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Winnipeg Transit Guide
Winnipeg Transit Bus
Transit Fares
Transit fare increases in effect January 1, 2016
Annual changes reflect inflationary increases
Winnipeg, MB – The public is advised
that new Transit and Handi-Transit fares take effect on January 1, 2016. Transit
fares are increased annually based on inflation rates to fund operations.
Full and Handi-Transit cash fares will be $2.65. Reduced and Senior cash fares will be
$2.15. New rates for tickets and passes will also be in effect January 1.
Current transit fares are in effect until December 31, 2015 and 2015 bus tickets (plus
applicable cash difference) will be accepted until March 31, 2016.
2016 Fare Summary*
Full Fare
Max 5 Pass
Monthly Pass
Post-Secondary Pass
Winnipeg Transit Bus
Reduced Fare applies to:
Youths 6-16
High School Students 17-21 with GoCard (Photo ID must be shown to operator
when boarding)
Children five and under ride free when accompanied by a fare – paying adult.
Reduced (Youth) Fare
SuperPass (Mon-Sun Pass)
Monthly Pass
Monthly Pass
Passes and validated ID available at participating Post-Secondary Institutions
Pass and validated Student ID must be shown to Operator when boarding.
If you have accidentally purchased a Reduced Fare Pass instead of a Post
Secondary Pass you must take it to our 65 Garry Street office to exchange it for
the proper pass.
GoCards and Photo IDs
High school students must meet certain age and identification requirements to be
eligible for reduced fares.
High School Students
age 17 to 21 years, who attend a recognized Winnipeg High School full time must
show a Transit GoCARD Photo ID at the time they pay their fare.
Photo IDs
are available at the Fort Rouge Transit Base, B-414 Osborne Street (Monday to
Friday – 8:30am to 4:30pm). Proof of age is required and GoCARD Photo IDs.
Proof of attendance at a Winnipeg High School is also required for a Student
GoCARD Photo ID. The cost of the Photo ID is $3.10 (tax included).
Winnipeg Transit Bus
Bus Passes
Bus Passes provide many fare payment options to complement your work, recreation or
vacation schedule. With the Max 5 Pass and Superpass, you’ll save from 12% to 30%
over cash fares using your weekly pass just twice a day.
For frequent users, the convenient full fare Monthly Bus Pass saves almost 38% over
cash fares, if used just twice daily.
Using a Post Secondary Pass, qualifying Post Secondary students can take advantage
of 50% savings each month, compared to full cash fare, used twice daily.
If you’re eligible and show appropriate identification, a Reduced Fare Superpass or
Reduced Fare Monthly Pass provides great savings for children, high school students
and senior citizens.
CONDITIONS: Pass must be fully visible to operator when boarding; for use on Regular
Service only for dates indicated; transfers will not be issued; non-replaceable for any
reason; subject to transit regulations; fraudulent use is a criminal offence; must be
returned upon request.
Bus Tickets
Bus Tickets are a great value and offer convenience and savings. Tickets are sold in
sheets of 5 or 10 and are available at over 150 retail outlets throughout Winnipeg. For
information on specific locations, refer to the list of bus pass and ticket outlet locations
A “power hour” transfer takes you wherever you want to go by transit for approximately
60 minutes! It is free with your cash or ticket fare. You can make stopovers along the
way or even return trips on one fare as long as you ride within the time limit shown on
your transfer. If you’re unsure of the expiry time, ask your driver. Then ride all you want
until the time expires!
A transfer must be requested when you pay your fare and can only be used by the
person to whom it was issued. Transfers are valid on any regular bus route on the date
of issue and allow travel in any direction, including return trips on the same route, until
the expiry time shown.
For more details, call 311.
Winnipeg Transit Bus
Winnipeg Transit Bus
Winnipeg Transit Bus
How to use the Winnipeg Transit Website
Navigo – Trip Planner
Click on Trip Planner Navigo.
Winnipeg Transit Bus
This screen will appear.
Key in your address and click on the submit button.
Winnipeg Transit Bus
Now enter the place or address of where you are going. And click the Submit button.
Enter the time you wish to leave. Or you can hit the “leave right away” link. Press the
submit button.
Winnipeg Transit Bus
The directions are shown how to get to where you are going. This particular trip has 5
Click on these tabs and it will show you the different ways to get there. The map also
gives you a visual of where you are travelling.
Winnipeg Transit Bus
If you would like to find a timetable for a particular bus route, this where you will go.
Click the “Timetables” menu on the left hand side.
Key in the route you would like to take or the cross street. The map will show you the bus
route. Pick your schedule type and hit submit.
Winnipeg Transit Bus
Select the route direction. And click submit.
It will show you all the stops and the times the bus will be there. Scroll along the bottom
to view more information.