pre-opening and
opening training as well as
monthly visits the first year,
you’ll have access to on-line
reference and promotional tools,
newsletters, and a hotline for
store assistance to help answer
any questions you have along the
way. Our dedicated staff is only
a phone call or e-mail away to
assist you in building your own
personal empire.
Want more information about this
ground floor opportunity? You know
you do! Complete and mail us the
form on the reverse side and we’ll
get in contact with you at your
convenience. Of course, you can
also request information online at
www.grooveground.com or call us
toll free 1-866-529-1444.

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