Youth Ministry - St. Patrick Church


Youth Ministry - St. Patrick Church
St. Patrick Church
Serving Lemont, Illinois
September 12, 2010
Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Rev. Kurt D. Boras, Pastor
Rev. Richard J. Shannon, Pastor Emeritus
Rev. Mr. Joseph R. Winblad, Senior Deacon
Ms. Renee Payne, Principal
Ms. Linda O’Connor, Liturgy & Religious Education Coordinator
Mr. Neil Windt, Music Director
Ms. Rosarita Hennebry, Music Director Emerita
Mr. Michael Lundberg, Tri-Parish Youth Minister
Ms. Louise Cummings, Parish Business Manager
200 Illinois Street
(630) 257-6134
20W145 Davey Rd.
Lemont, IL 60439
(630) 783-2220
(630) 257-8012
(630) 257-0401
Saturday Mass — 5:00 PM
Sunday Masses — 7:30 AM - 10 AM - Noon - 5 PM
Daily Mass — 8:00 AM (Mon.-Wed.)
Holy Day — As Announced
Confession — Saturday - at 4:15 PM
BAPTISMS: 4th Sunday of the Month at 1:15 PM.
Baptism Preparation Classes are held monthly. We encourage
participation in this program before the baby’s birth. Please call the
Parish Office to schedule.
MARRIAGES: Prospective bride or groom must be a registered,
participating parishioner for at least six months before making
wedding arrangements.
NEW PARISHIONERS: We warmly welcome you and kindly ask
you to register at the Parish Office.
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September 12, 2010
Hope’s On The Way
September 12, 2010
Dear People of St. Patrick:
Over this Labor Day weekend, I had the opportunity to
attend two fun events in town; Keepataw Days and the BMW
Professional Golf Tournament at Cog Hill. I was amazed at
how orderly and well-coordinated each of these events were
despite the volume of people they served. It was really nice
to see so many families, friends, and neighbors coming
together and just having a good time. I add my
congratulations and “KUDOS” to the leadersip of the Village
of Lemont and the many workers and volunteers who made
these events so enjoyable for so many. Thanks for helping
this newcomer “catch the spirit” of this fine village of
Speaking about having fun, I hope you can join us for the
“Name That Tune” Music Trivia Night on Saturday,
September 18th beginning at 7:00 PM in the Parish Hall.
I know it will be enjoyable for all involved.
I want to extend to all the grandparents of our community
wishes for a Happy Grandparents Day! Thank You for
reminding us what is all important in life; namely faith,
family, and friendship.
I welcome our catechists and our Religious Education
families to the start of our Sunday program. The religious
education and training of our children through both our
Catholic school program and CCD program is a major
commitment and undertaking. Thanks to all who serve as
teachers and catechists with such generous hearts. Next
weekend at the 10:00 AM liturgy, I will bless our catechists in
you name as a sign of our support for them and our sincere
“thank you”.
Finally, last week, I met with a committee of parishioners
and a couple of representatives from the Village including Mr.
Jim Cainkar, Village Engineer. The purpose of the gathering
was to discuss the State Street Water Main Replacement
Project schedules to begin in late October of this year. The
meeting was very informative and cooperative. The project
will affect our property somewhat as well as traffic patterns
on State Street. For now, I just wanted to give you a “heads
up” about the project. In the weeks ahead, I will share with
you more specific details. Have a good week!
In peace,
Fr. Kurt
“Hope’s On the Way’s” 12th Fall Mission needs
volunteers to help with local work at two Chicago
south side locations.
The first location is Catholic Charities Family
Interim House at 78th & Ellis. Volunteers are
needed to complete painting within the building .
The second location is St. Peter and Paul Social
Center renovation at 124th & Halsted. Volunteers
are needed for painting the building’s outside and
inside, installing new entry security doors, installing
new block glass in front wall, laying a new tile
floor, and installing new lighting.
Would you be willing to share your time and talent?
Proposed work schedules are the four weekends in
October. Because of people’s varied work schedules
Fridays, or Saturdays, or Mondays are possible
work days.
Oct. 1
Oct. 2
Oct 4
Oct. 8
Oct. 9
Oct. 11
Oct. 15
Oct. 16
Oct. 18
Oct. 22
Oct. 23
Oct. 25
Contact us on the internet:
Click on
Contact us
If you want to volunteer: Your Name
E-mail address
Message your choice of Day/Date or
Special skills if you wish to share.
Or if you prefer to talk to me call me at 630-4525881
Deacon Joe Winblad, Project Coordinator
October, 2010, is our 12th Mission and it is in
Chicago; this is why the web-site is designated
“Local Mission in Chicago
In last weeks letter from Fr.Kurt, there was an
editorial error. Tammy Hayes’ name was
misspelled. Please note the correction n, and accept
the apology of the bulletin editor.
Louise Cummings
Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Greetings St. Patrick parishioners!
The choir meditation last weekend was a beautiful,
plaintive setting of the old hymn, “I Surrender All”. This
is a great spiritual axiom to abide by, especially in light of
the onset of the fall season and the (reluctant) end of the
summer. We are continually called to “take up our
cross”, surrender all, and go into the world.
We are, however, not only to “surrender” ourselves for
the life of the world, but to also “surrender all” to our
Lord, to cast our cares upon him. I hope that last week’s
meditation reminded you of this!
I want to remind you of several “musical” happenings in
our Parish this month:
Contemporary Choir will sing Saturday, September
18 at the 5 p.m. Mass
Youth Choir will kick off their year on Sunday,
September 26 at the 10 a.m. Mass
Guitar Ensemble continues their ministry on
Saturday, September 25 at the 5 p.m. Mass
Also, if you have some free time, Saturday September 18
is our ANNUAL ‘Name That Tune’ Night, the proceeds
of which benefit our wonderful and vibrant music
ministry. Please consider joining us! This is an evening of
fellowship and, despite what Fr. Kurt says, there will be a
NOTED absence of Andrew Lloyd Webber tunes – fear
On that note, I wish to personally congratulate Fr. Kurt on
his recent installment as the 29th pastor of St. Patrick.
Thank-you for your ministry, Fr. Kurt! We look forward
to your time here.
Finally, as always, I encourage you to contact me with
any questions/concerns, OR, if you wish to become more
involved in the music ministry here.
Until next month….
Neil Windt
Director of Music
[email protected]
No one is safe by their own strength, but they are safe
by grace and mercy of God.
--St. Cyprian
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I&M Canal Y.A.C.H.T. Club
Young Adult Catholics Hanging Together
For people in their 20’s & 30’s
We raised our anchor and sailed to a new
Illinois Bar & Grill
1131 State St.
Lemont, IL 60439
Join us on the second (soon to be third) Tuesday of every
month at Illinois Bar & Grill between September and
May. Cost is $5 admission plus whatever you order off
the menu. We meet from 7pm-9:30pm with the speaker
beginning at 7:30pm.
Tuesday, September 14
The Devil is Alive and Well
Fr. Jeffrey S. Grob is the former assistant to the
exorcist for the Archdiocese of Chicago. Ordained in
1992, Fr. Grob has also worked as Assistant to the
Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Chicago, Associate
Vicar for Canonical Services and currently serves as a
judge on the matrimonial Court of Appeals for the
Province of Illinois and as the Archbishop’s Delegate to
the Review Board and is the pastor of St. Celestine
Parish in Elmwood Park, Illinois. Very knowledgeable
in demons, Fr. Grob will help us discern the demonic in
our spiritual lives
That We May Have Priests…
Mundelein Seminary, as Cardinal George so proudly
proclaims, is one of the
finest major seminaries in the world and the heart
of this local church. This
year 78 men are preparing to be priests for the
Archdiocese of Chicago. Your
support enables us to provide these young men
with the educational and spiritual formation
necessary to face the challenges of priesthood.
Because of you, the healing touch of Jesus will
live through the work of these future priests for
you, your children and your grandchildren.
The Collection for the Seminary System for the
Archdiocese of Chicago September 25-26, 2010
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September 12, 2010
Linda O’Connor, Director 630-257-8012
Renee Payne, Principal 630-783-2220
Students were welcomed back to the 2010-2011 school
year with bright classrooms, colorful bulletin boards,
new books and enthusiastic teachers and parents. Here's
a few pictures from Meet the Teacher day. For a
slideshow tour of the building on opening day, go to this
play/5wHbYtjdW4YNmzlQdC3xAw . This slide show
is also posted on the Slideshow page of Mrs. Yakes'
Computer Lab Website (
mrsyakescomputerlabpage/Home/slideshows ).
Once again our Religious Education program has been
blessed by the generosity of our parishioners. All of our
needs for catechists have been met. We are grateful to
those who heard and responded to God’s call to serve
the children of our parish. Please keep our catechists,
aides and children in your prayers. Ask the Holy Spirit
to give them the openness to hear His Will and the
strength to carry it out.
Sunday Religious Education classes begin today. To
begin the school year in the right spirit, children will
gather in the church for a beginning of the year prayer
service. Next week, Catechetical Sunday, we will
honor our volunteers during the 10 am Mass. All who
teach answer the call to teach the faith will receive a
blessing from Father Kurt
Lectors Needed
On Friday, September 3, the opening Mass for school
year 2010-11 centered around our theme for this year,
"They Will Know We Are Christians". Every grade
level as well as other parts of our school community
created large posters to illustrate some of our goals for
living this theme. Just to name a few of them, we will
strive to let people know that we are Christians by the
ways that we love, listen, worship and celebrate. We
will use our brains to learn and understand and our eyes
to see more clearly how to follow Jesus' teachings. Our
lips will spread the word of God and speak kindly to
others. Others will know that we are Christians by the
way we play and volunteer and show our citizenship.
During each month this year, we will focus on a
particular way to demonstrate to the world that we are
We are experiencing a shortage of lectors at some
Masses. If you would like to serve our parish in this
way, please call the Liturgy Office to volunteer your
time and talent. A training session for new and veteran
lectors will be held in mid-October. The sessions serve
as training and enrichment for new lectors and
experienced lectors seeking refreshment.
Meals for the Hungry
Once again our parish has been asked to participate in
the Meals for the Hungry program. This program
provides meals for the homeless at St. Blasé in Summit.
The request includes providing a $350 donation to pay
for the meal and 8 to 10 volunteers to serve the meal.
We will be serving on Wednesday, October 6th from
5:30 to 7:00pm. There are donation envelopes in the
church if you are interested in helping with the cost of
this worthy cause, just mark Meals for the Hungry on
the envelope. If you would like to volunteer to serve on
October 6th please call the Parish office or Roseanne at
630-257-7254. We need your help.
Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
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St. Patrick’s
Youth Ministry
We are about to begin a new school year of youth ministry in
Lemont. Hoping to serve you better we have enclosed a short survey for high school teens and their families you to fill
out return back to St. Patrick’s Church. This will give us an idea of what you are looking for in our youth ministry
program. Please take the time to fill it out. Any ideas you have or topics you think are important will be greatly
appreciated. Please return the survey to the basket provided in the vestibule of church. Thank you for your time and
Michael Lundberg
[email protected]
St. Patrick’s Youth Ministry Survey
1. I am aware that St. Patrick’s has a Youth Ministry program and that Michael Lundberg is the Youth
YES__________ NO__________
2. I would be interested in participating in Jr. High events such as Open Gyms and Pizza Parties and Teen meeting with teen topics.
Yes_________ NO__________
3. I like to play ...Basketball_____ Volleyball______ Air Hockey_____ Ping-pong_____ Dodge-ball______ Toss
Game tournaments______ Karaoke______ Pool______ Xbox______ Guitar Hero_____
4. I would like to go on field trips such as the Deep River Water Park & Blue Man Group. I would also like to
go on the Summer mission trip.
Field Trips: YES__________ NO__________ Mission Trip: YES__________ NO__________
5. I am interested in helping others and would like to be informed of service projects and helping out at church
YES_________ NO__________
6. I am interested in attending the Tri-Parish Youth Mass on Sunday’s at 5:00 p.m. at St Pat’s Church.
YES__________ NO__________
7. I am interested in being a part of the Youth Mass at St Patrick’s by lectoring or singing in the youth choir.
YES__________ NO____________
8. I would like to be a part of the youth productions presented at Christmas
(Song of The Stable) and Easter ( The Living Stations of the Cross).
YES_________ NO___________
I would like to attended meeting with guest speakers .
YES_________ NO__________
10. I would like to be added to the Youth Ministry Email list and address list
YES_________ NO__________
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September 12, 2010
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11– Vigil: TwentyFourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
5:00 pm
Michael Gallagher
—Marlene & Don Ropoli
SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 – The Twenty-Fourth
Sunday in Ordinary Time
7:30 am
St. Patrick Parishioners
10:00 am
Malachy Mannion
— The Family
Sr. Danielene Conroy
— Ralph & Lila Mancini
5:00 pm
Reverend Gabriel Fox
— Celeste Gambla
8:00 am
Fred Golminas
— Ralph & Lila Mancini
TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 – The Exaltation of the
Holy Cross
8:00 am
Eugene Canning
—Mary Canning
8:00 am
For All Those in Hospice
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18– Vigil: TwentyFifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
5:00 pm
John Chorley
— The Family
SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 – The Twenty-Fifth
Sunday in Ordinary Time
7:30 am
St. Patrick Parishioners
10:00 am
George Traynere III
— Genie Mitchell
Barry Hagan
5:00 pm
Special Intentions Rev. Kurt Boras
— Celeste Gambla
Monday: 1 Cor 11:17-26, 33; Lk 7:1-10
Tuesday: Nm 21:4b-9; Phil 2:6-11; Jn 3:13-17
Wednesday 1 Cor 12:31 -- 13:13; Jn 19:25-27 or
Lk 2:33-35
Thursday: 1 Cor 15:1-11; Lk 7:36-50
1 Cor 15:12-20; Lk 8:1-3
Saturday: 1 Cor 15:35-37, 42-49; Lk 8:4-15
Am 8:4-7; Ps 113; 1 Tm 2:1-8;
Lk 16:1-13 [10-13]
“This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.” Lord,
you have eaten with me…could you now be inviting me
to join you as a priest in seeking out the lost and
Men 22 to 40 years old are invited to participate in the
INSEARCH discernment program to pray, learn about,
reflect on, and discuss with priests and other men who
are also discerning the possibility of diocesan
priesthood in Chicago. INSEARCH begins on Tuesday,
October 19, 2010 at 7 pm. For more information
contact: Fr. Brian Welter at (312) 534-8298 or
[email protected]. See our website
for more details, at
‘Name That Tune’ Trivia Night
September 18, 2010
The Saint Patrick’s Men’s Club is sponsoring our third
‘Name That Tune’ Music Trivia Night Saturday,
September 18th at 7pm in the Parish Hall. The cost is
$10 per person, pay at the door. One half of the entry
proceeds will be awarded as prize money and the other
will be donated to the St. Pat’s Music Ministry to
purchase new music and equipment. Attendees will
compete in teams of 6 people to name the song title and
artist of songs from 50’s to the 90’s There will be
prizes for each of four song categories as well as overall
first and second place team winners.
There will be snacks and drinks served and a cash bar.
The Trivia Night is open to all adult parishioners,
family and friends. The previous two Music Trivia
Nights have been a lot of fun. Get your team together
NOW! If you don’t have a team, there will be plenty of
friendly people to team up with. We hope to see you
there for a great time.
Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Page 7
“Everything I have is yours.” - Luke 15:31
Our Heavenly Father gives us everything, including the
chance to share in His eternal kingdom. Yet, like the
Prodigal Son we are often lured away by the
materialism of our society. Do we really want to turn
our backs on all that God offers in exchange for a
material wealth that has no lasting value?
Regular Sunday Offertory
For the Month of August
Budgeted goal for August
Received via Sunday envelopes
Received via EFT* and mail-in
Loose contributions
Total contributions in August 2010
Less than goal for August
Fiscal Year-to date
Budgeted goal through 08-31-10
Received 07-1-10 to 08-31-10
Less than goal for 2010-2011
August Maintenance Envelopes
August Collection for Sharing Parishes $1,316.00
August School Support Envelopes
*EFT is the process of automatically having your contribution offering
transferred from your checking account to St. Patrick’s account.
Footnote: There is an adjustment to July numbers. Sunday Envelopes
should have been $18,275.00 resulting in Less than goal of ($2,990.00).
Have you ever considered counseling, but you couldn't find
the time? Maybe the time is now! The Holbrook Counseling
Center of Catholic Charities can help. Whether your trouble
is personal, relational or career-related, the center offers
professional assistance that is confidential, convenient and
affordable. The Holbrook Counseling Center provides
services at our Worth office and at other locations. For
further information or to make an appointment, please call
(312) 655-7725.
We pray for . . .
The sick of our Parish
Eileen Cattoni
Carole Conklin
Kathy Eterno
Glenn Granat
Suzette Kitzmiller
David Liberty
Fr. Eathan Oakes
Bruno Risatti Jr.
Cory Steck
Sue Winblad
If you would like to have someone who is ill prayed for in church,
please call the Parish Office (630-257-6134). The name of that
person will be announced in church and will be added to the
prayer column in the weekly bulletin.
and we pray for . . .
Our loved ones in the military
Ryan Rudman
Kody Peters
Chad Peters
Steven Korbus
We would like to pray for all of our loved ones who are serving in the
armed forces. If you would like to submit a name for the list, please
fill out the form below and drop it off in the parish mailbox or the
Sunday collection basket. Please include your name & phone, also.
Name: _____________________________________
Requested by: ________________________________

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