Winter 2013 - St Patrick`s College


Winter 2013 - St Patrick`s College
Winter 2013
The new Aquaculture Trade Training Centre, located
adjacent to the Year 9 Croagh Patrick Campus.
St Patrick's Day Mass 2013
The Patrician is the community magazine of St Patrick’s
College. Published twice annually, the magazine features
news from the College and the broader community of
Old Collegians.
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Anzac Day
Academic Results
Aquaculture Trade Training Centre
Athletics Carnivals
College Ball
College Production: West Side Story
John Glover Art Prize
VET Article
Heart Kids – Tassie Car and Bike Show
Cricket Tour to Victoria
St Patrick’s Day Cup
SATIS Swim Championships
St Patrick’s Day Mass
Two Year 10 Students Win Award at Agfest
New Staff
Baby Watch
2012 Graduates: Where are they now?
Old Collegian Wins Young Achiever Award
Old Collegians in the Australian Defence Force
Old Collegian Holds Fundraising Recital
Old Collegians Cricket Match
SPC Students in Grease
Will Smith Facilitates Session at The Resilience Project
Reunions & Get Togethers
Wedding Notices
McManus Collection
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Unless you request it, the Patrician is no longer posted
to you. The electronic copy is available on our College
website under the Old Collegians section.
S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e
From t
he Principal
Dear Members of the St Patrick’s
College Community….
Welcome to the Winter edition of the Patrician. I am very pleased to announce that St Patrick’s
College has a new website and I encourage members of our broader community to Google St
Patrick’s College, Launceston and log on to our new site. You will find a wealth of information
about St Patrick’s College and regularly updated newsletters, calendars, current events, pastoral,
sporting and curriculum news and photos.
Old Collegians will want to visit the Old Collegians section to
read news about old scholars or find out about up-coming reunions. We have completed Stage One of the website development
and are open to your suggestions for further improvements into
the future. I would also like to introduce Mrs Natasha Cruz, our
Communications and Community Relations Officer. Natasha
comes to us with a wealth of experience from the Canadian
International School in Singapore. Natasha is responsible for
updating the data-base of Old Collegians, initiating re-unions,
communicating with our community
through the website, Patrician and College
Magazine as well as liaison with all media
outlets. Natasha would be very happy to hear
from Old Collegians and continue to build
a network of communication between Old
Collegians and St Patrick’s College.
Faith Development Coordinator also connects us to the African
experience, as he lived and worked at the Sinon school in Arusha
for 12 months.
Carrig-Karibu Immersion
The intended outcomes described in the immersion preparation
materials are:
I am privileged to be able to participate in the Carrig-Karibu
Immersion to East Africa, July 4th-19th, 2013. The immersion
is organised by the Edmund Rice Foundation in Africa and was
established to enable Australians to develop a relationship with
African Brothers and their lay collaborators in their ministry to
marginalised Africans, especially children and young people.
St Patrick’s College has a long and close connection with the
Edmund Rice Foundation and with the mission of the Christian
Brothers in East Africa through Br Clem Barrett, previous
Principal and our financial support of Edmund Rice Sinon School
in Arusha, Tanzania. More recently our financial support from
East Africa Day has been directed to other projects in Africa on a
needs basis as determined by the foundation. Adrian Viney, our
I see the immersion as an opportunity for personal growth and
most particularly as an opportunity to continue to connect our St
Patrick’s College community and the East African communities.
I will be visiting and working within foundation projects in
Nairobi, Kenya and Arusha, Tanzania. I look forward to catching
up with Br Clem and with Br John Carrig, Deputy Principal of
Rostrevor College when I was in Year 11, 1972. I passionately
believe in the power of education to transform social conditions
and create a fairer, more peaceful world. I hope to build our
relationship and partnership with the foundation and encourage
our school community to continue to give generously from a
position of deeper understanding of the African perspective and
our Catholic call to social justice and the common good.
An enhanced understanding of the issues affecting Africans,
younger and older.
A fuller understanding that each human being on the planet
has a responsibility for other human beings.
A feeling for the joy filled lives of Africans, especially those
who live in the most desperate of circumstances.
Insight into how fortunate Australians are to be born into,
and live in a first world country.
I look forward to sharing the fruits of this immersion with our
community on my return.
Simon Cobiac
Students participate in Anzac Day Marches
This is the first year Anzac Day has fallen in the middle
of the school holidays. However, this did not deter
a contingent of senior students from gathering and
representing St Patrick’s College in Anzac Day marches in
Launceston, Deloraine and Grindelwald.
We joined many other students and the public in paying our
respect and gratitude to the young men and women who made the
ultimate sacrifice of their lives, or were injured whilst protecting
Australia and our values during various armed conflicts.
Pat r i c i a n - W I n t e r 2 0 1 3
College News
Academic Awards
for 2012
On Friday the 8th February 2013, we gathered together
as a College community to recognise and celebrate the
outstanding academic achievements of our current
Senior School students in Year 12 and our immediate
past students who graduated from St Patrick’s College in
December 2012.
The assembly was a special occasion where not only were our
special guests recognised for their achievements, but the entire
College community who gives of their best in all dimensions of
College life could feel justly proud of what they had achieved and
plan to achieve throughout 2013.
From the 2012 College graduates a total of 114 students received
an ATAR (university entrance score) and a further 40 students
achieved extremely well in one or more Tasmanian Qualifications
Level 3 (pre-tertiary) subjects.
The Dux of the College for 2012, Joshua Illingworth, was also
recognised statewide, as ranking in the top 100 best results in
In 2012 the College again achieved excellent Year 12 results. A total
of 22 students gained an ATAR score above 90 points, with another
14 students in the high 80’s. It was a pleasure to welcome the top
22 students back to our academic assembly to recognise their
outstanding achievement in Years 11 & 12 whilst at the College.
New Aquaculture
Trade Training
One of the latest building developments at St Patrick’s
College is the new Aquaculture Trade Training Centre.
Located adjacent to the Croagh Patrick campus, the building was
completed and handed over to the school on the 15th of March
2013. The $990,000 project was completed on budget, with the
vast majority of funding provided by the Federal Government,
under the Trade Training Scheme.
Some features of the Trade Training Centre include a laboratory,
hatchery tanks, workshop, classroom, aquaponics area and an
office. Students began lessons on the 18th of March.
The centre was designed with environmental sustainability in
mind, and is currently the only centre in the North that caters to
the growing interest among Year 10 students to pursue education
in the aquaculture industry.
As at 23 May 2013, College staff had the opportunity to tour the
Aquaculture Trade Training Centre, which now has 4 aquariums
stocked with a variety of fish.
St Patrick's College would like to thank some of the key industry
players who have helped transform our building into what we all
hope will become a centre of excellence in Aquaculture teaching:
Joshua Illingworth – 99.40
D’Zeffrey Bart – 94.80
Jeremy Robinson – 98.70
Michael Wilson – 94.50
Declan Cuschieri – 98.35
Danielle Payne – 94.30
Ashleigh McCoach – 97.80
Morgan Carlson – 94.20
Samantha Rose – 97.40
Katherine Luttrell – 93.50
Louise Kulinski – 96.60
Alexandra Doherty – 92.60
Georgia Nunn – 96.25
Tshepo Ngwenya – 92.30
Sarah Haworth – 95.70
Juleesa Smith – 92.30
Matt Jones - Seafood Training Tasmania
Emily Lightfoot – 95.55
Luke Dickinson – 91.80
Tristan Gutteridge – 95.50
Ellen Strochnetter – 91.20
James Martini – 95.40
Hannah Kilpatrick – 90.60
Thank you as well to our members of staff, Maria Bassett, Tony
Cullen, Phil Hollingsworth, Mario Amaya, Geoff Dodds and the
maintenance team, for their vital support in this process.
Brady Wagner - Tamar Marine Launceston
Sean Slevec - Petuna Seafoods Cressy
Mark Adams - AMC Aquaculture Centre
David Wilson - Kyeema Seafoods
Shane Willis - Coburg Aquarium Melbourne
Ben Pope & Lindsay Hopper - Fresh by Design
S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e
College News
Athletics Carnivals
In an exciting finish to House competition for Term One
the three annual SPC Athletics Carnivals were held on
April 9, 11 and 16 at the College’s ovals.
The students showed great support for their House, whether in
the traditional track and field events or in the novelty events such
as the tug-of-war and egg-and-spoon races. The novelty events,
as well as the relays, were held on the main straight in front of the
House groups which provided a lot of atmosphere.
There were some very strong performances on the track and in
the field which augurs well for a strong showing by the College
athletics team later in the year.
Congratulations to our two record-breakers, Jasmine Turner in the
U/16 Girls Shot Put and Sam Alderson in the U/16 Boys Shot Put.
A big thank you to the parents who volunteered, SPC staff and
student helpers for helping the carnivals to run smoothly and a
special mention to Brian James who helped set up for all three
carnivals as well as being a marshal at the throwing events.
1ST – NAGLE 3955
2nd – MACKILLOP 3457
3RD – TENISON 3379
1ST – RICE 1672.5
1ST – TENISON 5407.5
3RD – RICE 4983
4TH – NAGLE 4699.5
4TH – RICE 3113
2ND – TENISON 1448.5
3RD – NAGLE 1385.5
Pat r i c i a n - W I n t e r 2 0 1 3
College News
College Ball
The Senior College Ball was held on Saturday, 18 May
2013 at Albert Hall. The Hall was decorated to the theme
of Parisienne with candles and images of the Eiffel Tower
creating an exciting atmosphere. Students presented
themselves in a mature, confident way and a marvellous
evening was had by all.
Congratulations to Mrs Viney, Dr Colman, and the Ball
Committee for their outstanding preparation of Albert Hall and
their service to the senior school students.
S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e
College News
College Production:
West Side Story
Nine Students
Volunteer at John
Glover Art Prize
The John Glover Art Prize is an acquisitive award for
artists who specialise in Tasmanian landscape painting
and is held annually at the Falls Park Pavilion, Evandale
during the long weekend in March.
From the 3rd to the 6th of April 2013, St Patrick’s College
Production of West Side Story was held at St Ailbe’s Hall
in Margaret Street. It was an outstanding success, which
received many comments from parents and the community.
In a letter to Artistic Director, Mrs Leigh Tuppini and Assistant
Director, Dr Julienne Colman, Alderman Danny Gibson wrote:
“Last night I was privileged to attend the St Patrick’s College 2013
musical, West Side Story. It was a triumph. The stylistic production
showcased the talents of students (Grades 7 - 12) with stunning solo
moments, strong characterizations, effective choreography and a
most committed and dedicated ensemble troupe of actors, singers
and dancers (and technical support teams) all supported so well by
passionate staff. The costumes were very, very strong, the lighting
and staging wonderful and the actual transformation of the hall
was mesmerizing.
Whilst it is always dangerous to single out particular performers;
I thought that the leads were all so very strong. The voices of Ben
Goss (Tony) and Charlotte Page (Maria) – Wow! The “dream” scene
and the use of the balcony were some of my favourite moments, as
was “Tonight” and “America” and really, all of it!
As I was watching again last evening, it really hit me as to how
challenging the music actually is. You accomplished it.”
Congratulations to all production staff and students involved in
bringing to life this technically demanding musical.
The winner of the award was announced on the Friday evening
8th March at the Cocktail function where patrons enjoyed
finger foods and Tasmanian beverage varieties. The Rotary
Club of Evandale manages the catering at this event and offers
the St Patrick’s College Certificate II in Hospitality students the
opportunity to attend a formal work placement.
Nine students volunteered to work alongside a Rotary mentor
and learned how to perform basic food and beverage service
throughout the evening. Students were able to practice their
interpersonal skills when approaching customers with their
delicious food platters. Students were also able to practice their
beverage service skills behind the bar.
Thank you to the members of The Evandale Rotary Club and
the hard working students who are outstanding members of our
school community.
Pat r i c i a n - W I n t e r 2 0 1 3
College News
Heart Kids – Tassie Car and Bike Show
One in 100 children are born with a heart condition and
sadly six babies are born everyday with a heart condition
in Australia. Childhood heart disease is the number one
reason for child death in our country, with heart defects
also being the most common reason for children being
admitted to an intensive care ward.
with this illness and to provide financial assistance for children to
access cardiac treatment in Victoria, St Patrick’s College students
Ashley (MM5) and Josh Smith (MM6) work extremely hard every
year to organise the “Heartkids” fund raising event held at Josef
Chromy Vineyard, Relbia.
Members of the VET Hospitality Certificate II course also
rallied together to donate their time on Sunday 24th February
to providing visitor information, parking officials and food
A number of St Patrick’s College students have required heart
surgery, recovered and are now happy and healthy members of
our school community. To provide on-going help to children
Students Settle into New
Vocation Training Courses
Thank you to Mrs Kylie Smith and the event mentors who
provided our students with excellent work placement training and
to the students for their generosity and kindness.
Students at St Patrick’s College have settled into the new
vocational training courses for 2013. The Polytechnic Bar Course students are learning
how to prepare cocktails.
The Hospitality students are learning how to prepare The VET Construction students have been
food like Master Chefs.
practising their wood joins.
The Hair and Beauty students are learning the
technique of nail art.
The VET Coxswain students have been studying the “Elements of Shipboard Safety course” at the
Australian Maritime College, where they have learned survival at sea and fire safety tactics. S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e
College News
Cricket tour to Victoria
Touring with a sporting team is a very special experience.
Our 1st XI cricketers had this opportunity from
January 20th-25th.
half-century from Nathan Parkin set up a competitive total. Regular
wickets had us in a good position – until they scored 28 from the last
two overs to snatch a tie!
We spoke about what we would do differently if faced with that
scenario again – plus we said that it shows it is possible to score that
many runs quickly when seeing the ball and hitting it hard to the
boundary is all that matters. So when we, too, needed 29 balls to win
from the last 2 overs only 24 hours later, against St Kevin’s, it was hard
to believe. 29 from 10 balls – we might have left our run too late.
Luke Badham proceeded to hit the final 4 balls of the penultimate
over for four. 13 off 6 became 9 off 3. We needed a 6 – Luke obliged.
Jared Lewis deservedly hit the final ball for 4, for what can only be
described as an amazing victory – to win the Wilding Shield.
Brother Bill Wilding had watched the game and our acting captain
Ryan Bird proudly accepted the prize from him (see photo). We had
quite a tribe of parents and family members on tour – and nobody
will ever forget this game. St Kevin’s went on to win the APS title
in Melbourne, remaining undefeated in their roster. How fortunes
changed after this game for both teams, as we only won two games in
our SATIS roster!
In our two-day game against St Patrick’s Ballarat we fought hard on
day one to dismiss them for 280, taking the last 8 wickets for 106 runs.
Shaughan Killalea built on a fine start to the tour with controlled
swing bowling. Unfortunately we could not establish enough large
partnerships, and despite Ben Fraser and Matthew Allen putting on
55 for the 8th wicket, we lost by 88 runs.
The opportunity to:
r Represent the College with pride and purpose.
r Play on some striking school grounds.
r Test ourselves against strong opponents – in pursuit of a shield
and a cup.
r Stay together and then live-in with billeting families; building
relationships with old friends and new.
Our two matches in Melbourne were thrillers, both decided on the
final ball – the 600th ball of each game! Against Xavier an impressive
Brother Breach (former Principal of our college, and whose cup we
play for) turned 96 that week and I visited him at Nazareth House
in Ballarat. He died only a few weeks later. Brother Bill Wilding
concluded the eulogy with the following words:
“He has been a star for us – a loved mentor.
It has been promised that he will shine like a star for all eternity.
We honour and give thanks for the life of a wise and loving man who
followed his call faithfully, who advocated a passion for life and a
commitment to the values of the gospel. His life dedicated to following
Jesus in the way of Edmund Rice has been a guiding light for all of us.
May he rest in peace.”
By: Luke McCormack, Head of Croagh Patrick
St Patrick’s Day Cup
Shortly after the St Patrick’s Day Mass, the whole college
community gathered and engaged in friendly rivalry, in the St
Patrick’s Day cup activities. Organised by Mr Craig Boon and
supported by Ms Nicole Radin, Ms Cath McQuie, House Heads,
tutors and senior students, the day saw a host of competitions and
activities, with Tenison House winning the Cup and Rice House
winning the Academic Shield.
Pat r i c i a n - W I n t e r 2 0 1 3
College News
SATIS Swim Championships
On the 19th
March in
Hobart, the
St Patrick’s
College swim
team competed
in the SATIS
Swim Championships. All SPC students are to be
congratulated on both their ability to swim well, and
their sportsmanship. As a College we were fortunate
enough to secure both the very highly sought after Junior
Girls and Overall Girls Trophies. We also finished
runner up in the Junior Co-ed Shield.
We congratulate the following swimmers who were SATIS Champions.
Ariarne Titmus Girls 13/U Breastroke
Jessica Hardstaff Girls 15/U Breastroke and Backstroke
Boys 15/U Freestyle Relay
Lachlan Dennis, Luke Heathcote, Luke Tucker and James Baker.
Girls 16/U Freestyle Relay – these girls also broke the SATIS
Jessica Hardstaff, Mikayla Smith, Zoephia Kaminski and
Nicole Murraylee.
On Tuesday 26th we had our break up Breakfast at Cube Aqua.
We used this opportunity to acknowledge our Age Champions.
Under 13 Boys
Under 14 Boys
Under 15 Boys
Under 16 Boys
Open Boys
Under 13 Girls
Under 14 Girls
Under 15 Girls
Under 16 Girls
Open Girls
Joeseph Cockburn
Ethann Best
Luke Heathcote
Joshua Bailey
Daniel Britton
Ariarne Titmus
Morgan Stephenson Scott
Maddison Burr
Jessica Hardstaff
Morgen Hawkins and Hannah Bollard
We also announced the following Awards.
Daniel Britton
Jessica Hardstaff
Morgen Hawkins
Well done to all swimmers on a successful season.
St Patrick’s College has a new website. Please visit and click on the Collegians link to
view the most current updates within the community of Old Collegians.
St Patrick’s Day Mass
The annual St Patrick’s Day was celebrated in advance
of the Sunday feast day, on Friday, 15 March 2013 at the
Nano Nagle Gym.
As one of the hallmark events in the school year, the College
celebrated its identity as St Patrick’s College and also as a catholic
community in the traditions of Edmund Rice, Nano Nagle, Mary
McKillop and Julian Tenison Woods.
The Eucharist celebration was presided over by Fr Mark Freeman,
and the priests of the Launceston and District parishes.
The college captains also made their first speeches at the
mass. Ruby Wood spoke eloquently about the importance of
community and her growth as a person encouraged by Fr Richard
Ross, while James Whiteley reflected on his time at St Patrick’s
College, acknowledging his growth in the process.
The ceremony concluded with the installation of Year 12’s as
student leaders of the College community and the Student
Executives of College Captains, House and Community Captains.
S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e
College News
New Staff at SPC
In February 2013, St Patrick’s College welcomed new
members of teaching and non-teaching staff:
Middle School (Years 7 & 8):
Mr James McGoran
Mrs. Deborah Cottle
Mr Craig Boon
Miss Caitlin Siejka
Mrs Rachael Kedey
Miss Gemma O’Halloran
Miss Casey Gee-Mackrill
Ms Akari Koyama
Miss Megan Brown
Croagh Patrick (Year 9):
Mr Gilbert Viney
Two Year 10 Students
Win Award at Agfest
Miss Emma Jenkins
Mrs Susan Dowsett
Senior School (Years 10 to 12):
Miss Natasha Cruz
Early in Term 1, Dairy Australia contacted St Patrick’s
College to see if it would be interested in participating
in their “Camembert in the Classroom” module, to show
students that the dairy industry has a place in “real life”.
Mr. Peter Stanley
Year 9 students were selected to share in a cheese-making day
at Croagh Patrick. This involved an introduction to the hygiene
involved with dairy production, the chemistry and biology
involved in cheese making, and the practical approach in making
our own camembert.
Miss Amelia Clark
We also welcomed back Mrs Filomena Bovino, Mr Paul Smith,
Mrs Rebecca Seward Linger, Mrs Gina Slevec and Mr Darryl
Tuppen from significant periods of leave.
It was a successful day so it was offered to the Introduction to
Chemistry Grade 10 class. As a condition of participating in this
module, St Patrick’s College was required to enter their cheese
into a competition that was judged at Agfest
On Friday, 3 May 2013, approximately 20 students went to Agfest
to attend the cheese judging performed by Russell Smith, the
Deputy Chief Judge of the Australian Dairy Awards.
After the cheeses were cut, tasted and deliberated over, St Patrick’s
College was announced the winner, with Riley Hodgson and
Thomas McKay producing the winning cheese.
Top row: Amelia Clark, Emma Jenkins, Deborah Cottle, Craig Boon
Bottom Row: Casey Gee-Mackrill, Akari Koyama, Caitlin Siejka,
Gemma O’Halloran
The boys have won $500 for the school and the prestige of
producing the best camembert out of all the participating schools
Baby Watch
Megan Brown
Susan Dowsett
Rachael Kedey
Congratulations to Mrs Shayne
Russell and her husband, Rory,
on the birth of Quinn Michael,
a brother to Connor. All are
managing well.
James McGoran
Gilbert Viney
Pat r i c i a n - W I n t e r 2 0 1 3
Old Collegians
Where are you
now? Launceston,
Amy Soule
Design (Architecture).
What are
you doing?
Currently I am
at the University
of Tasmania,
studying a
Bachelor of
Where are you
now? Launceston,
What are you
doing? I am
studying at the
University of
Tasmania at
the Launceston
Campus. I am
Ashleigh McCoa
doing a Bachelor
of Science/Law degree which will take five
Where are you
now? Launceston,
What are you
doing? Currently
working for the
Bank call
centre as a
customer service
Callum Dys
part time banker full time slayer!
Where are you
now? Melbourne,
What are you
doing? Gap
year - Working
the Exodus
community in the
Olympic Village
tter at Heidelberg
Ellen Strochne
West. Mostly I’m
travelling the
country facilitating the Remar program with
the Remar Ministry Team along with getting
to know many inspiring Marist Brothers at
our office at the Marist Centre Melbourne.
Where are you
now? Launceston,
Cam Lendvay
What are you
doing? After
college finished
I was accepted
into UTAS but
decided to take
a gap year, next
Kayla Davey
year I will be
going to UTAS to study Bachelor of Arts.
Kiandra Tricke
What are you
doing? Monash
Clayton campus
and studying
medicine! In the
week after Easter
Danielle Payn
I’ll be doing my
first placement at a hospital to practice taking
medical histories and interviewing patients.
Where are you
now? Hobart,
What are
you doing?
I’m currently
medicine at
UTAS and
enjoying the
Declan Cuschi
challenge. I’m
also hoping to travel at some stage during
this year.
Where are you
now? Launceston,
Where are you
now? Launceston,
What are you
doing? Tafe Certificate III
in Business in
What are you
doing? Studying
a Bachelor of
Health Science at
What are you
doing? Studying a
Bachelor’s Degree
in Science at
Georgia Axton
What are you
doing? Currently
working for TC
Turf, which is a
Joshua Searle
small landscaping
company. On June the 17th 2013, I leave
for the Australian Navy as an Electronics
Where are you
now? Launceston,
Where are you
now? Melbourne,
Where are you
now? Launceston,
Where are you
now? Launceston,
Moving to
Melbourne in
June 2013.
What are you
doing? Gap Year
Max Connell
What are you
doing? I'm
an apprentice
Welder at Crisp
Emily Collins
Where are you
now? Launceston,
Joey Cullen
Where are they now?
Jack Murphy
Where are you
now? Melbourne,
What are you
doing? I am
dancing at a full
time academy
in Melbourne,
Jason Coleman’s
Ministry of
Kareen Duffy
Dance, to obtain
my Certificate IV in Dance and a diploma in
the performing arts area.
Where are you
now? Melbourne,
Where are you
now? Launceston,
What are you
doing? Studying
at Monash
Bachelor of
Journalism and
eventually double
degree in politics.
What are you
doing? I’m
studying my
cert 4 in fitness/
personal training
at the Australian
Institute of
Personal Trainers.
Lachlan Marsd
Where are you
now? Launceston,
What are you
doing? Bachelor
of Primary
Education at
Katelyn Taylor
Where are you
now? Marlow,
Windsor and
United Kingdom
What are you
doing? Currently
working abroad
at an outdoor
activities centre
titled Longridge,
Marlie Lukic
teaching rockclimbing and
various other activities. Interesting experiences
are limited, however, I’m currently organising
a trip to Spain to partake in the running of the
bull’s festival.
Where are you
now? Launceston,
Where are you
now? Launceston,
Where are you
now? Launceston,
Where are you
now? Launceston,
What are you
doing? TAFE
Certificate 2 in
Digital Media and
Technology. Soon
to be Certificate 3.
What are you
doing? Currently
studying at the
polytechnic doing
hospitality and
looking for work
in the hospitality
What are you
doing? Bachelor
of Exercise
Science at UTAS.
What are you
doing? I’m
taking a gap
year, working
in retail and
meeting heaps
of interesting
Monique Lind
Nicholas Grove
Olivia Coleman
S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e
Old Collegians
Where are you
now? Launceston,
Where are you
now? Tasmania
What are you
doing? Diploma
of Library and
Services at TAFE.
Olivia Watson
Paige Barry
personal trainer course!
Where are you
now? Prospect,
Sarah Morgan
Thomas Johns
What are you
doing? Gap year.
Working full time
at Relax Cafe and
work at Jailhouse
Grill a few nights
a week.
What are you
doing? Currently
working full time
and saving money
for a end of year
trip to Malaysia
and Thailand
then after my
gap year doing a
Where are you
now? Gold Coast,
What are you
doing? Studying
social welfare at
Southern Cross
Pape Kamara
Where are you
now? Melbourne,
What are
you doing? I
am currently
studying Primary
Education at
ACU and have
been keeping
Sean Prien
myself busy with
Edmund Rice Camps here in Victoria.
Simon McGuire
Where are you
now? Launceston,
What are
you doing? I
am studying
Journalism at
the UTAS Sandy
Bay campus in
What are you
doing? Bachelor
of performing
arts, travelled to
Where are you
now? Geelong,
Where are you
now? Launceston,
What are you
doing? Just
commenced a full
time position at
the Black Cow
What are you
doing? Bachelor
of Vision Science
mastering in
at Deakin
University, Waurn
What are
you doing?
Associates Degree
of Education
at University
of Tasmania,
Old Collegian wins
Young Achiever Award
Fernando do Campo, who graduated from St Patrick’s
College in 2004, has been awarded the 2013 Young
Achiever Award for the Arts at a ceremony in Hobart on
6 April 2013.
The award is part of a diverse suite of Young Achiever Awards,
which aims to acknowledge, encourage and most importantly
promote the positive achievements of young Tasmanians up to 28
years of age.
On top of winning this prestigious award, Fernando hosted an
exhibition entitled Onomatopoeia at the UTAS Academy Gallery
in Inveresk for the whole month of February. He also has taken
up the opportunity to be an artist in residence through BMUKK
in Vienna, Austria.
A link to the full feature story can be found under the Collegians
Section of the College website, at
The College Development Office can help with promotion
of your upcoming events; we can also provide tours,
memorabilia, names and addresses. If you would like to
organize and publicise your event, please get in touch with
Natasha Cruz, at [email protected]
Zhu-Qing Wan
What are you
doing? I had
the intentions
of moving to
Victoria to
pursue a career
with the police
Samuel Lawso
in homicide
investigations. However, this has been delayed
due to a major car accident in the south. I am
still recovering from multiple injuries which
include, but are not limited to, a broken wrist.
Where are you
now? Hobart,
Where are you
now? Launceston,
Tristan Gutteri
Where are you
now? Launceston,
Stephanie Kin
Lisa Batchler and
Melanie Verho:
Commanding Officers with
Australian Defence Force
Lisa Batchler and Melanie Verho were awarded Defence
Scholarships in their final year at St Patrick's College
and went on to complete their degrees at the Australian
Defence Force Academy in Canberra.
Lisa is currently the
Commanding Officer of HMAS
Harman in Canberra and
Melanie Commanding Officer
of HMAS Bathurst, a Naval
Patrol vessel operating out of
Former St Patrick's College students,
Naval Commanders Lisa Batchler
and Melanie Verho, pictured with
parents, Jan and David Batchler at
the Battle Class Naval Reunion in
Pat r i c i a n - W I n t e r 2 0 1 3
Old Collegians
Old Collegian Holds
Fundraising Recital
on 26 July 2013
Nicholas Tolputt is an ex-collegian currently studying a
Bachelor of Music at the Melbourne Conservatorium of
Music. During his time with the college he was Drama
Captain, Community Captain and President of the Youth
Drama Club. Since graduating in 2008, Nicholas has
been fortunate enough to attend Master classes at the
Conservatorium with some amazing international guest
artists such as Dame Kiri te Kanawa and Andreas Scholl.
In 2012, he became one of the few, very lucky recipients of the
Dorothy N. Glover Memorial Music Trust Scholarship. This
award is for the purpose of overseas postgraduate musical
With these generous funds Nicholas hopes to attend the
prestigious Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Switzerland to study
with his vocal mentor, countertenor Andreas Scholl. However, the
fees associated with such high aspirations are substantial. To further help with this dream, Nicholas will be holding a
fundraising recital on the 26th of July at Holy Trinity Church.
All funds from this concert will go towards his future musical
education. His vocal type, countertenor, is the single rarest vocal category
in the world and for anyone even slightly interested in Classical
music, it is not to be missed. Also featured in the concert
will be Melbourne based violinist Emma Martin, ex-Oz
Opera accompanist Amanda Caletti, and outstanding tenor
Benjamin Martin. Tickets available from Barratt’s Music in
George Street.
O C
C M
St Patrick’s College Oval
SPC 1ST X1 (2014)
Lunch Supplied / BBQ afterwards
Could past captains please confirm their
availability by contacting
Luke McCormack at:
[email protected]
or 0400 042 256
Congratulations to all past & present St Patrick's College students involved
in this fantastic production held at the Princess Theatre from 15 - 23 March.
What: Nicholas Tolputt in Recital When: 26th of July at 8:00pm
Where: Holy Trinity Church (Corner of Cameron and
George Streets)
How much: $50 (Wine, program and canapes included) samantha chapman, Amelia Bird, Amber flaherty, isabelle grossmith, sophie fenton ('10),
Nathan Fontyn, justin hood ('10), Grady Lynch, John morgan, madeleine page,
elise phillips, danny gibson ('01), Natalie Reid (Staff), Fiona Mowat (Staff)
S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e
Old Collegians
Wedding Notices:
VENUE: Exeter Bakery in the City
George Street, Launceston
(Next door to Barratt’s Music)
21st September 2013
Jason Spradbury (2005) & Jodie Smith (2006) – Jason and Jodie were
married on 10 November 2012 at the St Patrick’s College Chapel.
James Gutteridge (2005) & Natasha Cruz – James and Natasha
were married in Manila, Philippines on 30 December 2012.
Mark Baker & Amy Spradbury (2007) – Mark and Amy were
married by Fr Richard Ross at the Church of Apostles.
Ewan O’Toole & Abbie Hollingsworth (2001) – Ewan and Abbie
were married on 5 January 2013 at Tam O Shanter Bay, and
celebrated their reception at Bay of Fires Winery.
Scott Bowman & Alecia Pearce (2005) – Scott and Alecia were
married in Breakas Beach in Vanuatu on 27 April 2013.
DRESS: Neat Casual
$25.00 per person – Finger Food
Alcohol Available – No BYO
15th August 2013
For booking and payment please contact
Natasha Cruz at St Patrick’s College on
[email protected]
or P: 03 6341 9988
Old Collegian
facilitates session on
The Resilience Project
Amy Spradbury &
Mark Baker
James Gutteridge
& Natasha Cruz
Amy Spradbury Bridesmaids
Jason Spradbury
& Jodie Smith
Scott Bowman &
Alecia Pearce
Ewan O’Toole & Abbie Hollingsworth
Calling all St Patrick’s College Old Collegians from Year 12 in
1983 – or if you left after Year 11 in 1982, Year 10 in 1981 ...
There are a number of us planning to meet at the Boxing Day
Ashes Test in Melbourne this year and we would like to open
this up to anyone else who can make it.
On Thursday, 23 May 2013, the Year 8 students participated
in The Resilience Project. The aim of the of the day was
to foster a sense of connection, build self esteem and help
students develop an understanding that challenges in the
context of learning are as valuable as success.
We were privileged to have former school captain, Will Smith, pay
us a visit and facilitate a session in this project. Will was a former
College Captain and now the Executive Director of Built2Lead, a
youth leadership organisation aimed at developing the potential
of youth in today’s society.
He facilitated sessions based on: what some common stereotypes
are and how we can break these barriers; believing in yourself;
and finding reasons to be grateful.
At this stage we have John Smithies, Rob Webster, Kev Wade,
Dick Wilson, Ivano Del Pio, Christopher John Gunton, and Luke
McCormack ready to watch a bit of cricket … and we would
love as many as possible to be there.
Some are intending to watch the match for multiple days,
however our ‘official’ day to sit together and go out for a meal
that night will be:
Please contact Luke if you are able to be there, or are at least
thinking about it:
[email protected] or 0400 042 256
Pat r i c i a n - W I n t e r 2 0 1 3
Old Collegians
OBITUARY: Brother Herbert Theodore Breach
His novitiate and training completed, he crossed the Tasman in early
1939 just before the outbreak of WWII and began his great teaching
career in Dunedin. There arrived one morning call-up papers for
the NZ Conscription Board, but teaching was deemed an essential
service, so his war service was commuted to rolling bandages 2 nights
a week. He taught large classes all day and undertook university
courses in the evening. With his typical persistence he graduated with
majors in French and History. He brought an energy and interest to
his classes with frequent excursions and a variety of activity. Boys
were dying to get into his classes.
Former St Patrick’s College Headmaster, Brother Herbert
Theodore Breach passed away on Saturday, 16 February
at the age of 96 in Nazareth House, Ballarat.
In a eulogy of Brother Breach, Brother Bill Wilding shared with
the following words:
"We have associated his name for so long, almost 40 years,
with Ballarat, that it is easy to forget that there were another
56 years to this long, rich and generous life.
He is remembered with affection and gratitude by so many across a
wide span of geography.
Herbert Patrick was born 22 January 1917 to Herbert and Lillian
who were both born in 1893 – the same year that St Patrick’s College
opened. There were also 3 sisters, Marjorie and Peg both deceased, and
Hilda. They lived in Windsor and later Prahran. Herb senior was an
accounts clerk with the Angliss Meat Works. But the Great Depression
took a devastating toll on so many families in the 1920s & 30s and the
Breach family suffered considerably when Herb lost his job.
Young Herb began his education at the Presentation Sisters primary
school in Prahran and later moved to the Brothers at CBC St Kilda.
His natural keenness lead him to success at school, sport and seeking
a direction in life. It also spilled over to a commitment to the St Kilda
Football Club.
In December 1931 he took the train from Melbourne to Sydney to
continue his secondary education at the Brothers’ training college at
He thrived with the opportunities given there. Sport was his love
and cricket his specialty. Stan McCabe, Australian cricketing legend,
visited Strathfield on one occasion and saw Herb in action and was
most impressed by his prowess, described by some as – awesome.
He was certainly the great wicket keeper of the Brothers and excelled
in holiday games at Apollo Bay where he lead the Brothers’ team from
behind the stumps against the local team well into his 50s.
Herb proved to be good student and completed a distinguished
matriculation pass with first honours in history.
After 6 years he returned to Australia, made his final vows
as a Christian Brother and was posted to a series of one year
appointments - Wollongong, Goulburn, Burwood & Lewisham (all in
NSW) and North Melbourne. His ability to quickly assume control of
a teaching situation was obviously highly valued.
Herb, now called Theodore or Theo by the Brothers, was called back
across the Tasman in 1953 – to St Kevin’s Oamaru for a year, then
to St Peter’s Auckland for 6 – both were schools with big sporting
programs. He taught, coached and still managed to complete an MA
in classics.
Yesterday the HM of St Peter’s wrote - Theo Breach was a legend at
St Peters….in fact the old boys brought him over to Auckland for the
50th Anniversary in 1989.
St Kevin’s Toorak had just been admitted to the Public Schools
association – and obviously needed Theo’s expertise - he spent 5 years
where he is still remembered for his dynamic coaching, especially of
In 1964 – he was appointed HM of St Patrick’s College Launceston
– he was a powerful influence of that era of growth for the College –
encouraging boys to go beyond the local practice and to continue their
studies, to become involved in working for the underprivileged and to
do their best at everything including sport.
Story – a teacher observed a boy missing from his class whom
he'd seen earlier –“Where is Jones?”. Pupil –“Sir, he is on the oval
practising hurdles”. “What – I will tell the HM”. “Sir, the HM is
coaching him”.
When Tasmania was invited into the Sheffield Shield – 4 of the 12
members of the team were Theo’s old boys.
His enthusiasm and humanity left its mark in Launceston.
A year of relative rest at St Kilda – his fame came with hurdles
practice in the yard before school – the very many spectators each
morning picked up something of the means to succeed – correct
technique and practice, practice, practice.
Then to St Joseph’s Geelong – as HM for 3 years - Former students
speak fondly of him as a person and leader
Then to SPC Ballarat – where he gave such wonderful service from
1974 until 2005 apart from 3 years as Leader the Brothers aged
community at Parkville.
S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e
Old Collegians
Most us know him from his time here at St Patrick’s.
so often exalting the accomplishments of others.
He came as Senior French Master, also teaching Religious Education
and English, and coach of the First XI cricket team. But he also
looked after boarders in McCunnie House, led the St Vincent de Paul
conference and produced the College annual magazine for some years.
In his very full life, Herb managed to spend considerable time with
his broad family circle. He related well to family members of all ages
and always had a kind and relevant word for the younger generation.
Somewhere along the line he had learned some magic conjuring tricks
and with these he attempted to bring merriment to a group especially
of the young. But he had a small repertoire and these tricks didn’t
always work. This only added to the merriment.
Alongside all of this he also cultivated the College’s annual Purton
Oratory competition and today junior students compete for the Br
H.T. Breach Oratory Cup. Theo was a daily visitor to the tuckshop
showing appreciation to the ladies serving there and spreading his
good cheer. He later began a hockey team and coached this for some
The cricket trips that he initiated to St Patrick’s Launceston and
elsewhere were hugely popular and certainly lifted the standard of
cricket and social exchange. In the midst of this he completed another
Master’s degree, this time in education.
HM Dr Peter Casey wrote - Br Breach will be remembered by many
former staff and students as one of the most influential and popular
Christian Brothers to have served at St Patrick’s College.
The hoarding of the Ballarat Courier stated – St Pat’s mourns loved
I was privileged in my period here, to gain an insight into his ways –
and later when in Launceston and at St Kevin’s to hear stories of this
legendary figure.
Theo so impressed with his enthusiasm, his ability to engage boys,
the energy he brought to everything & the encouragement he gave to
Theo was indeed a legend for his;
Teaching and sporting record – in many schools of Australasia
leadership of SPC Launceston and SJC Geelong
30 years at SPC Ballarat - legend like unto Br Bill O’Malley
Enthusiasm, energy, buoyant & vibrant approach
brilliant coaching of hurdles, cricket, hockey – he reached and
brought boys out of themselves & gave so many self–confidence
and belief; he saw talent & potential where others didn’t.
And in retirement he didn’t stop: he observed the weakness in SPC
athletics - Shot Put –
At lunchtimes he would gather a group at the far side of the
oval; when the walk was too much for him, he sought a lift
At the Combined Schools competition – 10 Events of Shot Put–
SPC gained 9 1sts and a second
His Secret: Enthusiasm and encouragement, technique and
Herb/Theo was essentially a man involved with people. He had a
wide range of friends as evidenced by the volume of Christmas and
birthday mail that he received. He was often doing acts of kindness
for people.
Paul Tobias - Principal SJC. Over the past 13 years he has often
written to me incredibly affirming messages of encouragement, as a
former principal himself, it was obvious he had an enormous love of
the school. He enjoyed reading school publications and often wrote
to comment on them. From a distance he provided me with great
encouragement, which I will miss.
Beyond school he was active in the Ballarat Historical Society and
wrote monograms on historical figures. He hosted a prayer group at
the College and later at Nazareth House. There he took an active part
in concerts, playing the part of a student in “Yes, What” and Jeeves
the Butler in another production. His sense of humour was always
Last Month Luke McCormack coach of the SPC Launceston cricket
team visited him - It was just for 15 min, but it was lovely to see
him. It was 2 days after his birthday and when I said that I only saw
him every second year now, and that he would be 98 next time; he
looked up with a glint in his eye and said ‘And the time after that, a
century’. This year was the first time that he did not make it to the
ground during our match for the HT Breach Cup.
A year ago, there was a celebration here at the College organised by
the Brothers' community to honour the 80th anniversary since he
had left home to train for the Brothers. He was deservedly honoured
by the words then of Bishop Peter Connors, Fr Peter Hudson and
some Brothers. His speech in reply was gracious and showed his deep
appreciation of everything that was being done for him by many
carers, supporters and well-wishers. He died peacefully in the care of
Nazareth House.
He has been a star for us – a loved mentor.
It has been promised that he will shine like a star for all eternity.
We honour and give thanks for the life of a wise and loving man
who followed his call faithfully, who advocated a passion for life
and a commitment to the values of the gospel. His life dedicated to
following Jesus in the way of Edmund Rice has been a guiding light
for all of us.
These have been the marks of Theo’s life in all aspects of living.
May he rest in peace."
There was a fire within – it was focused, disciplined and dedicated
But occasionally sparks would surface – often over a slight
misunderstanding - it would very soon be forgotten – he never held a
grudge, nor was he heard to criticise others. On the contrary, he was
Bill Wilding cfc
21 February 2013
Pat r i c i a n - W I n t e r 2 0 1 3
From t
he Archives
McManus Donation
Earlier this year we received a “treasure trove” of
miscellanea from Br Sean McManus that was collected
over the years by the McManus family.
The McManus family have a long association with St Patrick’s
College, both at the Preparatory College in York Street and
the Prospect site. Peter and Mary McManus were both active
members of the school community.
The collection is wide ranging, and spans the length of time
that the McManus brothers, Sean (SPC: 1966-1971) Peter (SPC:
1968-1973), Kieran (SPC: 1969-1974), Brendan (SPC: 19721977) and Patrick (SPC: 1975-1980) were students at SPPC
and SPC. The collection consists of various newsletters, books,
sports programmes, speech night programmes, annual concert
programmes, newspaper clippings … and a couple of interesting
The photographs were taken during the school holidays of 1972.
The first, taken 23rd
December, 5pm, shows
a large hole in the
brickwork on the western
side of the Chapel with
Mr Leon Kolka standing
on a scaffolding set-up
while his son Stan Kolka
(SPC: 1967-1972) assists
from the ground level.
about the P&F Association’s activities, drama successes, debating
results, details about the newly formed Old Boys’ Association …
and more! The editor of this edition was R. Foley; assistant editors
were D. Luck and R. Veldhuis.
Was this the first “The Patrician”?
Was this the only “The Patrician”?
Did it continue? … and if so, for how long?
Do you have a copy that you would be willing to lend to SPC
Archives so that we can digitise it?
Lastly from the collection, a list of 15 St Patrick’s Preparatory
College expectations for “Code of Conduct” probably from
the late 1960’s or early 1970’s – some of the expectations have
survived the test of time … some have not!
Contact: Liz Woodworth
SPC Archives
Phone: 6341 9820 (Wednesday)
E-mail: [email protected]
The second, taken 24th
December, 3pm, shows
the completed scaffolding
and tarp covering the
hole … the comment
on the reverse of this
indicates that the window
was tied with wire to the
scaffolding … I somehow
don’t think this would be
“common practice” today!
I was intrigued about these two photographs, and approached
Patrick McManus, to see if he could remember what had
happened. Patrick recollected that there was a strong windstorm
and they noticed that a portion of the western wall of the
Chapel was swaying in and out until the bricks fell inwards. He
commented that it was very lucky that it happened during the
school holidays.
My second item for this edition and also from the McManus
collection is a newsletter from 1966. Interesting, because it is
titled “The Patrician” … I don’t know if this is the ‘first’ for St
Patrick’s College? It was produced by the students, sold for 10c
to families and includes notices, sporting triumphs, appeals,
academic results, information about staff changes, information
S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e
Pat r i c i a n - W I n t e r 2 0 1 3
Dear Old Collegian
I hope you enjoy reading the Patrician. Don’t forget the Patrician will be available online through the St Patrick’s College website.
It is very user friendly and the quality is good. If you need to you can easily print off your own hard copy.
Instructions for reading the Patrician:
1 Go to our website:
2 Click on 'The Patrician' located under the 'Collegians' tab
3 Enjoy!
Please let us know how you would like to receive future copies of the Patrician by filling in the following section and returning it to us at the following address:
PO Box 401, Prospect 7250
Name: ............................................................................................
Address: ......................................................................................
Please email me a copy of the Patrician
Please send me out a hard copy of the Patrician
Year left College: ................................................................
I will download my own copy of the Patrician from the website
Email: .............................................................................................
No thanks, I don’t want to receive the Patrician
Please feel free to contact me with photo’s and any information you would like to share with fellow Old Collegians.
My contact email address is: [email protected]
S t Pat r i c k ’s C o l l e g e s t r e n g t h t h r o u g h f a i t h & k n o w l e d g e