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argentina chile france
Valle de la Puerta [ARGENTINA]
Valle de la Puerta was established in 1994 and it started the olive, stone fruits and wine grape
plantations in the same year. These plantations now cover 350 hectares. 200 ha. Devoted to
olives, 35 ha. to stone fruit and 115 ha. to wine grapes. The property is located in Famatina
Valley, La Rioja, Argentina; approximately 1,200 kms. from Buenos Aires by road.
Santa Helena [CHILE]
Today Santa Helena is one of the largest wineries in the Colchagua Valley, a valley renowned
for its outstanding weather and soil related features which lend to the cultivation of red grape
varieties, such as Cabernet and Merlot, as well as emerging varieties such as Syrah and
Willy Gisselbrecht [FRANCE | Alsace]
Since the 17th century, the Willy Gisselbrecht family has been preserving the ancient Alsatian
wine-growing traditions.
Bordeaux Millesimes [FRANCE | Bordeaux]
Bordeaux Millesimes is the export branch of the Duclot Group, founded in 1886 and managed
by jean Moueix. The Duclot Group is among the main actors of the Grand Crus Classes market
in Bordeaux.
Dubos [FRANCE | Bordeaux]
Founded in 1785, Dubos Freres stands as one of the oldest negociants in Bordeaux.
Specializing in Crus Classes, important stock of various vintages of Grand Crus, and selected
chateaux Dubos is known for its quality of distribution and strength of credit.
Ginestet [FRANCE | Bordeaux]
Starting out as a wine trading merchant, Ginestet rapidly became the owner of renowned
vineyards and Chateaux. In just a few decades, this twin calling has gained them uncontested
notoriety in France and abroad.
Salin [FRANCE | Bordeaux]
Founded in 1796, Salin represents the oldest negociant in Bordeaux. Currently run by the
fourth generation, Salin has always been a family owned company.
Dufouleur Père & Fils [FRANCE | Burgandy]
Vine-growers and wine merchants from father to son for over 400 years in Nuits-SaintGeorges. Wine range includes Chablis, Cote de Rhones, Cote de Beaunes, Chanlonnais,
Maconnais, Beaujolais Rhone Valley and South of France wines.
Cognac Tesseron [FRANCE | Cognac]
Founded in Cognac, Tesseron is located in the Grande and Petite Champagne districts. The
estate excels in producing Premier Cru Cognacs featuring finesse, bouquet, elegance and
Tiffon [FRANCE | Cognac]
Founded in 1875, Tiffon has long been producing top quality cognacs which are enjoyed around
the world.
Peyrat Associés & Cie [FRANCE | Cognac]
Peyrat Associés & Cie offers a wide array of outstanding products from the Cognac region of
Caves De Grenelle [FRANCE | Loire Valley]
In the Loire Valley, in the heart of Saumur Vineyards, the Caves louis de Grenelle produce
since 1859 their fine froth wines - Cremant de Loire, Saumur Brut, and Rose according to
ancenstral vinification methods.
Joseph Verdier [FRANCE | Loire Valley]
Joseph Verdier is recognized as one of the top producers in the Loire Valley, carrying on the
family reputation of excellence.
La Compagnie Rhodanienne [FRANCE | Rhone Valley]
Situated on the crossroads of the Rhone Valley, Provence and Languedoc-Rousillon, the 25
year old Compagnie Rhodanienne, based right next to the famous Pont du Gard, offers a wide
range of top wines of the region.
Marco Bonfante [ITALY | Piedmont]
Marco Bonfante carries on a deep family tradition of quality and precision in its winemaking
Dezzani [ITALY | Piedmont]
Renowned in Piedmont as one of the region’s most accomplished wine merchants, the family
has 21 hectares in the Monferrato hills. The third generation of Dezzanis also picks and
chooses from vineyards in Alba, Asti and Acqui in quest of the finest Barbera.
Il Colle [ITALY | Tuscany]
Established in 1972, the winery specializes in wine made to suit the vineyard's particular
position, soil composition, and stands out for its body. The quality together with the perfume,
delicacy and elegance conveyed to wine of the Il Colle vineyards, create a perfectly balanced
Botter [ITALY | Venice]
All the way from 1928, Carlo Botter, a wine merchant who traded in table wine for the
Venetian patrician families decided to start his own business. Today, the winery, managed by
the third generation of Carlo Botter’s descendants, exports into 35 countries the world over.
Chateau Ksara [MIDDLE EAST| Lebanon]
In the heart of the Bekaa, near Baalbeck, lies the Ksara estate so named because it was the
site of a ksar, or fortress, at the time of the Crusades. Enjoying the exception climatic,
conditions in the Bekaa, Ksara produces wines with strong personalities, achieving a rare
combination of dry fruitiness, delicacy and robustness.
Nabise [MIDDLE EAST| Lebanon]
Nabise Mont Liban possesses roughly 3 hectares of vine surface situated in the Bekaa Valley.
The soil is graveled, calcerous and clayey. Currently producing three red and one white, the
wines are composed of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Syrah.
Miret [SPAIN| Barcelona]
In the southwest of Barcelona, growing well-selected grapes that enjoy the excellent and mild
Mediterranean climate of Catalonia, top Cava cuvees are blended by Miret winemakers
Carlos Serres [SPAIN| Rioja]
From 1896, this man and his company “Carlos Serres” elevated the making of Rioja wines to
heights of perfection. As a result, the wine has been honoured with significant awards,
distinction and medals from a whole range of competitions.
Criadores de Rioja [SPAIN| Rioja]
Situated near the site of the village of Clavijo, the winery represents the joint project of men of
the soil, with a common goal: the growing, processing and aging of wines from the Iregua