Church of the Sacred Heart and Saint Mary Our Lady of Czestochowa


Church of the Sacred Heart and Saint Mary Our Lady of Czestochowa
Church of the Sacred Heart
and Saint Mary Our Lady of
May 28-29, 2016
201 Main Street ~ New York Mills, N.Y. 13417
Phone and Fax#316-0506 ~ E-Mail:
Web Page:
Our Mission Statement
Pastor: Rev. Ar thur Kr awczenko
Pastoral Associate: Sister Lisa Cir illo, CSJ
Dir. of Religious Education: Lynn Spr inger 527-8399
RCIA: Ter r y Str eit 939-3485
Bereavement Ministry: Ann Kr ol 794-8371
Youth Minister: Rick Hensel
Parish Secretary: 316-0506
Parish Office Hours:
Mon.—Thurs 9:00 am -3:00 pm; closed Fridays
Trustees: Nancy Constantine, Matthew Dziedzic
Parish Council President: Sharon Jachim
Finance Committee President: J ayne Synkowski
Church Sacristans: Michael Hanus, J oseph Salmon &
Michael Stuhlman
Music Ministry: Car leton Boone 736-6257
Maintenance J osh J ar ecki
Traveling: Call 1-800-MASS-TIMES
Bulletin Deadline: 9 days befor e Sunday Publication
Daily: Tuesday-Friday 12:10 PM
Saturday Vigil: 4:00 PM
Sunday: 7:30 AM
9:00 AM 10:00 AM (Polish) 11:00 AM
RECONCILIATION: Satur day 3:15 and Thur sday
before the First Friday of the month after the 12:10 PM
BAPTISMS; Arrangements for Baptism should be
made by calling the Parish Office during office hours.
call the Parish Office to inquire 6 months prior to mar-
Due to observance of Memorial Day, the
Parish Office will be closed on
Monday, May 30th.
The following young adults from our parish will receive
the Sacrament of Confirmation on Thursday, June 2nd at
7:00 PM at St. Anthony/St. Agnes Church. The sacrament will be administered by Bishop Robert Cunningham.
Rachel Cecilia Bealieu
Nicholas Pio Briggs-Ellenberg
Katrina Dymphna Briody
Jenae Cecilia Campbell
Chloe Adeline Cattadoris
Shaun W olfgang Crist
Megan Joan Fiorentino
Michael Christopher Fiorentino
Margaret Catherine Heaton
Christian John Paul Pawlowski
Taylor Michael Philpotts
Grace Hope Reilly
Spirit of God, grant me the gift of wisdom to see the
world through your eyes. The gift of counsel to make difficult decisions. The gifts of knowledge and understanding to use my mind to know you and to love you. The
gift of fortitude to have the courage to live in the faith
despite the difficulties and disappointments. The gift of
piety to be able to express my special love and commitment to you. And, the right kind of awesome fear that
makes me pause to wonder and revere God’s Love.
Page Two
Church of the Sacred Heart and St. Mary Our Lady of Czestochowa
Sunday, May 29th, 2016 ROSARY FOR PEACE at
the Grotto at 1:00 PM to pray for our men and women
in the military and for world peace.
BIBLE STUDY: Bible Study this week, Thursday, June
HILLTOP SENIORS: Meeting this week Thur sday,
June 2nd. All are Welcome!.
Sunday, May 29th
When the 5th Sunday of the month occurs, the Knights of
Columbus will be offering the rosary at 1:00 PM at the
Grotto. This will coincide with the regular Sunday rosary
recited there. All parish members invited.
Father’s Day—June 19th
You may acknowledge your living or deceased fathers by
Remembering them during the Father’s Day Masses.
Kindly PRINT the name(s) on the envelope in your packet Envelopes must be returned no later than June 5th.
Thank you.
Through the Sacrament of Baptism, we welcome the
following new members to our parish family:
Gabrielle Millie Crawford—Christina Lynn Crawford
Marshall Theador Petrie
Chelsea LeighAnne Stevens
We thank the parents for introducing their children to the
faith of Jesus Christ. God bless you.
+Stella Jachim, N.H.
+Luke Lucas
Memorial Fund Donation in Memory of
Mary Ann Osvoldik
Bruce Family
Congratulations to:
Cara Kehn and Joshua Amodio
who were joined together in the in the holy
Sacrament of Matrimony.
May 28-29, 2016
lease continue to pray for the sick, homebound, those
in nursing homes and those with special requests: Ted
Mowers, Ryan Mitchell, Joe Harder, Shannon Enright,
Connor Rodriguez, Stella Jordan, Susan Black, John
Allen, Genevieve Allen, Marilyn Adams, Helen Wiatr,
Eric Elsenbeck, Theresa Hook, Christine Milewski, Diane
Veeder, Carly Shea Weaver, Danny Mantia, Matt & Barb
Kiszelewski, Anna Marie & John Paul Jones, Stanley
Cieslak, Daniel Robert Nashold, Gabby Wolpert, Wanda
Fedor, Michael Krol, Jim & Jeanne Horth, Chris Fedor,
Marian Sychtysz, D.J. & Carly Veeder & C.B., Michelle
Bennett, Stanley Wroblewski, Merril Constantine, Jennie
Potrzeba, Marion Ball, Anita Bolmer, Bea Nebush, David
Dubiel, Nellie Polczynski, Nancy Bien, J.H. Regina
Golowski, Robert Murray, Joan Flo, Carolyn LaRock,
Maurice Penet, Sr. Therese Marie Kodz, Virginia Holton,
Debbie Delluomo, Dave M., David W.*Joan Holton
*Genowefa B.
June 4-5 , 2016
Saturday June 4th—4:00 PM
Altar Servers: Any available
Lector: Terry Streit
Eucharistic Ministers: Laurie Domanico, Mike Hanus, Joe
Salmon, Camille Jasinski, Jayne Synkowski
Sunday, June 5th
7:30 AM
Altar Servers: Any available
Lector: Judy Reilly
9:00 AM
Altar Servers: Any available
Lector: Mike Spellman
Eucharistic Ministers: Arlene Stanulevich, Sylvia Barnes,
Joe Bartus, Nancy Constantine, Linda Diskin, Kristen
10:00 AM
Altar Servers: Any available
Lector: Krystyna Lizak
11:00 AM
Altar Servers: Any available
Lector: Roseann Furmanski
Eucharistic Ministers: Karleen Markowicz, Rick Flisnik
Jeanne Jurkowski, Kevin Siembab
Counters: Mike Adamczyk, Walt Mar cinkiewicz
If you cannot fulfill your weekend schedule, please find a
substitute. Thank you
Church of the Sacred Heart and St. Mary Our Lady of Czestochowa
Page Three
Stewardship—May 21-22, 2016
Ordinary $6.547.81
Fuel: $68.00 Parking Lot: $409.00 Ascension: $28.00
Total: $7,052.81
Next week’s collection: Fuel Collection
May God Bless you for your generosity & support. Because of your continuing generosity, we are able to make
many improvements in our parish.
Please come join us as we complete
the final week for making pierogi for our
Parish Festival.
Preparing the filling: Tuesday, May 31st
starting @ 8:00 AM.
Making the pierogi: Wednesday June 1st
starting @ 8:00 AM
Thanks in advance for your generosity & help.
Faith Formation—Summer Hours.
Wednesdays from 5-7 PM starting June 8th.
May 28-29, 2016
SANCTUARY LAMP:.+Edwar d Chr zan OF wife, Helen
ALTAR CANDLE: God’s Blessings, Kim & David,
24th wedding anniversary OF Mom
TABERNACLE CANDLE: +Nor man Soja, missing
you on our wedding anniv.5/28 OF Joan
*In Memory of the Joseph & Helen Marek Family OF
Estate of Josephine M. Sowinski *+Charles Morawiec
OF Wife,*+Larry & Edward Jandzio OF Julia Jandzio,
*+Frank Oczkowski OF Wife*+Stephen Nacewicz OF
Edward Nacewicz*Good Health for John OF Km*Health
for John Jarosz OF M/M Robert Gondek*+Sadie Dubiel
(anniv) OF Mark Swire*+Trudy Halko OF Husband
*+Stephanie, Milton, Joseph Kodz; +John, Mary, Peter,
Matthew, Louis, Chester, Dorothy Trzepacz; Health &
Blessings for STM, ET; Blessings and special favors for
R S A A W OF S.T.M. *+Mrs. Audrey Groszek OF William Groszek * + Edwin +Edwina & +Susan Marie Kolano
Patricia Ann *God’s blessings and return to good health
for son, Joe OF Mom & Dad * God’s Blessings for return to
health for our son, David OF Mom & Dad *+Leona Pal OF
Husband*+Frank Swierat. Jr/+Frank+Victoria Swierat, Sr.
+Frank+Mary Zieman OF Lorraine & family*Special Intention, Lisa Gilberti OF Liz
are available in the back of the church before & after
all Masses starting Saturday, May 21st and continuing
through July 30-31. Please pick up the envelope with
your name on it. There will be a total of $2,000.00 in
prizes. We need your help for a successful Parish Festival Raffle. Thank you.
A Family Perspective: In today’s gospel, J esus teaches
we will find abundance by sharing the little we have. No
matter how little time, money or food we have, it is
enough to share.
Volunteers are unpaid not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.
Name _______________________________________
Address _____________________________________
Phone _______________________________________
Please Check:
______I am new in the Parish & wish to register.
______I wish to receive offering envelopes.
______I am unsure if registered, please check.
Please drop this form in the collection basket.
The Sacred Heart & Rosary Society
will have devotions to the Sacred Heart of
Jesus on Friday, June 3rd at 5:30 PM
in the church followed by a brief meeting
in the cow palace Members are asked to
bring a dish to pass, Contact Helen @7362780 with any questions.
$2.00, you can provide a meal for someone at HOPE
HOUSE. The boxes are at the church entrance this
weekend, May 28-29 for those who would like to contribute to the meal which we will be serving at HOPE
HOUSE on June 2nd.
HOPE HOUSE VOLUNTEERS: Please pick up the
June, July & September schedule for cooks & servers in
the back of the Church. Due to our Parish Festival, we do
not serve at Hope House the first Thursday in August.
Annual Sacred Heart/St. Mary’s Holy Name Society
Joe Wilski Memorial Golf Tournament
Sunday, June 6th at Twin Ponds Golf & Country Club.
Golf tournament is a Scramble format. Cost $85.00 per
person which includes fees, cart, lunch, hole-in-one on a
par 3 wins a new car, door prizes & steak dinner at 5 PM
Outing only $25.00 per person. Registration begins at
10:00 AM with a 12:00 shotgun start.
Deadline for golf entries, Thursday, June 2nd.
For more information, contact
Joe Wilski, Jr. @ 7356021
Fr. Mark Pasik, for mer Assistant Pastor of
Sacred Heart Parish in Utica will be
Celebrating his 40th Anniversary in the
Priesthood on Sunday, June 20th with a Mass
of Anniversary of Priesthood at 11:30 AM at St. Mark’s
Church, 440 Keyes Road, Utica. A buffet style banquet
will follow at The Roselawn Banquet House, 446 Main St
NY Mills. Cocktails (cash bar) will start at 1:30 PM followed by dinner at 2:00 PM. Reservations are available at
St. Mark’s Rectory @724-1645 Monday through Thursday
from 10 AM-2 PM. Adult tickets $20., children under
International Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima
Will be visiting St. Anthony/St. Agnes Church (1500
Block of Bleecker St. Utica) on Saturday May 28th from
10AM-6PM. Please join us for an extraordinary day of
graces, healing & prayer to Our Lady., The day will include History of Apparitions, Rosary, Novena Prayers,
Veneration of the Status & a Vigil Mass @ 4 PM by Fr.
Mark Kaminski. For more info call 315-732-1177.
Saturday, May 28th –4:00 PM
+Larry Jandzio OF Mother
+Stella Lipka OF Diane & Ronald Blatt
+John Sepanski OF Ed Ezick
+Felix Jankiewicz Family OF Dorothy Vitkowski
13th Anniversary Blessings Fr. Arthur OF LG
Sunday, May 29th—Corpus Christi Sunday
7:30 AM + Par ishioner s of Sacr ed Hear t/St. Mar y’s
9:00 AM +Congr atulations to Fr . Ar thur on his 13th
Anniversary OF All your Parishioners
+Joseph Ziegler OF Krystyna Lizak
+Jennie Nellie Maziarz OF Mike & Marie Babula
10:00 AM +J ohn Piekielniak OF Sophie Puchalski
+Frank +Genowefa Kropiewnicki OF Kids
+Stefan, +Daniel,+ Julia, +Frank Bartoszek i +Wojciech
Badocha OF Sophie & Joseph Bartoszek
+Jennie N. Maziarz OF Carol McCoy
+Stella Lipka OF Stanley & Maryanna Jadwizyc
Monday, May 30th- NO MASS
Tuesday, May 31st—12:10
Blessings for Fr. Arthur Krawczenko on his 13th anniv.
Of Ordination OF Sr. Therese Marie Kodz
Blessings for Fr. Krawczenko OF Peggy
Wednesday, June 1st—12:10
+Ellen Nichols (anniv) OF Husband and Sons
+Walter & Stella Marcinkiewicz OF Family
+Pawel Bochenek OF Great Grandchildren
Thursday, June 2nd -12:10
+Arlene Baur OF J. D. Mendrick
+Joseph Ziegler OF Bible Study
Sacrament of Reconciliation after 12:10 Mass
Friday, June 3rd—12:10 - First Friday
Sacred Heart Rosary Society
+Ernest+Pauline Urban OF Joe & Pat Urban & family
+Dolores Fuller OF friends Camille & Marie
Saturday, June 4th—4:00 PM
+John Piekielniak OF Stella Oczkowski
+Stella Lipka OF Joseph & Anne Bogdan
+Arlene Baur OF Celia Fedor & teachers
+Sam Vitkowski Family OF Dorothy Vitkowski
Sunday, June 5th—10th Sunday in Ordinary Time
7:30 AM +Ralph Misiazszek OF Pat & Marilyn McGowan
+Sadie Adamczyk (btday) OF Michael & Roberta
9:00 AM+Henr ietta Szot (bday) OF Sister , Helen
+Sue Guminiak Kubala OF Pat Lehman & family
+Eva Kosidlo OF granddaughter, Joan LaRocca
+Msgr. Kantor OF Helen Grzesiak
+Alexander (Alice) Gwara OF Helen Grzesiak
10:00 AM
+Frank Flis OF Mom
11:00 AM +J ennie N.Maziar zOF J oe & Mar k Kowalczyk
+Wlodzimierz Dziedzic+Kazimierz Tobiasz OF Janina &
Ted Tobiasz’