Jibou - Iserlohn



Jibou - Iserlohn
The city of Jibou is part of the NorthWestern region of Romania, the Somes
Valley area
The geographical location of
Jibou, in Europe and in Romania
The Someş
Someş Valley area
Population: 50.925 locuitori Surface: 1.188,94 km2
Density: 42,83 loc./km2
Poiana Blenchii
Someş Odorhei
17 unităŃ
unităŃii administrativ - teritoriale
The Someş
Someş Valley area
SWOT analysis
Strong points
The functionality start point for the Industrial Park Jibou
Great railway transportation access and DN 1C (national road) Cluj Napoca –
Baia Mare, opened to European traffic
Important material resources for fluxes, non-ferrous minerals, the
construction materials industry
Important natural resources and antropical potential: thermal water resources
with curative potential (Bizuşa, Jibou), stock ponds, great quality agricultural
fields (The Someş riverside), etc.
An area which is well represented for the cultural tourism (wooden churches,
The Botanical Garden of Jibou), natural protected areas (Dragon’s
Garden, The Cuciulat Cave)
The Botanical Garden of Jibou has a research micro-biology center
The Someş
Someş Valley area
SWOT Analyses
Weak points
The roads infrastructure (county and city roads) is un appropriate for the
economic growth and development
The absence of strategic investors in this area
The isolation and the distance towards important urban centers
The high level of rustication and the economic inertia of the area
Reduced absorbtion capacity regarding the European funds for rural
The migration of the qualified work force towards other centers/areas/countries
The touristic potential (mountains, resorts, venatorial, rural, cultural) is hugely
The Someş
Someş Valley area
PopulaŃion: 50.925 locuitori Surface: 1.188,94 km2
Density: 42,83 loc./km2
Main sectors
1. Textiles industry
2. Food and beverages
3. Electric tools and machinery
4. Ecological agriculture
5. Forestry
6. Tourism (agro-tourism,
resort tourism, cultural
7. Other non-ferrous mineral
products’ industry
8. Research
17 unităŃ
unităŃii administrativ - teritoriale
The Someş
Someş Valley area
County roads repairings DJ 108B Surduc – Gîrbou –Cluj county border
East belt highway Jibou
Streets and pleasure spots improvements in Jibou
Improvement of DC 39 Poiana Blenchii – Gostila – Guga
Improvement of town ship roads and civic centers
Rebuilding the civic center of Jibou
Arrangement of the urban area of Jibou
Integrated management of the waste
Water/used water management in the Hydrographic Pool Someş - Tisa –
regional project :
- Water supply for the city of Jibou
- Rehabilitation and extension of the sewage channels in Jibou
The Someş
Someş Valley area
Centralized water supply, sewage and purification unit systems in: Băbeni,
CristolŃ, Gîlgău, Gîrbou, Ileanda, Letca, Lozna, Năpradea, Poiana Blenchii, Rus,
Şimişna, Zalha
Centralized water supply, sewage and purification unit systems in the
additional townships to the main pipe line for drinkable water: Bălan, Creaca,
Someş Odorhei, Surduc
Floods protection works (Şimişna, Ileanda, Poiana)
Entrepreneurial and Innovative Development Center Jibou
Entrepreneurial Center for young farmers and the development of the IMMs
“Quality services in the city hospital of Jibou” – infrastructure rehabilitation
and endowments
The Someş
Someş Valley area
Day center and alternative services for older persons Ileanda
Rehabilitation of the school infrastructure in the educational units of Jibou
Rehabilitation of the school campus of Jibou
Establishment of a school campus in the township of Rus
Rehabilitation of the school infrastructures in the rural environment
Development and rehabilitation of the townships’ health infrastructures
Rehabilitation of the civic center and of the infrastructure in Ileanda
The map of the Jibou’s City
The Botanical Garden in our city represents an attraction
for many visitors from our country and from Jibou. It was
established in 1968 under the initiative of the very
capable professor Vasile Fati. Presently, its surface is 25
ha, located within the Wesselényi complex.
The Industrial Park Jibou was established in 2004 by means
of a Phare Program, its surface is 22 ha and there are 10
companies developing their activities within this industrial
The Township of Jibou is located on street P-ta 1
decembrie 1918.no.4. Phone 0260644.558,644.713,Fax 0260-641.300,E-mail
[email protected],site primariajibou.ro
In the next pictures we will share
you owner beautiful town.This is the
CFR Station Jibou.
Energobit Srl Jibou
The Romanien
Comercial Bank
ACE Romania
The Sf.George Chourch
The Children’s Club.
Here it’s the Folk School “Somes”which is one of
the best international group folk from Romania.
• The industry:During the years some of industrial
branches developed as : woodwork,food
industry,handcraft,building industry.All these
factories have small capacities of work,but the
human power is used in its best by the
Progresul Cooperative,Cheese Factory,The
Absolut ,Clem SRL,Calion Prod etc.
• The Banks:The using of money in Jibou and the
villages that surrounded the town is deserved by
the CEC,The Romanien Comercial
Bank,Romanien Development Bank etc.
• The Transport and Telecommunications :
One the fact that Jibou is at the interferrence
of telecommunication ways the acces is
quite convenient by train or by car on the
important roads to Zalau,BaiaMare,Dej,Cluj-Napoca,Satu-Mare,Oradea.
• The agriculture and the sylviculture : The good
land from the Somes meadows and terraces
influenced the growing of food plants and also the
raise of animals.
• The economy:Throughout years Jibou had been
known as an agricultural and a handcraft
center.Before 1968 the only small factory was
“The Red Star”where they made wooden tools.
• The education and the research : Children and
all the student learn in 3 kindergartens, 2 middle
secondary schools and 1 theoretical highschool.
• The Cults : Most of people are
ortodoxes(72,22%),protestants(15,29%), greeccatholics(1,76%) roman-catolics(1,50%) and
many others.
All these places and many others represent
an invitation for you to be our guests to
see how wonderful is to live here in Jibou

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