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Spring 2015 - Marlborough District Libraries
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Clodagh’s Irish Kitchen, Clodagh Mckenna 641.59415 MCK
With Ireland’s rich culinary history, it’s understandable that
internationally recognised dishes such as Colcannon and Soda
Bread should be seen as intrinsically Irish – but there is far more to
discover about Irish cuisine. From sublimely fresh seafood to richly
flavoured meats and cheeses, the modern food scene in Ireland is
buzzing with invention and innovation.
Return : A Palestinian Memoir, Ghada Karmi
92 KAR
Describes a life trajectory that captures the story of modern Palestine in
a most unique and sensitive way. Beautifully written, it brings to the fore
the human being behind the colonized, occupied and fragmented
realities of present-day Israel and Palestine. It is an individual journey
into the heart of the occupation’s darkness, where people and not
abstract ideas, are struggling with the impossibility of leading a normal
Giftwrapped, Jane Means
745.54 MEA
Practical and inventive ideas for all occasions and celebrations. Both
an inspirational visual feast and an expert masterclass for wrapping
everything from a champagne bottle to awkward shapes using all
manner of gift boxes, fabric, paper and many wonderful decorative
Walking on Ice, Emma Stevens
z92 STE
A memoir of life and love in the Alaskan wilderness. Convinced by a
friend to try online dating, Emma is surprised to find herself
corresponding with ‘Kotzman’, the principal of a high school in the
Arctic Circle in Alaska. As the months pass and the relationship
deepens, Emma and Kotzman discover they have much in common.
This memoir tells the story of Emma’s life-changing decision to marry
her Alaskan man and leave her beloved New Zealand for a world of snow and ice, caribou
and bears and the Yup’ik Eskimo people.
Country Cop 24/7, Gavin Benney
z363.22 BEN
This book tells the story of Gavin Benney’s life as a rural policeman in
charge of the Hikurangi police district for over 20 years. It is also the
story of the Hikurangi district, its people and how it has changed in that
My Shed And How It Was Built, Donato Cinicolo
690.892 CIN
50 inspiring sheds and their owners. This book offers those who may be
thinking of building their own shed practical constructional advice and
use of materials; all of the sheds in the book have actually been built,
and are not just ideas. It contains interesting stories about the shed
owners and how they overcame problems or how they found unusual,
cheap solutions (such as the use of old printing plates for roofing). Each
shed, and its contents, gives an interesting insight into its owner's
365 Aircraft You Must Fly, Robert F. Dorr
629.133 DOR
From the Wright brothers’ glider to the classic fighters of World War II
to the latest state-of-the-art flying machines, aviation expert Robert F.
Dorr profiles many, if not all of the most important, fascinating, and
famous aircraft ever made. Even though you might not be able to climb
into the cockpits of all of these amazing aircraft, the photography,
personalized text, and specs in this book will bring you as close as you
can get without setting foot in a hangar.
Snail Mail, Michelle Mackintosh
745.5941 MAC
In a world of 140-character limits, oversharing and text-speak, are we
losing the ability to really communicate with our loved ones? Snail Mail
is here to bring back handwritten communication – and more – in one
beautifully illustrated and perfectly proper little package. Inspired by
Japanese stationary and letter-writing culture, Michelle Mackintosh reminds us of the
charm of the handwritten letter, personalised parcels and handcrafted stationery.
Shining, Abdi Aden and Robert Hillman
92 ADE
A young refugee’s incredible journey from heartbreak to home. Abdi was
a happy-go-lucky fifteen-year-old when Somalia’s vicious civil war hit
Mogadishu and his world fell apart. Separated from his family, he fled
the city with countless others, heading for Kenya. After three months in a
camp that proved to be no refuge, and desperate to find his family, he
returned to Mogadishu. His search proved fruitless and, relying on his
quick wits and the kindness of strangers, he managed to escape
Somalia, finally arriving in Melbourne. Against all odds the extraordinary boy not only
survived but thrived. Abdi’s story is one of hardship and struggle, but also of courage,
resilience and heart-warming optimism.
The Jungle Dark, Steve Strevens
959.7043 STR
On 21 July 1969, the soldiers of 3 Platoon crouched in the scrubby
Vietnamese landscape listening to the news on the radio: Neil
Armstrong had just stepped onto the moon. Moments later, Platoon
Commander Lieutenant Peter Hines stepped on a mine and the
platoon was engulfed in a maelstrom of dirt, smoke and blood. This is
the true story of Frank “Frankie” Hunt and the other soldiers of 3
Platoon, A Company, 6 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment who
became the inspiration for Redgum’s 1983 hit song I Was Only Nineteen’ – the anthem for
the veterans of the Vietnam War.
Shark Man, Riley Elliott
z597.3 ELL
Sharks – the ocean’s most feared and misunderstood predator. Why
do they attack? And what’s going wrong in their ecosystem? Surfer,
spearfisherman and marine scientist Riley Elliot is fast becoming New
Zealand’s most popular shark expert. His fascination with sharks
began at South Africa’s famous Oceans Research Great White Shark
Station, where he overcame his long-held fear of sharks and learned
how to safely free-dive with them beyond the cage. Back home in New
Zealand, Riley began a PhD in shark biology and soon unravelled
some unusual and alarming trends in our ocean ecosystem. Join Riley on his journey to
discover what lies beneath the surface.
The Last Act of Love, Cathy Rentzenbrink
617.481 REN
In the summer of 1990, Cathy's brother Matty was knocked down by a
car on the way home from a night out. It was two weeks before his
GCSE results, which turned out to be the best in his school. Sitting by
his unconscious body in hospital, holding his hand and watching his
heartbeat on the monitors, Cathy and her parents willed him to
survive. They did not know then that there are many and various fates
worse than death. This is the story of what happened to Cathy and her
brother, and the unimaginable decision that she and her parents had to make eight years
after the night that changed everything.
The Shearers, Evan McHugh
636.3 MCH
The story of Australia, told from the woolsheds. Armed with their blades,
a sense of adventure and a relentless work ethic, shearers have been a
fundamental part of Australia’s outback for centuries. From legendary
figures such as blade shearing record-holder Jack Howe and fearless
union man cum poet Julian Stuart, to today’s young guns having to
adapt to a rapidly changing industry, these rugged, resilient and proud
characters have influenced the social landscape and folklore of the
Mountain Rescue, Phillip Melchior
z363.3481 MEL
Epic tales of search and rescue in high-country New Zealand. These are
the stories behind some of New Zealand’s most dramatic search and
rescue operations in the Southern Alps and their foothills. Some are
triumphs, others tragedies, but all reveal the skill and heroism of our
volunteers – the ones who show up when good days in the mountains
go horribly wrong.
Wild Cocktails From the Midnight Apothecary, Lottie Muir
641.874 MUI. Includes over 100 recipes that all use seasonal and
foraged plants for freshness and originality. Learn how to make infusions,
syrups, bitters and liqueurs, as well as cocktails, and discover the key
techniques and equipment to help you create top-quality cocktails at
One Wild Song, Paul Heiney
910.91635 HEI
After Paul’s son, Nicholas, committed suicide at the age of 23, he decided
to rediscover his son’s voice through the medium of sailing, which
Nicholas loved, and through the poem that was his son’s legacy. He left
England in 2011 in a modest family cruiser, bound for the infamous Cape
Horn, renowned as one of the most remote and bleak parts of the world,
and the sailor’s Everest. This is a tale of adventurous seafaring, the
culmination of a lifetime’s sailing and also of a man coming to terms with the greatest loss
imaginable. Poignant, moving, funny, thought provoking and beautifully written, Paul’s
honest and open account of setting his own course through seemingly insurmountable
grief makes for a powerful and haunting story.
Grow a Little Fruit Tree, Ann Ralph
634.0442 RAL
Smaller is better. Imagine a peach tree that’s the same height as you.
And an apple tree that doesn’t require a ladder for reaching the topmost fruit. Following Ann Ralph’s timed pruning plan and simple
maintenance guidelines, you can keep ordinary fruit trees small and
manageable. Your little trees need less garden space, are easier to
care for, and offer just the right amount of fruit for most households.
Winging It, Cory Jane.
z796.333 JAN
Cory Jane has never been shy when it comes to joking about his rugby
career. Now, he has produced a very different kind of biography – one
that not only pulls back the curtain on the life and times of a World Cupwinning winger, but also charts his rise from the back streets of Naenae
to the bright lights of international rugby. Oh, don’t worry, the purists
amongst you will still learn a thing or two about the back of the bus and
the beauty of a well-defused bomb, but for those of you who enjoy the
lighter side of life, you’ll be left wondering whether Cory Jane’s mates
will ever talk to him again.
Sew-licious Little Things, Kate Haxell
646.2 HAX
35 gorgeous projects to make life more beautiful. They are all filled
with simple charm, and are inspired by zakka, a Japanese term
meaning “many things” that has come to refer to everything that
enhances your life and home. From all kinds of bags, cases for your
phone, laptop and keys, to sewing machine covers and knitting yarn
holders, there is something for everyone.
The Spetacular and Utterly True History of Tui
z663.42 GRI
This is the story of 125 years of brewing, ever since a bloke by the
name of Henry Wagstaff made the mental leap between having the
best cuppa tea he'd ever tasted, made with water from the
Mangatainoka River, to thinking he should start a brewery there,
deep in the middle of nowhere. From Henry's larrikin early days to
today, with the iconic 'Yeah, Right' billboards, the Tui girls and
people in orange shirts smashing into each other trying to catch a cricket ball, this is the
story of a company and a brew not scared to follow its own path. Tui is the beer with a
philosophy of not taking anything, especially authority, too seriously. This is also the story of
a small brand that, thanks to this philosophy, outgrew its regional roots to become a
national player in a market that does love a beer or two. Tui is, in this sense, a classic Kiwi
success story.
Maverick Mountaineer, Robert Wainwright
796.522 FIN
George Ingle Finch, mountaineer, thorn in the side of the British Alpine
establishment, scientist and World War I hero, was one of the great
characters of his age: a boy from the Australian bush who set out to
conquer the world and succeeded. Rebellious, brilliant and complex,
Finch was a natural climber who scaled all the great peaks of Europe
before attempting the biggest peak of all – Everest – as part of George
Mallory’s 1922 expedition. With the aid of two technological advances,
the use of oxygen and an early puffer jacket, he was able to reach the highest point then
ever attained by a human being – and only his decision to save the life of a companion
stopped him from making the summit.
London Society Fashion 1905-1925, Cassie Davies-Strodder
391 DAV
The wardrobe of Heather Frank. In 1926 Heather Frank packed away
her extensive wardrobe of fine clothes, bought from London’s very
best dressmakers and tailors. These treasures lay undiscovered for
the next thirty years until they were given to the V&A after her death,
laying the foundations for the Museum’s world-famous collection. This
trove of early twentieth-century fashion showcases the exquisite work
of leading London couture houses such a Lucile, Redfern and
Mascotte. It is a window into one woman’s fashionable life, through
her unique and eloquent sartorial choices.
Kereru Station, Mary Shanahan
z630 SHA
When two well-heeled sisters purchased the sprawling Kereru
Station, the property was in serious decline. Fences had
collapsed, paddocks were reverting to rabbit-infested scrub and
the once-handsome homestead was being used to store hay
and house calves. Gwen Malden and Ruth Nelson were
eccentric, artistic women but like their grandfather, they were
also savvy. In 1857, James Nelson Williams had established Kereru as one of Hawke’s
Bay’s earliest sheep runs. Enriching this history are the stories told by those who have
lived and worked on the historic station, battling wind, drought, pests and floods while
never failing to be seduced by the spectacular beauty of its landscape.
The Smallest Continent, Derek Grzelewski
z993 GRZ
Journeys through New Zealand landscapes. Writing of his journeys
through New Zealand, Derek discovers in these small islands a land very
much like a continent in the diversity of its spaces and places and the
people who live, work and play there. There are stories of stargazing in
the clear night skies of the Mackenzie Country, of flying remote mail
routes or hunting for gold in the back country. Cycle forest trails, sled with
snow dogs, or swim with dolphins: this is just a glimpse of what is here in
our country.
Poldark’s Cornwall, Winston Graham
942.37 GRA
A lavishly illustrated companion to Winston Graham's beloved Poldark
novels, reissued as the new BBC series based on the novels is first
broadcast. Graham's saga of Cornish life in the eighteenth century has
enthralled readers throughout the world for seventy years and the wild
landscapes that inspired the novels have - even today - remained
relatively unchanged. Cornwall then was a perilous world of pirates and
shipwrecks: of rugged coast and mysterious smugglers' coves, of windswept moors and
picturesque villages, and of beaches, tin mines and churches. Poldark's Cornwall is a
glorious evocation of the land of beauty, excitement, romance and imagination that Graham
loved so well.
The Tomato Basket, Jenny Linford
641.65642 LIN
A celebration of the tomato from its origins to the present day with a
stunning collection of recipes from around the world - with more than 75
deliciously different ways to prepare, eat and enjoy the tomato in all its
glorious variety.
A Dog’s Gift, Bob Drury.
636.7 DRU
A decade ago, Terry Henry joined his precocious young daughter, Kyria,
on a trip to a nursing home in order to allow its residents to play with their
family dog, a golden retriever named Riley. Terry was astounded by the
transformations that unfolded before his eyes. Witnessing these seniors
feel joy in such a deep and profound way, Terry quickly realized the
healing, therapeutic power of man’s best friend. Soon after, he and Kyria
started paws4people, a Service Dog organization that aims to pair dogs
with people with physical and intellectual disabilities, war veterans, and children in need.
Hidden Warships, Nicholas A. Veronico
940.545 VER
Sunk by enemy fire, scuttled, or run aground, the number of WWII-era
battleships, submarines, and other warships that ended their service on
the bottom of the ocean is enormous. As well as historical profiles of
the sunken wrecks, the author provides a more complete experience
with a list of preserved ships, an internet resource guide, and a
suggested reading list to continue the exploration.
Unsolved Australia, Justine Ford
364 FOR
Follow the twists and turns. Piece together the clues. Weigh the
evidence. Assess the suspects. Can you catch a killer? Australia’s most
baffling homicides and mysterious missing persons cases are uniquely
explored in Unsolved Australia, a remarkable true-crime book in which
you, the reader are invited to play armchair detective.
Hooked, Samantha X
306.472 SAM
The salacious secrets of Samantha X: Sydney’s top high-class call girl.
After a marriage breakdown, and with two kids, Samantha decided to
turn her back on a media-expert career on television and dust off her
stilettos to work at Sydney’s most famous brothel. She became one of
their most in-demand girls – not only was she making great cash, but she
was also privy to the real-life stories of her clients – irresistible to the
journalist in her. A fly-on-the-wall sexy, juicy account of what really goes
on in the brothel. But while whoring can be lucrative and fun, it also
comes with a hefty price.... can she kick her addiction to what she believes to be the best
job in the world?
Spell Craft For a Magical Year, Sarah Bartlett
133.43 BAR
Rituals and enchantment for prosperity, power and fortune. Draw upon
beneficial universal energy at any time in the year to maximize your
spell success! Using planetary, solar, and other natural influences, as
well as the ancient power of pagan holidays, goddess energy, and
traditional festive dates with this month-by-month guide to spells, rituals and
Lessons From Great Gardeners, Matthew Biggs 635 BIG
Profiles forty of these remarkable figures and explores how their work
can be used to inspire and instruct gardeners of all levels and abilities.
These gardeners are drawn from throughout history and from around the
world. With beautiful botanical illustrations and stunning photographs this
is a source of inspiration for all gardeners great and small.
Flea Market Secrets, Geraldine James
747.1 JAM
An indispensable guide to where to go and what to buy. Geraldine’s
golden rules when buying at markets are all here – from arriving early,
and knowing how to work the stalls, to training you how to spot treasures
amongst the trash. You’ll learn all the tricks of the trade, including how to
bag a bargain, unearth the hidden gems that other buyers have
dismissed as rubbish, and recognize makers’ marks.
What My Daughters Taught Me, Joseph Wakim
92 WAK
When Joseph Wakim's wife died of breast cancer in 2003, his three
daughters were only eleven, nine and four years old. Despite wellmeaning friends, family and even strangers telling him he would need
help to bring up his daughters, Joseph followed his heart and did the job
his way, trusting that he - and the girls - would know what to do. To stop
himself from succumbing to grief and taking his daughters with him,
Joseph relied on humour and honesty as they all learned to live again and
celebrate life, while honouring the memory of his beloved wife, Nadia.
Last Man Standing, Roger Moore
791.43 MOO
Tales from Tinseltown. In this fabulous collection of true stories, Roger
Moore lifts the lid on the movie business, from Hollywood to Pinewood. It
features outrageous tales from his own life and career as well as those
told to him by a host of stars and filmmakers, including Tony Curtis, Lana
Turner, Michael Caine, Bette Davis and many more. Wonderfully
entertaining, funny, and told with his characteristic wit and good humour.
Between Gods, Alison Pick
92 PIC
As a teenager, novelist and poet Alison Pick made a discovery that
changed her understanding of who she was forever. She learned that her
Pick grandparents, who had escaped from Czechoslovakia during WWII,
were Jewish, and that most of this side of the family had died in
concentration camps – a fact that her own father had kept from her and
her sister. Alison began a quest to uncover her Jewish heritage, a quest
that challenged her assumptions about faith and family. An unusual and
gripping story told with all the nuance and drama of a novel.
Save the Date, Jen Doll
392.5 DOL
The occasional mortifications of a serial wedding guest. Jen Doll
charts the course of her own perennial wedding guesthood, from the
ceremony of distant family members when she was eight to the recent
nuptials of a new boyfriend’s friends. Wedding experiences come in
as varied an assortment as the gowns at any bridal shop, and Doll
turns a keen eye to each, delivering a heartfelt exploration of
contemporary relationships. Funny, honest and affecting, Save the Date is a fresh and
spirited look at the many ways in which we connect to one another.
Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!
781.66 DUN
When Alice Cooper became the stuff of legend in the early '70s, their
shows were monuments of fun and invention. Their utterly original
performance style and look, known as Shock Rock, was swiftly copied
by countless bands. Dennis Dunaway, the bassist and co-songwriter
for the band, tells a story just as over-the-top crazy as their (in)famous
shows. As teenagers in Phoenix, Dennis Dunaway and lead singer
Vince Furnier, who would later change his name to Alice Cooper,
formed a hard-knuckles band that played prisons, cowboy bars and teen clubs. Their
journey took them from Hollywood to the ferocious Detroit music scene, along the way
adding new dimensions of rock theatre.
The Kamikaze Hunters, Will Iredale
940.544 IRE
In May 1945, with victory in Europe secured, the Second World War
was all but over. But on the other side of the world, the Allies were still
engaged in a bitter struggle to control the Pacific. And it was then that
the Japanese unleashed a terrible new form of warfare: the suicide
pilots, or kamikaze. Drawing on meticulous research and unique
personal access to the remaining survivors, Will Iredale tells the stories
of the young pilots of the British Pacific Fleet, from the early days of
the war through their initial training to life aboard carrier ships. He describes the terrifying
reality of fighting enemies who, in the cruel last summer of the war chose death rather
than risk their country.
Barbarian Days, William Finnegan
797.32 FIN
William Finnegan first started surfing as a young boy in California and
Hawaii. This is his immersive memoir of a life spent travelling the world
chasing waves. It is an old-school adventure story, a social history, and
extraordinary exploration of one man’s gradual mastering of an exacting
and little-understood art. It is a memoir of dangerous obsession and
S is For Sewing, Belle & Boo
746.4 BEL
This unique craft book of playtime projects contains ideas and
instructions for over 25 makes designed to engage a child’s
imagination. Each sewing project will transport your child to another
world where they can make-believe about being a pirate, a ballerina or
even a tiny woodland creature. Step-by-step instructions are given for
each project and templates are supplied where necessary.
Kiwi Dogs and Their People, David Darcy z636.7 DAR
In his quest to capture the bond that exists between dogs and their
owners, and distil it into the perfect shot, author-photographer David
Darcy goes trans-Tasman, traversing the length and breadth of new
Zealand, from Northland to Southland, from West Coast to Bay of Plenty.
Along the way, he meets hunting dogs, and herding dogs, search-andrescue dogs and rescued dogs, city slickers and sled dogs – there are
stories that will make you laugh and cry.
The Wild West of Louis L’Amour, Tim Champlin 813 CHA
An illustrated companion to the frontier fiction of an American icon.
Commemorates one of America’s most beloved and successful western
authors and the landscapes, characters, and violent American epoch
that he portrayed in his work. Accompanying imagery depicts the frontier
regions, towns and events featured in L’Amour’s writing, as well as the
real folks on whom his characters were based.
Sharing Puglia, Luca Lorusso & Vivienne Polak
641.5945 LOR
Puglia is the secret that Italians have kept to themselves. Nestled in the
heel of Italy, in between the blue hues of the Adriatic and Ionian seas,
Puglia’s scenery is legendary: villages perched on limestone sea cliffs,
quaint fishing towns with cobbled lanes and whitewashed houses, and
silver-green olive groves filled with gnarled, ancient trees. But the food of
Puglia is most legendary of all. Blessed with year-round sun, Puglia is a
produce paradise brimming with fruit orchards, vegetable fields, the freshest seafood and
best olive oil in all of Italy.
The Dress, Marnie Fogg
391.472 FOG
100 ideas that changed fashion forever. Every dress tells a story about
fashion history. You will discover the daring inventions and the wideranging influence behind each dress, as well as the provenance of an
idea from its historical roots to its contemporary re-imaging. At the
same time, the book provides an overview of fashion history within its
social and cultural contexts, including fashion concepts prompted by
artistic movements of the day.
Just to Let You Know I’m Still Alive, Glenn Reddiex z940.393 RED
Takes the reader on a journey into the colourful world of the picture
postcard during World War One when the form of communicating was
to mail a postcard with a message on the reverse side to a loved one
serving on the battle fields of Europe. They were the emails of
yesteryear, the economic way to communicate with family and friends
across the miles. When war was declared in 1914, postcards took on a
more meaningful purpose on a scale not seen before. Beyond their heart-filled personal
messages to and from the battlefront, postcards also became a patriotic and propaganda
tool. The Dominion of New Zealand was quick to rally and answer the call to serve King
and Country and it was not long before New Zealand publishers were producing original
works by New Zealand artists and photographers for the local market. They were
cherished as prized possessions for their photographs and art and became collectables in
private postcard collections. These wonderful and thought provoking postcards with their
handwritten messages give a poignant insight into the life and times in New Zealand
during the Great War.
Deer On My Doorstep, Colin Davey
z799.27 DAV
Voted one of the best ten hunting books of the twentieth century,
Halcyon have re-issued in a modern format this classic hunting tale.
Colin’s ideas of improving the quality of trophy animals were, at the
time, regarded with some scepticism and caused a minor sensation.
The first part of the book is set in the Wairarapa, and the second part
recounts his adventures in Fiordland, where he also voiced his
concern about the decreasing trophy potential of the Wapiti herd down
there. This re-issue however, still resonates with the adventures and original thinking of a
dedicated trophy hunter.
The Little Big Book For Grandfathers.
C808.88 LIT
Celebrate the magic of youth and the wisdom of age with this beautiful
book. Brimming with stories, poetry, songs, activities, and recipes and
designed with timeless illustrations by artists like Norman Rockwell and
Jessie Wilcox Smith.
Women Heroes of World War II, Kathryn J. Atwood 940.5482 ATW
Twenty-six suspense-filled stories of daring resistance from Germany,
Poland, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, and
the United States provide an inspiring reminder of women and girls’ refusal
to sit on the sidelines throughout history.
Bowhunter’s Guide to Accurate Shooting, Lon E. Lauber 799.215 LAU.
Most hunters agree that bowhunting is a low-percentage affair. It’s crucial
to choose the right equipment and set it up properly – whether compound
bow, recurve or longbow. Then, practicing good shooting form will help
you dramatically increase your odds of harvesting an animal. Bowhunter’s
Guide to Accurate Shooting contains detailed information and advice on
how to set up your rig to be the most accurate possible.
The Adventure Game, Keith Partridge
791.436 PAR
A cameraman’s tales from films at the edge. Touching the Void,
Beckoning Silence and Human Planet are just some of the films that have
taken Keith Partridge to the ends of the earth. If some astonishing location
has amazed you on TV, or if you have watched a climber, or explorer in
some outrageous position, the chances are that Keith Partridge was there
with his camera. From the caves of Papua New Guinea to the summit of
Mount Everest, no location has been too dangerous, no environment too
wild, for his daring and consummate artistry.
Wild Boys, Helena Pastor
306.8743 PAS
For too long, Helena, a mother of four boys, has allowed her eldest son
to call the shots. Even though Joey no longer lives in the family home,
she does his washing, cooks his meals, hands over money for his
groceries and spends her nights driving him around town with rap music
shaking the car. After hearing a charismatic youth worker, Bernie
Shakeshaft speak on the radio about ‘the shed’, a welding project
helping struggling teenagers get back on track, she decides to volunteer
her help. Wild Boys explores the challenge of ‘tough love’ from a mother’s perspective and
offers an insight into reconnecting teenagers with their families and communities.
How Bizarre, Simon Grigg
z781.63 FUE
A single song catapulted 26-year-old Pauly Fuemana from the mean
streets of South Auckland to global fame, and more money than he’d
ever dreamt of. But behind the huge international hit and its charismatic
singer lurked a darker story, fully told here for the first time. Throughout
most of the soaring highs and shocking lows, Simon Grigg was at
Fuemana’s side as owner of his record label and his friend, adviser and
sometime travelling companion. In this gripping book he unmasks what happens when a
precarious talent smacks up against a music industry rife with ambition, ruthlessness and
New Habits, Eleanor Stewart.
92 STE
The sequel to Kicking the Habit. When Eleanor Stewart abandoned her
vows and her life as a nun, she found herself in the middle of the
swinging sixties – and soon joined in. She pursued her career as a
midwife and the men she met with equal commitment. Troubled by her
relationship with her mother and what she saw as a growing
estrangement from her faith, she finally falls in love and settles down –
only to discover her past catching up with her, as she faces infertility.
Will the dream of a happy family evade her?
Headscarves and Hymens, Mona Eltahawy
305.42 ELT
In November 2011, Mona Eltahawy came to worldwide attention when
she was assaulted by police during the Egyptian Revolution. She
responded by writing a groundbreaking piece in Foreign Policy entitled
'Why Do They Hate Us'; 'They' being Muslim men, 'Us' being women. It
sparked huge controversy. In Headscarves and Hymens, Eltahawy
takes her argument further. Drawing on her years as a campaigner and
commentator on women's issues in the Middle East, she explains that since the Arab
Spring began, women in the Arab world have had two revolutions to undertake: one
fought with men against oppressive regimes, and another fought against an entire
political and economic system that treats women in countries from Yemen and Saudi
Arabia to Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya as second-class citizens. Eltahawy has travelled
across the Middle East and North Africa, meeting with women and listening to their
Bulls Before Breakfast, Peter N. Milligan
946.52 MIL
Part memoir and part travel guide, this book recounts Milligan's many
adventures in Pamplona, Spain. In his dozen years of visiting the Fiesta
de San Fermin, Milligan has run with the bulls over 70 times and
accumulated stories both thrilling and terrifying. Bulls Before Breakfast is
the definitive guide to Pamplona, its famed fiesta, and the surrounding
Kingdom of Navarra. It is also a memoir of two brothers running with the
bulls and exploring every corner of the city, the countryside, the
mountains, the beaches, and the famed restaurants of the Basque hinterland.
Good Muslim Boy, Osamah Sami
92 SAM
Meet Osamah Sami: a schemer, a dreamer and a madcap antihero of
spectacular proportions whose terrible life choices keep leading to
cataclysmic consequences. By the age of 13, he had survived the IranIraq war, peddled fireworks and chewing gum on the Iranian black
market, and received countless floggings from the Piety Police for trying
to hold hands with girls. And the trouble didn’t stop when he emigrated
to Australia. A hilarious and heartbreaking memoir of love, loss and
Bastards, Mary Anna King
92 KIN
Born into poverty, Mary and her older brother Jacob started out life with
parents who, in Mary’s words, ‘were great at making babies, but not so
good at holding on to them.’ After their father deserted them, and
struggling to make ends meet, they watched over the years as their
mother gave away each of their newborn sisters. Then, one day Mary
was sent away too. Moving, haunting and at times wickedly funny,
Bastards is a fascinating account of finding one’s family and oneself.
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Caitlin Doughty
363.75 DOU
From her first day at Westwind Cremation & Burial, 23 year old Caitlin
Doughty threw herself into the gruesome tasks of her curious new
profession. From caring for bodies of all shapes and sizes, picking up
corpses from the hospital morgue, sweeping ashes from the cremation
machines (sometimes onto her clothes) and learning to deal with
mourning families, Caitlin came face-to-face with the very thing we go
to great lengths to avoid thinking about – death.
Beneath the Surface, John Hargrove
599.536 HAR
Killer whales, SeaWorld, and the truth beyond Blackfish. As a senior orca
trainer for SeaWorld’s multi-billion-dollar company, John Hargrove has
had elite access to some of the most dangerous killer whales in captivity.
Having built intense relationships with these mystical creatures over two
decades, he came to doubt that their needs could ever be met in
captivity. After the horrific deaths of two trainers at SeaWorld by the
orcas, he was certain that the wildly popular programs were detrimental to the orcas and
dangerous for the trainers. Hargrove gives a heartbreaking account of the psychological
and physical damage caused by captivity. His journey is one that humanity has just
begun to take – toward the realization that the relationship between the human and
animal worlds must be radically rethought.
Lasseter’s Gold, Warren Brown
994.2 BRO
When Harold Bell Lasseter disappeared in late 1930 it could have been
the end of a mystery. Thirty-three years earlier he had staggered out of
the desert, almost dead, his pockets bulging with gold, claiming to have
found a 15 kilometre gold reef. Warren Brown vividly recreates the
drama of the search - the characters, the fights, the soaring
temperatures, the impossible terrain, the plane crash and the pistolcarrying dingo-skinner who appeared out of nowhere. A gripping story of an outback
Bound, Erica Ekrem
686.3 EKR
How beautiful and functional can a book be? That is the question that
moved professional bookbinder and graphic designer Erica Ekrem to
write this collection of over 20 vintage and leather projects with an
elegant and slightly unusual aesthetic. Ekrem also incorporates
traditional sewing techniques such as embroidery, and integrates
woodburning, beachcombing, and botanical pressing. A section on the
basics you’ll need to know is provided as a reference.
Retro Baking
641.815 RET
Retro food is back in a big way, everybody's cooking it, talking about it
and eating it, and Retro Baking gives the best selection of nostalgic
treats, both savoury and sweet. Peppered with forgotten favourites and
exciting new ideas, this fantastic new collection provides everything you
need to be inspired by the past. From Pies, Tarts and Scones to
Cupcakes, Cookies and Muffins, as well as Big Cakes, Breads, Buns, Brownies and
many more, this is packed with vintage inspiration.
All I Ever Wrote, Ronnie Barker
828.9 BAR
Showcasing the complete work of a true comic icon, All I Ever Wrote is a
laugh-out-loud collection of sketches, monologues, songs, poems and
scripts from every strand of Ronnie Barker’s long and brilliant career.
Ronnie’s clever writing, double entendres and spoonerisms will bring a
smile to your face, as you rediscover some of the twentieth century’s
finest comedy moments.
Fifty Years of Flying Fun, Rod Dean
629.13 DEA
Rod gives a clear and largely humourous, insight into his fifty years of
operation of a cross section of piston and jet engine vintage aircraft, all
flown since his first solo on 19th March 1963. This is not just a book for
the aviation enthusiast, but for anyone wanting to learn about any
aspect of flying history through the memoir of a man who lived through it
In the Skin of a Jihadist, Anna Erelle
956.054 ERE
Twenty-year-old "Melodie", a recent convert to Islam, meets the leader
of an ISIS brigade on Facebook. In 48 hours he has 'fallen in love' with
her, calls her every hour, urges her to marry him, join him in Syria in a
life of paradise - and join his jihad. Anna Erelle is the undercover
journalist behind "Melodie". Created to investigate the powerful
propaganda weapons of Islamic State, "Melodie" is soon sucked in by
Bilel. He shows off his jeep, his guns, his expensive watch. He boasts
about the people he has just killed. With Bilel impatient for his future
wife, "Melodie" embarks on her highly dangerous mission, which - at its ultimate stage - will
go very wrong. Enticed into this lethal online world like hundreds of other young people,
including many young British girls and boys, Erelle's harrowing and gripping investigation
helps us to understand the true face of terrorism.
Denali’s Howl, Andy Hall
796.522 HAL
The deadliest climbing disaster on America’s wildest peak. In the
summer of 1967, twelve young men set out to climb Alaska’s Mount
McKinley, known to the locals as Denali (The High One), the mountain
with the highest base-to-peak climb in the world. After a month on the
mountain, caught in the eye of a perfect storm, only five made it out
alive. This is their unforgettable story. Piecing together the first-hand
accounts of the survivors, we follow the ill-equipped and inexperienced
expedition and meet the brave, daring and often larger-than-life
characters who endured the extraordinary ordeal.
Bill O’Reilly’s Legends & Lies, David Fisher
978 FIS
The real West. All the stories you think you know, and others that will
astonish you, are here – some heroic, some brutal and bloody, all
riveting. Included are the ten legends featured in Bill O’Reilly’s
Legends and Lies docuseries – from Kit Carson to Jesse James, Wild
Bill Hickok to Doc Holliday – accompanied by two bonus chapters on
Daniel Boone, Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley. The companion volume
to the Fox News series.
The Thrifty gardener, Alys Fowler
635 FOW
Gardening is something you do, not something you buy. You don’t
have to spend money to have a great garden. Slow gardening, like
slow food, is about taking the time to savour. It’s the process, not a
sudden transformation, that matters. When you build a little, dig a bit,
plant a little, harvest often and more importantly don’t try to do it all at
once, nature will work with you. For this is gardening that won’t cost the earth.
Is This Thing On?, Abby Stokes
004.16 STO
A friendly guide to everything digital for newbies, technophobes, and
the kicking & screaming. Abby Stokes is the hand-holding expert who
knows how to teach the joys of modern technology to anyone who
didn’t grow up using a keyboard or mouse. You’ll learn how to shop for
a computer or tablet that’s just right for you, how to choose a
smartphone and participate in social media like Facebook, Twitter,
Pinterest and more importantly, how to protect your online security and what to do if
things go wrong.
Postcards From the Middle East. Chris Naylor
956 NAY
Newly marrieds Chris and Susanna Naylor set off for a new life in the
Arab world – living first in Kuwait, then Jordan, and finally Lebanon. In a
region never far from the news, they discovered their expectations – of
war, terrorism, desert sand dunes, men in white robes and veiled
women, camels and Kalashnikovs, indeed their own reasons for being
there – were to be constantly challenged. As they found out, the reality
bore little resemblance to their pre-conceptions. Postcards From the
Middle East is a tale of love from one family’s experiences. Their story provides a
multi-coloured window on an extraordinary and rapidly changing Arab world.
We Three Go South, Ethel Richardson
z993.99 RIC
The year is 1890 and the writer is nineteen years old when she and
her two sisters decided – on the toss of a coin – to embark on a
voyage on the S.S. Hinemoa to the Sub Antarctic Islands of New
Zealand. The poorly spelled, but enchanting account of this trip is
recorded in an illustrated diary which offers an extraordinary insight
into the lives of this trio of young adventurers who fearlessly faced the challenges of
freezing southern latitudes with little more to protect them than high spirits. They were
experienced sailors who visited most of the outlying islands of New Zealand and appeared
to have enjoyed a freedom unusual in their era. This enchanting book was compiled by
Cynthia Cass, the great-niece of Ethel Richardson.
George Clarke’s More Amazing Spaces
728.37 CLA
George Clarke shows how amazingly unexpected small spaces can
be adapted into really practical living areas. Combining the eccentric
and the inspirational with down-to-earth guidelines and information,
his ideas will appeal not only to those dreaming of a get-away but to
everyone who wants to make the most of their space at home.
Remembering Christchurch, Alison Parr.
z993.83 PAR
Captures the human heritage that survives the devastation of the
Canterbury earthquakes. In evocative interviews, older citizens share
their precious memories, bringing Christchurch back to life – from
familiar streets, shops and churches to pubs, tearooms and dance
halls; from movie theatres and pie carts in the Square to milkshakes
at the Dainty Inn. Woven through these stories, a social history of
Christchurch emerges, exposing shifting attitudes to class, race,
religion, sex and the place of women.
Nadia Lim’s Fresh Start Cookbook
z641.563 LIM
Specially developed recipes and meal plans suited to anyone
wanting to lose weight, or just adopt healthier eating habits; caloriecontrolled recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, treats and snacks;
each recipe is accompanied by a full nutritional analysis and
features three levels of exercise plans to accompany meal plans.
Team Dog, Mike Ritland
636.7 RIT
How to train your dog the Navy Seal way. As a SEAL team member and
as a trainer of military working dogs, Mike Ritland has spent nearly his
entire life in an environment that exemplifies the best of human and
canine attributes. He has combined his love of dogs with his SEAL
experience to create one of the most successful canine programs in the
country. Mike uses his background as trainer and breeder to teach you
how to train your pet at home. He offers a unique perspective to dog training that has
proven as useful in the backyard as it has on the battlefield.
Travel With Children
910.202 TRA
Family-friendly travel without the fuss. From visiting Santa’s home in
Lapland to spotting penguins in Patagonia or touring temples in Laos,
this book makes family travel easier. Our team of parent-authors
provides ideas and advice for every aspect of travelling with junior
adventurers, giving parents the tools and the confidence to plan the trip
of a lifetime in more than 80 countries around the world.
Conquistador Puzzle Trail, Winston Cowie
z993.01 COW
Sixteenth century maps of New Zealand and Australia; shipwrecks
on New Zealand and Australian coasts; oral folklore of white
voyagers coming ashore wearing armour; their massacre by local
Maori and Aborigines; cannon, helmets, a ship’s bell, ruins, stone
crosses and other enigmatic artefacts found in the vicinity centuries
later.....did the Portuguese and Spanish conquistadors discover New Zealand and
Australia? Join Winston Cowie on his fascinating quest to solve the ‘Conquistador
Puzzle,’ a nearly 500-year-old enigma that will change the way New Zealanders and
Australians view their history.
William & Catherine’s New Royal Family, Ian Lloyd
923.142 WIL Celebrating the arrival of Princess Charlotte. A look at
the lead up to this event and the arrival of their second baby. Stunning
photographs record the couple’s lives, the courtship, careers and
engagement, and the wedding that was watched by two billion people
worldwide. We take a glimpse at George’s first two years, his
christening and his first royal tour to Australia and New Zealand, his first steps and first
birthday. Finally we celebrate the arrival of his much-awaited sibling, Princess Charlotte.