winter 2015 - St Patrick`s College


winter 2015 - St Patrick`s College
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S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e
From t
he Principal
Heraclitus was an ancient Greek
philosopher who lived about 100 years
before Plato....
He wrote a book about 500BC that has survived only through the fragments
found by archaeologists. One of Heraclitus’ memorable sayings is, “The only
thing that is constant is change”.
The meaning of this saying is fairly obvious at one level but very
profound also. I have been at St Patrick’s now for thirteen years
and when preparing this article for The Patrician, happened to
look back at pictures across the years and saw visible signs of
change, the fresh faced younger me giving way to an older and
perhaps wiser version of myself. Changed definitely, not just in
physical appearance but through a myriad of experiences that
have shaped me profoundly in this role and as a person. I was
very conscious of change when reviewing farewell articles for two
long serving members of the St Patrick’s College community, Mr
Phil Hollingsworth (Business Manager) and Mrs Sandra Faulkner
(Personal Assistant to the Principal/Enrolment Registrar) who
both made outstanding contributions to the development of St
Patrick’s College over the past twenty five years. We miss their
presence in our school community, rejoice in their achievements
and wish them well in this changing time of their lives.
One of the consistent comments from Old Collegian parents at
the enrolment interview is how much the College has changed
over the last few years with significant transformation to the
landscape and grounds and addition of several new buildings.
These changes have continued into 2015 with the Middle School
refurbishment and Arts development scheduled for completion
in February 2016. The College Master Plan is being renewed and
further work is envisaged for traffic management and safety, staff
preparation and social spaces and additional learning spaces for
Year 8 students.
Education also is constantly evolving and we are experiencing
a period of rapid growth of knowledge and information.
Commentators suggest that knowledge doubles every five years,
mainly because of the rapid development in technology and
communication, making ideas so easy to share and enabling
unforeseen opportunities for national and international
collaboration. Schools have attempted to respond to the
technological revolution understanding that students are well
advanced and native to the new landscape; we are constantly
catching up with the ability of our youth to intuitively navigate
and use technology. This is the first year when students in
our Middle School have brought personally owned iPads to
school, enhancing their educational opportunity at school and
home and providing new ways of learning and demonstrating
their understanding and creativity. As a College, we need to be
educationally relevant, not only to meet the immediate needs
of our students but also in preparing students for the future.
Hence, openness to change, analysis of technology for learning,
awareness of appropriate use of technology and education of
young people in the ethical and responsible use of technology is a
part of every educator’s daily life at St Patrick’s College.
Some of the changes confronting our students and indeed
all humanity are disturbing and require our attention, deep
reflection, research, change of behaviour and collective action.
Pope Francis has recently written to all humanity about the
plight of the environment in his Encyclical, Laudato Si. The
Encyclical discusses the major issues of environmental and
climate change calling all people to conversion, both individuals
and communities. Change for the good of the environment and
ultimately the world can only be achieved through a change of
heart, justice for the poor of the world and an understanding
that all things are intimately related. At the core of Laudato Si is
the question, “What kind of world do we want to leave to those
who come after us, to children who are now growing up?” Last
evening, I listened to an interview between David Attenborough
and Barack Obama on the ABC. The same concerns raised
by Pope Francis were discussed in an open forum, especially
focussing on the responsibility of political leaders to take
considered and concerted action for the common good of the
world. Sustainability is a strong ‘across the curriculum’ theme
in the Australian Curriculum and is a key focus of our Mission
under the banner of Stewardship. I hope our students will be
future leaders in their communities with a deep sense of the
moral urgency of action for the environment.
On re-reading my thoughts I also appreciate that, whilst change
is a constant reality in our lives, there are also enduring realities.
For each of us there are our enduring faith, values and beliefs that
we hold onto as adults in the face of any change or challenge. The
same is true of our education at St Patrick’s College, where the
Gospel of Jesus is the core of our lives and our reason for being
a Catholic school in the first place. Despite all of the changing
curriculum and the new world challenges we are able to hold fast
to our mission values of compassion, relationships, endeavour
and excellence, individuality, social justice, stewardship, Catholic
identity and leadership. I hope that our students will be formed
by these core values and grow to be adults who are happy and
make a positive contribution to society.
In conclusion, I recently became very conscious at the Sports
Association of Tasmanian Independent Schools State AFL
Football Final that some things don’t change. Our young men
sang the war cry and school song with incredible passion and
spirit that would have warmed the heart of Old Collegians over
the years. They are typical of most students who take great pride
in being a member of our St Patrick’s College community and
ultimately a proud and connected Old Collegian.
Yours sincerely,
Simon Cobiac
Pat r i c i a n - W I N T E R 2 0 1 5
College News
We welcome the following new staff to St Patrick’s College in
Terms 1 and 2. Two current staff members have taken on new
roles within the College:
Middle School Teaching (Years 7 & 8)
Miss Sarah Jago - English, History, Japanese
Mr Ryan Wiese - English/SOSE
Mr Matthew Chatwin - MDT/ Physical Education
and Croagh Patrick MDT
Croagh Patrick (Year 9)
Gaynor Spriggs - E-Learning Coach (new position)
Senior School (Years 10-12)
Mr Carey James - Senior Computing and iPad Professional
Non-Teaching Staff
Miss Elysa Oliver-Bennett - Youth Ministry Assistant Gap Student
Mrs Tina Boon - Communications and Community Relations
Ms Karen Cole - Business Manager
Mr Joseph Cullen - Grounds Trainee
Miss Casey Gee-Mackrill - Trainee Receptionist and
Administration Officer
Mrs Meegan Hughes - Senior College Chaplain (new position)
Miss Kyla Milner - Psychologist
Mr Stephen Nelson - Laboratory Technician and Aquaculture
Mrs Lynn Seaton - Reading Support Tutor
On Friday February 6 2015, we celebrated the academic success of
Year 12 students from 2014 at our special College assembly. Several
2014 students from Years 7 to 11 were also acknowledged for their
outstanding academic success.
Congratulations to the Dux of our College, Benjamin Stylianou.
Ben’s ATAR score of 98.8 was also recognised as ranking in the top
100 students for best results in Tasmania. During his speech, Ben
encouraged all students to make the most of each day, to set their
personal goals and to be fully committed to hard work and sacrifice
to achieve their dreams.
Congratulations must also go to the 23 students who achieved an
ATAR above 90.0. Ben’s score was closely followed by Benjamin
Goss who received 98.35 and Mitchell Blyth who gained 98.25
ATAR points.
From the 2014 College graduates a total of 124 students at St
Patrick’s College received an ATAR score and a further 50 students
performed extremely well in one or more Tasmanian Qualification
Level 3 (pre-tertiary subject).
During the assembly we also acknowledged Lewis Petterwood, the
2014 Vocational Education Student of the Year, who was presented
with a medal from the Governor of Tasmania at Government
Teacher Aides
It was noteworthy to see that all the high achieving students
had taken up many co-curricular and leadership opportunities
throughout their time at St Patrick’s and had grown into fully
rounded young men and women ready and eager to take the next
step into study and work. We wish them well in their futures.
Mrs Jenny Matheson
Mr Cameron Bailey
Benjamin Stylianou (DUX)
Benjamin Goss
Mitchell Blyth
April Santamaria
Samantha Chapman
Jessica Fraser
Chloe Hickman
Evangeline Chalk
Callan Robinson
Oliver Kulinski
Claire Luttrell
Amelia Crothers
Music Tutor
Miss Kristyll Hansen - Strings
Mrs Angela Crothers
Anna Ishkova
Chelsea Rogers
Darien Izbicki
Brodie Adams
Hannah Lee
Sophie Roles
Jackson Shaw
Alice Nunn
Jessica Payne
Timothy Murfet
Amylia Denman-Francis
S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e
College News
Francine Allen and Gary Wainwright Awards
The 2014 Francine
Allen and Gary
Wainwright Shields
were presented to
Benjamin Stylianou
and Emily Lyall-Green
at the Valete Eucharist
and Dinner.
Recipients are
nominated through a
Year 12 student vote.
Awardees are those
who are all-rounders and who contribute to others and the school
community with humility and commitment.
Congratulations to Benjamin and Emily for embodying these
remarkable characteristics.
Michael Zeeman Award
The Michael Zeeman
Award recognises a
student of exceptional
commitment to all
aspects of College life.
It commemorates Old
Collegiate Michael
Zeeman who loved
life, valued fairness and
appreciated that effort
and taking part were
more important than
being first. He was an all-rounder, had a great sense of humour and
enjoyed the company of others.
Pierre de Coubertin Award
Every year each school throughout
Australia is invited to nominate
a senior student who satisfies the
strict standards associated with
the Pierre de Coubertin award.
The award recognises a Year
12 student at the College who
demonstrates academic excellence
and sporting prowess whilst
exemplifying the Olympic
values of initiative, teamwork,
sportsmanship and fair play.
The award recognises the recipient’s sporting achievements and
demonstration of those endeavours that are consistent with the
aims of the Olympic Movement.
Students at St Patrick’s are asked to complete an application form
addressing all questions related to sporting achievements and service
to their sport. The College then considers all applicants before a final
nominee is chosen. Congratulations to Ryan Jordan, recipient of the
2014 Pierre de Coubertin Award.
Martin-Lyall Scholarship
The Martin-Lyall Scholarship is donated by Mrs Rosemary West
in memory of her parents Athol Winton Martin and Maida
Kathleen Lyall.
The scholarship for two Year 10 and Year 11 students was first
awarded in 2003 and we thank Mrs West for the generosity and
contribution to the lives of many students and their families.
The successful recipient of the award in 2015 is Year 11 student,
Selin Kaya.
Thomas Bourke Scholarship
Each year the
College awards two
scholarships to Year
7 students. These
scholarships are
made available via
the Estate of the late
Thomas Bourke,
who was an original
supporter for the
foundation of St
Patrick’s College. The winners this year are Olivia Jeffrey and
Amy Pereira.
The Martin-Lyall Scholarship holders, Bethany Muir, Brielle Quigley, Luc
Norton-Smith and Selin Kaya
Pat r i c i a n - W I N T E R 2 0 1 5
College News
Athletic Carnivals 2015
U/16 Girls - Rice
U/16 Boys - Nagle
U/17 Girls - Rice
U/17 Boys - Nagle
OPEN Girls - Tenison
OPEN Boys - MacKillop
U/15 Girls - Tenison
U/15 Boys - Rice
U/13 Girls - Rice
U/13 Boys - Nagle
U/14 Girls - MacKillop
U/14 Boys - Nagle
MacKillop - 5560
Rice - 5514.5
Tenison - 5343.5
Nagle - 5331
Rice - 3570
MacKillop - 3280.5
Tenison - 3279
Nagle - 3102.5
Nagle - 5861.5
Rice - 5607
MacKillop - 5401
Tenison - 5364
Wilding Shield and Breach Cup
From 19 to 22 January, the College hosted
cricketers from the fellow Edmund Rice
Colleges, St Patrick’s Ballarat, St Kevin’s
Melbourne and St Virgil’s Hobart. All of
the four schools played either two or three
games in what was a very special exchange
on and off the field.
As current holders of the Wilding Shield
(v. St Kevin’s) and the Breach Cup (v. SPC
Ballarat) the team were keen to retain
them playing on home soil. The 50 over
game against St Kevin’s was a thriller.
Tight bowling restricted them to only 119,
however in our chase we were in trouble at
7-81. With only one ball remaining we lost
our final wicket – this resulted in the first
Wilding Shield tie!
The Breach Cup is played over two days
(100 overs per side) and having regained the
cup in 2014 (after several years of losses) we
were keen to play well against newly formed
friends. Bowling first in humid conditions
our swing bowlers were on target from
the very first over – making the batsmen
play and often catching the edge. Seven
catches were taken behind the wicket as they
collapsed to be all out for 32 in the 23rd over!
Our opening partnership of 122 set the scene
for a big total. The 2nd day was cricket at its
best. To their credit our Ballarat cricketing
brothers fought to regain lost pride and
prevent being bowled outright again. With
about four overs remaining in the final hour
we managed to take the last wicket.
Cricket Captains Tom Button, of St Patrick's College
Ballarat, Shaughan Killalea, of St Patrick's College
Launceston, Joseph Randall, of St Virgil's College
Hobart and Josh Boehm, of St Kevin's College
Melbourne, pose with the cricket World Cup trophy.
Mr Luke McCormack
S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e
College News
Swimming Carnivals 2015
U/16 Girls - Rice
U/16 Boys - Nagle
U/17 Girls - Rice
U/17 Boys - Nagle
OPEN Girls -Tenison
OPEN Boys - Nagle
U/15 Girls - Tenison
U/15 Boys - Tenison
U/13 Girls - MacKillop
U/13 Boys - Tenison
U/14 Girls - MacKillop
U/14 Boys - Rice
Rice - 1716
Nagle - 1659
Tenison - 1619
MacKillop - 1369
Tenison - 382
Nagle - 344.5
Rice - 337
MacKillop- 336.5
Nagle - 1220
Tenison - 1213.5
MacKillop - 1184
Rice - 1167.5
A successful NSATIS swimming carnival was
held on Tuesday 10 March at Launceston
Aquatic Centre. St Patrick’s College
dominated events from the start and
managed to make a clean sweep winning
all Shields on offer: Junior Boys and Girls,
Senior Boys and Girls, Aggregate Boys and
Girls and the most coveted shield, Overall
Aggregate. St Patrick’s took home the Boys
U/13, U/14 and U/15 and the Girls U/13,
U/14, U/15 and Open Age Group Pennants.
Records broken on the day included Ariarne
Titmus in the U/15 50m and 100m Freestyle
and Morgen Hawkins in the Open 50m
Senior and Aggregate, Co-educational Junior
and Aggregate and Boys Junior. St Patrick’s
College also won four of the eight pennants U/13 Boys, U/14 Girls, U/15 Girls, U/16 Girls.
The Open Girls 50m Breastroke record was
broken by Morgen Hawkins in 34.95sec and
Ariarne Titmus broke the U/15 Girls 50m
freestyle record in 28.35sec.
On Wednesday March 25 the St Patrick's
College Swim Team travelled to Hobart to
compete at SATIS. The swimmers again
dominated, winning six of the nine shields
on offer. Shields won were Girls Junior,
Pat r i c i a n - W I N T E R 2 0 1 5
College News
Cross Country 2015
U/16 Girls - Rice
U/16 Boys - Nagle
OPEN Girls - Rice
OPEN Boys- Nagle
U/15 Girls - MacKillop
U/15 Boys - Nagle
U/13 Girls - Tenison
U/13 Boys - Nagle
U/14 Girls - MacKillop
U/14 Boys - Nagle
Nagle - 1019
Tenison - 790
Rice - 743
MacKillop - 553
MacKillop - 485
Nagle - 361
Rice - 314
Tenison - 249
Tenison - 1017
Nagle - 997
MacKillop - 866
Rice - 737
SPC 12.12.84 - HUT 7.11.53
The College Cross Country Team completed
a clean sweep of the NSATIS titles for 2015
winning Boys, Girls and Aggregate shields.
St Patrick’s College won eight of 12 age
divisions with four out of six in boys and girls.
Continuing on with our success, the boys have
now won six titles in a row and the girls have
won three in a row. It is also St Patrick's sixth
aggregate title in a row.
St Patrick’s College has set a SATIS record by winning a 5th consecutive First XVIII Football
Getasew Ferguson,
winner of the U/17 Men
Arabella Phillips, 3rd in
U/15 Women
The first half was a tightly fought contest, with only seven points in St Patrick’s favour separating
the two sides. St Patrick’s had more of the ball in the first half, however strong defensive set ups
by Hutchins behind each stoppage allowed them to rebound the ball on numerous occasions.
The second half saw the fitness level of St Patrick’s exceed their bigger bodied opponents and
run out the game 31 point victors.
S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e
College News
St Patrick’s Day
St Patrick’s Day 2015 was celebrated with Mass in the morning led
by Archbishop Julian Porteous, Archbishop of Hobart and Chair
of our Governing Council, with the assistance of the priests of the
Launceston and district parishes.
In the afternoon students and staff braved slightly inclement
weather to vie for the St Patrick’s Day Cup and remarkably the
honours of victory were shared between Nagle and Tenison.
Principal Cobiac, in his thirteen years at St Patrick’s, cannot
remember a shared outcome in any major House competition.
He was delighted with the spirit of community and the outstanding
participation of students throughout St Patrick’s Day. A day when
we name and celebrate our identity as St Patrick’s College and focus
on our Mission as a community of faith, learning, respect and
service in the Catholic tradition.
College Production
Getting To Know...The King And I
This exciting and beautiful production ran from April 22 to 24,
impressing and enthralling the many audiences during the matinee
and evening performances. The performance was a culmination
of many months of intense preparation by students, parents and
the Visual and Performing Arts Faculty. It was an immense
achievement worthy of much celebration, showcasing the immense
talents of our students. Congratulations to our actors, dancers,
stagehands, technicians, directors, artists, choreographers, singers
and costume designers, who worked together to produce this
energetic and entertaining spectacle.
Pat r i c i a n - W I N T E R 2 0 1 5
College News
Arts and Middle School Renovations
The Arts and Middle School areas are currently in the middle of a major
renovation project incorporating the Marian and O’Halloran Wings.
The original Marian Wing was built for the start of the 1984 school year
and was part of many other alterations. These improvements coincided
with the commencement of the new co-educational College and
consisted of ‘12 classrooms, a Middle School Library, Grade 8 Science
Laboratory and specialist classrooms for cooking, sewing, art, Speech and
Drama and Technical Drawing’. The renovations also included a ‘toilet
and office facilities for the Middle School’, which consisted ‘of Grade 8
and 9 students’. (Page 5, 1984 St Patrick’s College Yearbook).
The 2015 design is based on a cluster concept, in which small
communities are created for learning. These communities will provide a
supportive environment conducive to the transition from primary to high
school. The buildings have been been designed to make optimal use of
natural light, joining the outside with the inside and providing a link to
the art spaces that are currently isolated. The design also promises annual
savings in energy bills and maintenance costs.
Work commenced early in Term 2 and has been divided into two stages.
Tenison Tutor groups and art and textile rooms were relocated in this first
stage as their rooms were in the initial demolition area. The renovations
are exptected to be finished in early 2016.
Marian Wing entrance as it appeared in the 1984 College magazine.
2015 Renovations.
The entrance to the Marian Wing mid-renovations 2015.
2015 Renovations.
The renovated entrance to the Marian Wing 2016 (conceptual drawing).
Completed Arts and Middle School 2016 (conceptual drawing).
S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e
College News
Staff Recognitions
In August 2014, members of the St Patrick’s College community were
acknowledged for their contribution to Catholic Education. The
members received their Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission
(TCEC) Recognition Awards awards from Archbishop Porteous for
the following:
Mr Phil Hollingsworth
Exemplary Contribution to Tasmanian Catholic Education
Mrs Betty Quigley
Outstanding Service as an Employee within the Catholic Education
Mrs Anthea Griffin
Outstanding Contribution as a Friend in Catholic Schools
In addition to these awards, Mr David Mohr, Mrs Sandra Faulkner
and Mr Roger Morgan were recognised for 25 years of service to
Catholic Education.
Mr Phil Hollingsworth, Mr David Mohr, Mrs Anthea Griffin, Mrs Betty Quigley,
Mr Roger Morgan
Staff Farewells - Mrs Sandra Faulkner
Mrs Sandra Faulkner was appointed to
the position of ‘Secretary to the Principal’
for the beginning of the 1989 school
year. Sandra served St Patrick’s College
in this role for just over twenty five years
until the end of Term 1, 2015. She was an
outstanding Personal Assistant in every
respect and earned the admiration of all
staff during her tenure in this multifaceted and demanding role.
Sandra in 2008
Prior to her appointment to St Patrick’s College, Sandra worked in
the business world as a Clerical Assistant for Australia Post, a News
Secretary and Publicity Officer for TNT 9 and Secretary to the General
Manager of Birchall’s. These roles prepared Sandra for the fast paced,
broad variety of work in a secondary school environment where she
was the Enrolment Registrar, Secretary to the Board of Management
and Personal Assistant to four Principals, Br Bill Wilding (1989-1993),
Br John O’Halloran (June 1993-1998), Br Clem Barrett (1999-2002)
and Mr Simon Cobiac (2003-2014). After this Sandra continued in the
role of Enrolment Registrar until her retirement in April, 2015.
Sandra aspired to and achieved excellence in all of her duties. She
exhibited an unquestionable loyalty to successive Principals and acted
as a confidante in many delicate and sensitive matters, her compassion,
love of St Patrick’s College and respect for people always coming to
the fore. Sandra was highly skilled in all technical components of her
role and demonstrated strong leadership of Office Staff especially in
the business information and computer technology area. The College
relied on her knowledge of data systems and the accuracy of her input
of data for many years. She was always up to date with advancements
and best practice and was always keen to suggest and make changes in
order to improve school processes.
Sandra was driven by her own high standards of excellence and
high ethical practice. She was absolutely reliable, trustworthy and
committed to professional service. As Enrolment Registrar, Sandra
was a warm, welcoming presence to students and families and her
organisation and implementation of enrolment processes
was outstanding.
Sandra was a great colleague to her peers. She was a friend to those
in personal and family need and a true team player, always looking to
help others and focussed on achieving the best team outcome. She was
as comfortable with the everyday menial tasks as she was participating
in Board meetings or preparing for the opening of many facilities over
her 25 years at St Patrick’s. Sandra had a wonderful sense of humour
at social functions and even at meetings keeping Principals and staff
entertained with her intelligent, witty remarks and repartee.
On behalf of St Patrick’s College we wish Sandra a happy and healthy
retirement with her husband Glenn. Above all, Sandra is a devoted
wife and mother with family the core of her life. She will now be able
to spend time with her family, Melissa, Jarrod (son in law) and Eli
(Grandson) in Victoria and her son Scott and his wife Elle at home
in Tasmania.
Principal Simon Cobiac
Pat r i c i a n - W I N T E R 2 0 1 5
College News
Staff Farewells - Mr Phil Hollingsworth
Those who have worked closely with Phil for an extended period describe
him as approachable, fair and compassionate, knowledgeable, willing
to share knowledge, loyal, down to earth, helpful, generous, caring and
supportive. These traits combined with a great sense of humour have seen
Phil develop strong friendships and professional relationships with a wide
and diverse array of colleagues. Phil is equally at home in the Board Room
discussing multi-million dollar project financing with the College Board as
he is on the oval discussing the state of the cricket pitch and outfield with
our grounds staff.
Phil in 2014 with the Administration staff
August 1988 could well be described as a pivotal moment in the
history of St Patrick’s College, as it was the point at which Phil
Hollingsworth was appointed as the College Business Manager.
December 2014, some 26 years later, sees Phil’s remarkable career
come to a conclusion.
As a St Patrick’s ‘Old Boy’ (the College was not co-ed during his
time as a student), Phil was making his way in the business world in
banking, finance and accounting when the opportunity arose to return
to the College in the role of Business Manager.
Phil quickly found his feet in the role and began the task of
modernising business practices and being an integral factor in
transforming the College into a prudently managed contemporary
enterprise that underpins the provision of quality Catholic education.
Phil’s five children all attended the College and as a result he became
heavily involved in a range of co-curricular activities, particularly
swimming, such has been his commitment to and understanding of all
spheres of College life.
Phil’s leadership, dedication and hard work have been a crucial factor
in the success of the College over many years and much of the credit
for the regard in which the effectiveness and efficiency of our business
operations are held is attributable to him.
In addition to his enormous contribution to St Patrick’s, Phil has
also given of himself generously in the service of Catholic Education
in Tasmania through his involvement in the Grants Allocation and
Capital Projects Committees.
Phil’s passion for the College is probably best summed up by the
comment he has made on occasion, “cut me open and my blood will
be green and gold”.
Adequately describing Phil’s contribution and legacy in this brief
summary is effectively impossible but perhaps listing just some of the
building projects he has overseen may provide some tangible insight;
Swimming Pool, Guilford Theatre and Performing Arts Centre, Nano
Nagle Gymnasium, Mary MacKillop Library, Senior Science Centre,
Croagh Patrick, Aquaculture – Trade Training Centre and Edmund
Rice Centre. These outstanding facilities will stand as a testament to
Phil’s time as our Business Manager for many years to come and to
the benefit of current and future generations of St Patrick’s College
students and staff.
On behalf of all at St Patrick’s, both present and past, we wish Phil a
long, healthy and happy retirement with his wife Jan, children Emma,
Daniel, Beth, Abbie and Anna, 11 grandchildren (at last count) and, of
course, his trusty golf clubs and beloved Collingwood.
Principal Simon Cobiac
Farewells Also Go To:
Debbie Dodd said farewell to St Patrick’s College after 15 dedicated
years of service. Debbie has now moved on to St Giles and we wish
her all the best.
Alison Lowe, whose teaching time at St Patrick’s began in 2012, taught
Big Ideas, Japanese, Craft and Rite Journey at Croagh Patrick. Alison
has taken up a teaching postion at St Mary’s College, Hobart.
Glen McPherson was a member of the Croagh Patrick team from the
initial concept. His love of teaching science and technology is now
being put to good use in Queensland.
Caitlin Siejka left at the end of 2014 after eight years at the College six years as a student and two as a teacher. Caitlin left us to move to
Queensland to further her teaching career.
Phil in his office in 1990
S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e
Wedding Notices
College News/Old Collegians
Above - Christopher Roberts (2004, and son of Mrs Barbara
Roberts, St Patrick's College Drama Assistant) married Natalie
Green on October 4, 2014 in Ladeley, Queensland. Christopher’s
sister Lisa (2003), assisted as a member of the wedding party.
Left - Nicole (nee Radin - 2001 and current staff member) and
Ben Laskey (2004) were married on November 29, 2014 at the
Church of Apostles in Launceston.
Left - Kris Philpott (2002, and son of Mrs Kathy Goodyer,
Personal Assistant to the Deputy Principal) married Bianca
Barron on September 13, 2014 at Helens Hill Estate Winery in the
Yarra Valley, Victoria. Kris’ brother Jesse (2006) was his best man
and his sister Ashlee (2005) gave readings at the wedding. They
honeymooned in Singapore and Koh Samui.
Engagement Notices
Felicity Berry, Ex Croagh Patrick teacher and daughter of our current
Deputy Principal - Pastoral Care and Head of Middle School, Ms
Penny Ludicke, has recently become engaged to Adam Longo.
The proposal occurred in a specially decorated room during the
interval of the Sydney production of Les Misérables. Adam also
persuaded cast members to autograph her commemorative book.
Birth Notices
Jason Spradbury (2005, and son
of teacher Mr Wayne Spradbury)
with baby Amara Spradbury
(born 7.11.14).
Amy Baker (nee Spradbury, 2008,
and daughter of teacher Mr Wayne
Spradbury) with baby Edgar Baker
(born 1.7.14).
Pat r i c i a n - W I N T E R 2 0 1 5
Old Collegians
Officer Cadets Amelia Crothers and Callan Robinson (2014)
after graduating from the Year One Familiarisation Training
(YOFT) period at Australian Defence Force Acadamey. YOFT
encompasses weapon training, physical training, first aid, drill
and academic enrolments. The training culminates with the
return of second and third year cadets to the ADFA, and the
conduct of the Chief of the Defence Force (CDF) Parade, which
is where this photo was taken in February earlier this year.
Photo courtesy of Roger Lovell
Lewis Petterwood (2014) has been presented a TQA award
for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Vocational Education’ by
Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner, AM,
Governor of Tasmania. Lewis not only excelled in vocational
education (Certificate IV in Hospitality) he was also awarded
a University of Tasmania scholarship to attend the prestigious
School of Language Asahi Nihongo. Lewis hopes to complete
his Bachelor of Arts majoring in Japanese and to work in either
International Hotel Management or International Language
Anthony Cox (2003) is a freelance film and television video
editor working in Sydney, Melbourne, London and Los Angeles.
He has worked on the short film The Wilding, which won an ‘Ellie’
for Best Editing in a Short Film at the 2012 Australian Screen
Editors awards. He has also collaborated on Thunderbirds Are
Go!. Anthony’s latest project, Downriver, is set to be released at
the Melbourne International Film Festival in August. Visit his
website for a complete list of his projects.
Amelia Crothers and Callan Robinson
Luke in 1994
Since moving to Sydney, Luke
Heath (1995) has created the Luke
Heath Fitness app to complement
his professional fitness business.
For clients who use the app, Luke
motivates, mentors and inspires.
The Luke Heath Fitness app can
be found on his website,
Luke has also been featured in the
August 2015 edition of Runner's
World magazine.
Cameron Prien (2009) went on
to study journalism after leaving
St Patrick’s College. He then had
a switch of majors and took up
studying Agricultural Science at
Charles Sturt University from 2011
to 2014. Cameron is now working
at Elders Bendigo in his chosen
Anthony with SPC mentors Ms Leigh Hart and Dr Julienne Colman
Cameron in 2009
S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e
Fernando do Campo, (2004) is an artist and curator who opened his first solo exhibition outside
Australia earlier this year in New York City. The exhibition was titled Figure Behind A Lake and
included thirty newly produced paintings designed in his studio in Manhattan at Parsons The New
School for Design.
Old Collegians
The exhibition was held at Australia’s New York City Consulate, and was attended by 200 guests.
Some of those who attended included, Dr Peter Rathjen, Vice-Chancellor and President of the
University of Tasmania, Anne Gaines, Dean of Parsons The New School for Design and Mr
Geoffrey Pack, President of the American Friends of the National Gallery of Australia.
Fernando has been awarded a long list of achievements during his career. He was the recipient of
the Young Tasmanian of the Year for Arts in 2013, received individual grants from the Regional
Arts Fund, Arts Tasmania and the Australia Council for the Arts and is the inaugural General Sir
John Monash Cultural Scholar. He is a graduate of both the Tasmanian College of the Arts and the
School of Art (ANU, Canberra) and is currently completing his Masters of Fine Art at New York
School of Design.
Fernando in 2004
Since completing Year 12 at St Patrick’s College,
Marcus Colla (2007) has gone on to graduate
with Honours in History at the University of
Tasmania (DipLang 2013, BA Hons 2013). He
is now also the first University of Tasmania
student to win the prestigious Gates Scholarship
to study for his PhD in Modern German
History at Cambridge University.
Scholarships are awarded to outstanding
applicants from countries outside the UK to
pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in any
Marcus in 2006
subject available at the University of Cambridge. The aim of the Gates
Cambridge programme is to build a global network of future leaders
committed to improving the lives of others.
Evie Quigley (2005) is
currently living and working
in Melbourne as a Brands
Coordinator for Buzz. Buzz
is global creative agency that
designs and develops products
for a range of companies,
including some of the world’s
leading airlines. After leaving
St Patrick's College, Evie
studied Business at UTas,
moved to Melbourne and then
began working her way up the
career ladder.
Sarah Coull (2006) established a
new website called Girl Unearthed,
developed to assist young women
explore their career path options and
encourage them to think creatively.
It allows them the chance to read
about the journeys various young
women have made to reach certain
career goals.
Sarah’s career now involves working
at an audio book publisher as a
Rights Assistant. She is also a
freelance writer and editor, and has
written for a number of publications
including Girlfriend, Beat magazine,
and is a regular reviewer for
Sarah’s website can be found at
Evie in 2004
Sarah House (2004) is the
General Civil Solicitor and
Practice Coordinator of the
Launceston Community
Legal Centre. She advises
on a variety of legal
issues and coordinates their
legal education program.
In January 2015 Sarah was
awarded the inaugural
Tasmanian Young Lawyer
of the Year Award.
Sarah in 2001
Sarah in 2003
Pat r i c i a n - W I N T E R 2 0 1 5
Old Collegians
1995 1st XI Cricketers – Reunited
With the 2015 Ashes series upon us, it was during the Ashes series
in Australia in 1995 (where Australia retained the urn 3-1) that the
young men at St Patrick’s were making their own cricket history for
the College.
20 years on and the team are planning to reunite and test their once
classy skills against the prospective 1st X1 cricketers from this era.
and literally travel the world (although most have not walked all
the way around it like Sammy Clear did). Many of the team became
legends and multiple premiership players in the local NTCA and
still play today. Whilst some have not played for a very long time.
Every year in the 1st X1 at St Patrick’s is special – so to bring back a
team after two decades will be a very special day.
Mr Luke McCormack
The opportunity to gather together again for a game is much
anticipated. The 20 year gap has seen players spread far and wide
Cricket 1st XI
Back Row: Mr L McCormack (Coach), Paul Richardson, Stephen Keefe, Sam Clear, James Dilger, John Kedey
Front Row: Tim Richardson, Nathan Matthews, Josh Fletcher, Jerome Illingworth (Captain), Nick Bonner (Vice-Captain), Ben Milford, Gerard Scott
It Was During The 1995 Season That The Following Highlights Occurred:
• We once again played St Patrick’s Ballarat,
but for the first time it was for the H.T.
Breach Cup. We won, on home soil.
• Another first, as we entered the Christian
Brothers Cricket Week at Nudgee College in
Brisbane. We have since returned in 1998,
2010 and 2014.
• This trip included an incredible game where
we scored 5-322 from our 50 overs, only to
lose! Nick Bonner (132) and Gerard Scott
(113 off 48 balls) both scored centuries on
the tiny oval, in the wet, on a synthetic pitch.
Another highlight was playing the hosts
Nudgee College on their magnificent home
ground. They really outclassed us … but
read on below!
• Back at home, we recorded an amazing
outright win (bowling them out twice) over
Marist to make the State Final, our 3rd in
succession. This was the first outright win
for a decade, and resulted in a rule change in
the competition!
• The team qualified for the Gillette Cup –
played between the eight best schoolboy
teams from each state and territory. We
defeated Alanvale College in the semi and
Guilford Young College at home in the final.
Unfortunately the State Final, also against
Guilford, was due to be played three days
after this final – but the rain kept on falling
in Hobart and the title was shared.
Their team include future West Indian
Test cricketer Brendan Nash. The ‘bronze
medal’ match saw us lose to a Marcus North
(Australian Test cricketer) inspired Kent St.
High School from Perth. The Gillette Cup,
played with your mates/representing the
state and your College, was an experience
that we will never forget.
1995 1st X1 v. Current 1st X1
• The Gillette Cup was only to last two more
years, and the 1995 version was held here in
Launceston. This was the first occasion that
our baggy caps featured the College crest
rather than simply the letters SPC.
Sunday 11th October
St. Patrick’s College Main Oval
• We made the play off for 3rd v 4th, mainly
due to a brilliant win over Nudgee College
– the Queensland representative that
defeated us so easily only 10 months earlier.
BBQ at stumps
12noon start
40 overs per side
[email protected]
S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e
Old Collegians
On Saturday 25th October 2014 the Year 10s of '89 celebrated their 25 year reunion at The Northern Club, Launceston. The group enjoyed
catching up at the College prior to the event for a tour, hosted by Archivist Mrs Liz Woodworth. It was a great turn out to both events.
Thank you to the committee members for helping with the organisation.
Matthew Mahoney, Mary Jane Deane,
Simon Gladman, Natasha Down
Danielle Morton, Kimberley Vautin
(photobombed by Jarrod Blair!)
‘89 - Reminiscing
by Anita Faulkner
On the 25th October 2014, the School Leavers of 1989 celebrated
their 25 year reunion. The reminiscing started months prior to this
thanks to the powers of social media. In the months leading up to
the reunion, many followers of our dedicated Facebook page were
treated to regular photos of our (mostly) wonderful school days.
This sparked many humorous Facebook conversations and proved
that while the decades had passed, a lot of our school memories felt
like yesterday. School camps back in those days certainly seemed to
have more life and death experiences than they do now!
On the day of our reunion, a number of us gathered at the College
for a tour. A couple of us brought our own children along so they
could see where their mums and dads went to school, and what a
surreal experience this proved to be. The memories while walking
the school corridors felt like yesterday, but clearly with our own
children in tow the years had marched on!
While many of the classrooms hadn’t changed a bit, clearly the HSC
area of the school was unrecognisable. The Edmund Rice building,
library, gymnasium, sports grounds and courts are first class and
clearly impressed all of us. For those of us not 100% decided on
where we were enrolling our primary school children for high
school, the tour certainly tilted the scales! A highlight of our tour
was standing in the old gym and watching two of our class mates
reenact Progressive Dance practice - 25 years on, with Lenny Towns
finally having the nerve to ask Karen Thompson to dance!
That evening approximately 70 1989 Year 10 classmates gathered at
The Northern Club for casual drinks and finger food, with the back
drop of 1980’s music to take us back in time. The loud chatter and
laughter throughout the night was a joy to experience.
Chris Connolly, Steve Klimeck
Anita Faulkner, Daniel Rose
To be able to
reconnect with
those with who
we experienced so
much and, talk with
those we might not
have known so well
in the school days,
was such a special
and heart warming
experience. Isn’t that
what school reunions
are all about after all?
They do also prove
that woman do age
more gracefully than
Thanks must go
to Liz Woodworth
Karen Thompson and Lenny Towns in the
for giving up her
Barrett Gym
time on a Saturday
afternoon to be our school tour guide, and to the College office staff
for organising distribution of invites and administrating RSVP’s
and payment. The College’s ongoing support of these events, enable
them to be organised with relative ease for which reunion organisers
are extremely grateful for. We were certainly made to feel that the
Old Collegians will always be an important part of the community
and that is certainly one of the many reasons that makes so many
of us feel proud, privileged and grateful to have been a student of St
Patrick’s College.
Pat r i c i a n - W I N T E R 2 0 1 5
From t
he Archives
Then and Now
Prior to the 1989-91 25 year College tour, the reunion group had
inspiration to take a photograph in the same setting as one taken in
1990 and used on the cover of the College magazine that year.
25 years has brought a lot of change to the College. Many new
buildings, old classrooms gone, ovals moved and a new campus
constructed for our Year 9 students.
Taking their idea a little further, I thought it might be interesting to
have a photographic look at St Patrick's College as it was circa 1990
in comparison to circa 2015, and see just a small selection of the
differences those past students observed on their tour.
Mrs Liz Woodworth
Reminiscing from the cover of the 1990 College magazine.
And 25 years on.
Entrance to College and Chapel 1990.
Construction work on the change rooms for the new swimming pool 1990.
S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e
From t
he Archives/Old Collegians
Upper quadrangle area 1990.
2015...looking toward the Mary MacKillop Library and Barrett Gym, with the
J.V. Howe IT Centre on the left and the Brady Wing on the right.
1990 view looking towards the front of the College, over what is now the Lower
Sail Cloth area.
2015… almost the same angle, this image taken from the back corner of the
Brady Wing on the right and looking towards the Staffroom offices, with the
D’Arcy Wing to the left.
‘04 Reunion
The Class of 2004 caught up at the Alchemy Bar and Restaurant on 21 November 2014. It was a low key affair, but it gave the
ex-classmates and their partners a chance to mix and mingle and catch up with old friends. Thanks goes to Lindsey Hills,
Danielle Taylor and Liz Woodworth for helping with the planning of the reunion.
Toby Colgrave, Ryan West, Luke
van Tienen, Sam Clasessens
Peta Gould, Matthew Staverly
Michael Burgess, James Ryan
Danielle Masters (nee Taylor),
Lindsey Hills (nee Radin)
Pat r i c i a n - W I N T E R 2 0 1 5
1995 Reunion
Year 10 (1993), 11 (1994) or 12 (1995) Leavers
VENUE: The Boathouse - 55a Lindsay Street, Invermay
DATE: 10th October 2015
TIME: 7:30pm
DRESS: Smart Casual
COST: $60.00 per person
Includes arrival drinks and canapés. Cash Bar
TOUR: Tour of College at 3pm, Saturday 10th October
Class of 1965
4th Form
Where are you now?
We have an old classmate who
would like make contact with you.
Please send me your details and
we can put you in touch.
Tina Boon - email:
[email protected]
or phone 03 6341 9988
For booking and payment please contact Tina Boon at St Patrick’s College on:
[email protected] or phone 03 6341 9988
Year 10 (2003), 11 (2004) or 12 (2005) Leavers
VENUE: The Boathouse - 55a Lindsay Street, Invermay
DATE: 19th December 2015
TIME: 7:00pm
DRESS: Smart Casual
COST: $20.00 per person
For more information please contatct Tamika-Lee Kulla on:
[email protected] or for booking and payment please contact
Tina Boon at St Patrick’s College on: [email protected] or phone 03 6341 9988
The College can help with your event.
We can provide tours, memorabilia,
and names.
If you would like to organise and publicise
your event, please get in touch with us at:
[email protected]
Dear Old Collegian
I hope you have enjoyed reading The Patrician. Don’t forget The Patrician is also available online at the St Patrick’s College website.
It can be found under the ‘Collegians’ tab or via
Please let us know how you would like to receive future copies of The Patrician by filling in the following section and returning it to us.
You can also update your details online through the College e-form at:
St Patrick’s College Communications and Community Relations Office
PO Box 401
MAIDEN NAME IF APPLICABLE: ..........................................................
ADDRESS: ........................................................................................................
YEAR LEFT COLLEGE: ................................................................................
GRADE LEFT COLLEGE: ............................................................................
EMAIL ADDRESS...........................................................................................
Please email me a copy of The Patrician
Please send me a hard copy of The Patrician
I will download my own copy from the College website
No thanks, I don’t want to receive The Patrician
Please feel free to contact me with photos or any information you would like to share with fellow Old Collegians.
My contact email address is: [email protected]
S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e

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