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School Edition - River Valley Local Schools
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From Mr. Shade
ProgressBook Update
VNS Update
Music Boosters
Heritage Update
Elementary News
Liberty Update
Middle School Update
High School Update
Liberty custodians Jack Stidam and Jim McIntire
Heritage custodians Tom Shirk and Jay Ulsh
The RV custodial staff is hard at work with their normal summer duties of preparing the buildings for next school year.
They are stripping and waxing floors, painting some areas, continuing gym floor maintenance, tiling at Liberty, and repairing doors, and lights. Our outdoor grounds crew keeps busy with mowing and weed control. Our rotation with blacktop seal
at all locations continues.
Energy savings are a priority in all the buildings. The Sabo Limbach Company is working to make our buildings more
energy efficient. Also, we will have a paper towel change at the elementary buildings, bringing a substantial savings to our
Thank you to all of our hard-working custodians!
HS custodians Claude Allen, Curt Higgins, and Gary Vance
MS custodians Terri Roberts (front), Darin Haas,
and Marty Schwartz (background)
The River Valley Local School District serves over 2,000 students in Marion and Morrow counties. The River Valley community includes the villages of Waldo, Claridon,
Caledonia, and Martel. Formed in 1962, the River Valley Local School District has a
proud tradition of academic achievement. With the construction of completely new
facilities for kindergarten through high school in 2003, the River Valley Local School
District looks forward to continuing its tradition well into the twenty-first century.
A Message from the Superintendent
On behalf of the River Valley
Board of Education, administration, and staff, we hope that you
and your family have been enjoying a safe and pleasant summer.
We are looking forward to the start
of another exciting year at River
Valley Local Schools, our 48th year
as a district.
It has been a very fast paced and busy summer.
We have been preparing for another school year
by cleaning the buildings, inspecting buses, and
sprucing up the school grounds, as well as ordering supplies and hiring staff.
Education has even continued in the summer
with Summer SACC, the Right Track Kindergarten Readiness Program, Summer Success Intervention Programs for grades 1 through 5, Camp
Invention, etc.
We will start the school year with new science
textbooks in grades K–5 and 9-12 and will conduct an instructional materials study for social
studies for 2010-11. We will be able to continue
our SACC program before and after school as
well as our breakfast program at all buildings.
We will also be launching a new PSEO program
and partnership with Marion Technical College
that will allow MTC instructors to teach courses
at River Valley High School during the day, and
students who successfully complete the classes
will earn both high school and college credit.
While we are excited and look forward to the
start of a great school year, there will be significant challenges, and from an economic and
budgetary standpoint, probably some of the most
significant challenges we have faced as a school
district since our inception. We all know of the
downturn in the economy and the tough economic times in Marion county, regionally, statewide, nationally and for that matter worldwide.
We are, and should be, extremely proud of our
accomplishments academically, athletically, and
musically at River Valley. Last year River Valley
Local School District for the first time ever
achieved the district rating of Excellent. The
Ohio Department of Education has only released
preliminary report card results as of this writing.
Based on that preliminary data, it would appear
that River Valley will be rated Continuous Improvement, even though we have sufficient indicators (22 out of 30) to be Effective. This is because we did not meet AYP (Annual Yearly Progress) for special education and economically
disadvantaged. It is still possible that this final
rating will change in August when Value Added
Data adjusts our status.
At this point, the ratings would be as follows:
River Valley School District
Continuous Improvement
Middle School
High School
If this holds, it underscores the point that we
never want to sit on our laurels and that we have
real challenges ahead in restoring the district’s
Excellent rating and improving instruction and
academic success for each student.
Our schools belong to our community and I
hope that you will choose to become a part of
our students’ success. We also want to know how
we can better serve our students, parents, and
community. As we move through the new year
together, we hope the communication between
school and community will enable us to have a
strong partnership for our students. Please help
us assure that River Valley Schools is the best
We look forward to the return of our students
on August 20th.
Thomas G. Shade. Superintendent
ProgressBook Accounts to be Reset
is the online
gradebook system that River
Valley uses to
allow our parents
and students to track their academic progess. Grades
6-12 will be using ProgressBook again this year.
Middle school and high school teachers will be posting grades to ProgressBook on a weekly basis. Assignment and grade reporting will be done differently
for grades K-5 due to the use of standards-based report cards and weekly reporting at the building level.
In order to continue to protect the privacy of our
students and to clean up our ProgressBook account
databases we will be resetting ALL parent and student
accounts prior to the start of the school year. New
usernames and passwords will be available for pick
up at most open houses and orientations. Those not
picked up will be mailed home shortly after the start
of the school year.
Viking Notification System (VNS)
Last year, River Valley initiated an emergency call
system that we refer to as our Viking Notification
System or VNS. This system makes use of the primary contact phone numbers that are stored in our
student information system. VNS has many useful
features and we will phase more of these features in
this year.
VNS is used to contact our families when emergencies arise and to announce school delays, cancellations, and other important information as deemed
necessary by our school administrators.
It is very important that your personal contact information for your children is correct in our system
for numerous reasons. If you have recently changed
phone numbers, addresses or email addresses, please
be sure to touch base with your school secretary and
ask them to up.
Become a Sponsor of the River Valley School District Music Programs!
The River Valley Music Boosters needs your help in promoting music programs at all grade levels. If
you would like to support our fine music programs, please fill out and return the sponsorship information
below. The music boosters would like to show their gratitude for your generosity by publishing your
name in upcoming music programs.
Donation Level ( check one):
$250 - $499
$100 - $249
Please make checks payable to the River Valley Music Boosters and send to:
River Valley Music Boosters
c/o River Valley High School
4280 Marion Mount. Gilead Road
Caledonia, Ohio 43314
Thank you for your support!
From the Principal........Craig Lautenschleger
We are excited to start the 2009-2010 school year! The custodians have been
hard at work shining the floors, scrubbing the walls, and preparing the building
for our student’s return. Mr. Shirk, our head custodian, and Jay Ulsh, our evening custodian, both deserve a big thanks for all of their work. When you see
them in the building, please make sure you thank them for a job well done! Let
me also say thank you to Darlene Kaiser, building secretary, for all of her behindthe-scenes work in getting ready for our Back to School Days event in early
August. Teachers are putting away their flip-flops and beach towels and preparing fun and exciting lessons for students to learn!
Let me formally wish all of you a wonderful start to our school year and thank you for the opportunity to work
with your child. As a reminder, your comments and suggestions are very important to me. Please feel free to stop
by and discuss school issues with me.
Heritage and Liberty Elementary Schools Combined Announcements
Healthy Birthday Treats Please!
As elementary students are busy at work during the day, it is a
common practice for birthday treats to be shared during lunch
time. We would like to suggest students fill up on “brain food”
that provides lasting energy. Raisins, apple wedges, string cheese,
crackers, yogurt, cereal, popcorn, and pretzels are but a few of many healthy snacks. We would kindly ask that
you refrain from bringing in snacks made from peanut products due to our students who have peanut allergies.
Thank you for your understanding and help in this matter!
Trade in the Flip Flops For Tennis Shoes!
We know it is difficult, but we would like to remind everyone about the proper student attire
for school. Please do not send your children to school in flip-flops or floppy sandals without
straps on the back of their heels. These shoes can easily come off while your child is playing
on the playground and can become a very unsafe experience quickly. Likewise, low-cut tops,
see-through clothing, tank tops, and spaghetti straps and shorts or skirts shorter than the middle
of the thigh are examples of styles that are considered unacceptable for students. Shirts and tops must be long
enough to be tucked in. Teachers and principals want to work with parents and students to make sure the school is
a safe place for all!
Changes to Your Child’s End of Day Transportation Situation? Please Call the School by 1:00 p.m.
We understand that sometimes it is necessary to change your child’s end of the day transportation at the last
minute. As a courtesy to the office and your child, please contact your school’s office no later than 1:00 p.m. to
make a change.
Elementary Food Service
An elementary student lunch will continue to be priced at $2.25. The cost of a student breakfast will
be $1.25, and the price of extra milk will be $0.50. An adult lunch will cost $2.75 and adult breakfast
will be $1.50. If you feel you qualify for free or reduced prices, please go to your school office or Back
To School Day in order to fill out and submit your information.
Viking Notification System
River Valley is now in the second year of using the Viking Notification System. This proactive automated system will continue to be used for notifying you of unexcused absences, school delays, cancellations, important reminders, and emergency situations. Please be sure to have your most up-to-date phone number listed as your primary number. You can submit your email address in addition to your phone number as well. Again, it is extremely important the school has your current contact information.
River Valley Schools
Standards-Based Report Card
2009-2010 UPDATE
Dear Parents:
We are excited about utilizing the standards-based report card for the second year in grades K-5. By using parent,
student, and staff feedback, teachers and administrators have been working hard to develop this pro-child tool in an
effort to better communicate to you about your child’s progress. This report card will accomplish two main things:
1. Clearly share information about your child’s progress toward Ohio Content Standards; and
2. Empower you to help your child in any areas of deficiencies.
As a reminder, the standards-based report card is a shift from a traditional report card in several ways:
There will be no traditional letter grades on your child’s report card. Student work will not have traditional letter grades or percentages. Instead, work will be corrected, marked, and may include comments along with an E, M, P, or L.
Report cards will reflect progress that your child is making on specific skills selected from the Ohio
Content Standards in each subject area.
Progress will be evaluated as the following:
E = Exceeds the grade level standard
M = Meeting the standard
P = Progressing toward the standard
L = Limited skills with the standard
VIKING CLUB HONORS – Effort Roll Acknowledgment!
At the end of each reporting period, your child will be given an EFFORT mark for each subject area. This
will inform you if your child is trying his/her best in class as well as if homework and other classroom requirements are completed on a consistent basis. As a means to outwardly motivate and reward students
for effort put forth during the reporting period, both Heritage and Liberty Elementary Schools will have an
EFFORT ROLL so students can be acknowledged for their hard work! Students who earn all 4’s in all effort
areas will achieve VICTORY status in the Viking Club of Honors and receive a VICTORY certificate at the
end of each reporting period. Students who earn 3’s or higher in all effort areas will earn SUCCESS status
in the Viking Club of Honors and will receive a SUCCESS certificate at the end of each reporting period.
A personal growth/social development and work habit category will be available to inform you on the
progress your child is making in these life skills. These marks will figure into the EFFORT ROLL as
well as special area effort marks.
Progress Book will not be used for grades K-5. River Valley is investigating new ways to communicate
grades via the web for parents with the standards-based approach. Thank you for your patience.
Copies of the K-5 report cards and grading criteria are available at and select
Thank you for your support, feedback, and patience.
The River Valley Elementary Teachers and Administrators
Heritage and Liberty Important Dates
August 13
Back to School Days!
9-12 a.m. and 5-8 p.m.
August 19
Open House
K-2: 5:30-6:15 p.m.
3-5: 6:30-7:15 p.m.
Specialists: 6:00-6:45 p.m.
August 20
1st Day of School
Kindergarten Gentle Start for
August 25
All Kindergarten First Day!
August 21
Kindergarten Gentle Start for
September 7
Labor Day – No School
August 24
Kindergarten Gentle Start for
September 8
PTO Meeting 7 p.m.
From the Principal.......Mr. Jonathan Langhals
Dear Parents, Students, and Community,
Welcome back! The 2009-2010 school year is here! The Liberty Elementary staff and I hope
you had a fun, educational, and relaxing summer break. We are looking forward to another wonderful year of academic achievements and social and emotional growth.
The custodians of Liberty Elementary are Jack Stidam and Jim McIntire. They have been working hard to get the building ready for our students. It is amazing what they accomplish in a few
short months. The “Summer To Do” list is too long to write entirely. Here is a tiny taste of what
the custodians do during the summer months:
-Sanitize approximately 500 desks and chairs
-Strip and wax floors
-Shampoo carpets
-Disinfect and thoroughly clean approximately 33 rooms
-Clean over 100 light fixtures and change out inadequate light bulbs
Below are some friendly reminders along with some new information as well. For additional information concerning the 2009-2010 school year,
please visit the Liberty Elementary web site which can be
accessed from the River Valley district homepage.
Liberty Elementary Office Hours
See you soon!
June 15th – August 5th - Office Closed
August 6th – August 14th - 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
August 17th - May 2010 - 8:15 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.
Liberty Elementary Back To School Day
On August 13th, Liberty Elementary will have their Back To School Day for students and parents to learn more
about the 2009-2010 school year.
Parents will be able to:
*Find out which teacher their child will have
*Update or confirm student / personal /contact / emergency information
*Pay their child’s student fees ($30 per child)
*Know which bus their child will ride
*Find out what supplies their child will need for the upcoming school year
*View and order River Valley clothing from Rivers Edge Embroidery & Screenprinting
The Back to School Day will be located in the Liberty cafeteria from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon and 5:00 p.m. to
8:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 13th. Please do not bring student supplies to be dropped off in a child’s classroom
at this time since teachers will be busy preparing their rooms. Please bring student supplies at the Liberty Open
House or on the first day of school.
The Liberty News
To save money and still make information easily accessible to parents, the Liberty News
(school office newsletter) will no longer be sent home on a monthly basis. All information will
be available on the Liberty Elementary web site which can be accessed from the River Valley
homepage. The breakfast & lunch menus will still be sent home via paper with your child on a
monthly basis so they can be placed on your refrigerator.
From the Principal ......... Mr. Donald W. Gliebe
As the summer goes by, I hope that each of you can take advantage of the weather, travel, family
time, and most importantly rest, because soon you will hear the question “How was your summer?” which only means one thing. We are back to school. From the building perspective, the
hallways are quiet and lonely and are anxiously waiting for the return of the hustle and bustle of
our 6th-8th graders.
Our open house will be during the evening of August 18th, and will be very similar to last year’s
event. To alleviate some of the first-day, back-to-school stresses, we have set aside extra time for
each grade level to take care of a few of the beginning-of-a-school-year tasks. In the middle
school commons area, we will have several stations set up so that you can, with one visit, put money into your
child’s lunch account, pay your child’s school fees ($25.00), sign up for our Parent/School Support Group
(PSSG), receive your ProgressBook sign-in information, complete the internet usage form, get involved with the
athletic boosters, sign field trip/ photo release forms, receive
your child’s 2009 OAT scores, meet your teachers, and most
importantly Lifetouch Photography will be here to take fall pictures. The picture retakes will not take place until October. The
grade level times for the open house are as follows: sixth grade
will meet in the middle school gym at 5:00, seventh grade will
meet in the gym at 6:30, and the eighth grade will meet in the
gym at 8:00. Please mark this date on your schedules and we
will see you there!
Web Site
As we focus more on strengthening our communication with our families our website is constantly evolving
into a better tool for students, staff, and parents to stay in touch with current information. There are daily,
weekly, and monthly updates put on the site not to mention the year’s calendar, athletic updates, contact information, and educational links to other resources. Please stay in touch with us at
Custodial News – BEHIND THE SCENES!!
During the summer months our custodial staff takes advantage of the empty building by
completing several maintenance tasks to keep our building safe and comfortable for the upcoming school year. Here is a condensed list of what is completed during the summer
months while we are away. They clean every chair (over 600), desk, table, and locker. They
enter each classroom (25) clear the furniture, scrub the carpet, clean the air ducts, wash/paint
the walls, clean the boards, wash the windows, clean the counters, and repair any equipment
that may be failing prior to the next school year. When each of the academic classrooms are
completed the custodians enter the academic hallways where they clean the ceiling tiles and
air ducts, the entry ways, doors, and lights. They then strip, clean and scrub the academic
floors readying them for three coats of wax that must last the entire year. From here, their
efforts involve the discovery hallway where they follow suit with the same process. When all walls have been
scrubbed, floors waxed, and rooms set for the next school year, it is on to the main office and kitchen areas
where all carpets are scrubbed, grout is cleaned, windows are washed, counters are cleaned, and air handlers are
maintained. When all is completed, attention is focused on the heating and cooling systems as well as all fire
alarms and sprinklers.
Knowing all of this, as you enter our building on August 18 for the first time after summer break and simply
think “WOW how nice!”, you will understand what detailed work has gone into this building while you were
Back to School - School Supply Lists
With the start of school only weeks away make sure that you check out the front page of our web site for the
most current list of school supplies for each grade level. If it is more convenient, please stop by our main office
for copies or answers to any questions that you might have.
From the Principal........ Mr. Dave Coleman
It seems like we just graduated the class of 2009
and it is already time to begin the 2009-2010
school year. We have new student registration on
August 12th beginning at 8:00 a.m., ninth grade
orientation August 13th at 11:00 a.m. and 6:00
p.m., new staff meeting on August 17th, teacher’s in-service on August 18th and 19th, and the first
day of school is August 20th. Open house will be held at 7:00 p.m. on August 20th. The high
school office will re-open August 3rd from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The office phone number is
(740) 725-5800. Guidance counselors will be available beginning August 10th.
I would like to acknowledge high school custodians Gary Vance, Curt Higgins and Claude Allen who have
worked very hard this summer to prepare the building for another school year. Also, Rick Weir painted walls in
the stairways. Gary Collins and his summer grounds crew of Becky Price, Jennifer Watkins, and Josh Dietsch did
a great job preparing the landscaping and keeping the lawn mowed.
Enjoy what is left of your summer and I look forward to seeing you August 20th!!!
From the Assistant Principal........Mr. Chad Redmon
River Valley High School is cracking down on the use of electronic devices. Students will not be
allowed to carry tape recorders, radios, CD players, electronic beepers/pagers, cell phones,
iPods, or cameras in the hallways, classrooms, or lunchroom during the school day from 7:50 p.m.
-2:50 p.m. Text messaging and the overall use of cell phones, including text messaging, is a major
portion of our electronic device violations in the classroom and hallways. Electronic technology
is a great tool in preparing students for future life but these devices must be used appropriately.
Using such devices during instructional time is a distraction and can prohibit the educational
process. Loss of attention due to cell phone ringing or vibrating is the biggest complaint from students and teachers. Cheating can also be an issue because students can text answers or even pictures of tests, class work, or quizzes. The school is not opposed to electronic devices and understands the value and importance of such tools, particularly for emergency situations and
after school activities. In the event of an emergency, please do not attempt to contact your student on a cell phone during the school day. Please contact the high school main office (740725-5800) and a message will be delivered to your child. Below is the actual discipline progression for RVHS for this school year in regard to electronic device usage.
First Offense: Device will be confiscated for the day and a detention will be assigned.
Second Offense: Device will be confiscated for the day and a Saturday School will be assigned
(Parent must pick-up the device).
Third Offense:
Device will be confiscated for 30 calendar days and 2 days Alternative Learning Center will be
Fourth Offense: Device will be confiscated for 30 calendar days and 3 days Alternative Learning Center will be
Fifth Offense: Device will be confiscated for 30 calendar days and 4 days Alternative Learning Center will be
Sixth Offense: Device will be confiscated for 30 calendar days and 5 days Out-of-School Suspension will be as
State Champion!
In June, at the Ohio High School Athletic Association's State Championships, RV senior,
Zach Lathrop, won the 800 Meter Run in 1:51.44 to become our new STATE CHAMPION.
Zach had an outstanding track, cross country, and wrestling career at River Valley. He will
continue his education while running for Tiffin University in the fall. We congratulate Zach
and want him to know how proud the River Valley community is of him. Zach's parents are
Rick and Melissa (Lewis) Lathrop.
RVHS Freshmen Orientation
Thursday, August 13th
11:00 a.m. or 6:00 p.m.
All freshmen should plan to attend RVHS Freshmen / New Student Orientation. Sessions will begin at 11:00
a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and students may attend at the time that is most convenient for them or their parent(s).
Freshmen will receive a final schedule, find their locker, tour the high school building to locate their classrooms,
and learn more about the transition from middle school to high school.
It is important for freshmen to attend this meeting!
Attention new students to River Valley High School!
The River Valley High School guidance department will be holding new student registration
for any student who has recently moved in to the River Valley School District or any student
planning to attend River Valley High School and has not yet registered for school. Parents and
students should enroll on Wednesday, August 12, 2009 at 8:00 a.m. in the RVHS commons.
Counselors will be available to help plan your schedule and answer any questions you may
have. Please be sure to bring the following information with you:
• birth certificate
• social security number
• immunization records
• proof of residency
• custody papers ( if applicable)
• notification of open enrollment acceptance ( if applicable)
• previous school’s transcript
• Freshmen need to bring last year’s final grade card.
Please attend this important meeting if you need to enroll for this coming school year.
School begins on August 20th.
River Valley
Administration Office
Heritage Elementary School
Liberty Elementary School
August 13, 2009
RVHS Freshmen Orientation
August 13, 2009
Back to School Day
Heritage and Liberty
August 18, 2009
RVMS Open House
River Valley Middle School
August 19, 2009
Open House
Heritage and Liberty
River Valley High School
River Valley Bus Garage
August 12, 2009
RVHS New Student Orientation
The River Valley Board of Education
usually meets at 5:30 p.m. on the
second Wednesday of the month in the
RVHS Library/Media Center.
President - Robert S. Haas
Vice President – Karen S. McCleary
Kenneth Stiverson
Jerry Call
Daryl R. Gates
River Valley Local Schools
August 20, 2009
First Day of School
Grades 1-12
August 20, 2009
RVHS Open House
August 20,21, and 24, 2009
Kindergarten Gentle Start
U.S. Postage
197 Brocklesby Road
Caledonia, Ohio 43314
Marion, OH
Permit #115

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