2013 spring/summer newsletter



2013 spring/summer newsletter
Valley Industries’
Shop Talk
Board of Directors
Colleen Wolf
Don Ceresia
Vice President
Howard Nimmons
Carolyn Marty
Kim Bakker
Scott Beckett
Daniel Boyle
Hank Bruemmer
Richard Dorsey III
Steve Frank
Mary Jane Schnorf
Chief Carl Wolf (Ret.)
Review 2013
Five Star Edition
Record Breaking Turnout at the Mayors’
Shamrock Ball
Story and Pictures provided by Tim Davidson
The 6th Annual Mayors’ Shamrock Ball held on March
3 to benefit Valley Industries Sheltered Workshop
was the biggest and best ever. 468 tickets were
sold, which was an increase of 70 over last year’s
totals. Revenue was up $8,000 over 2012.
The biggest impact came from an overwhelming response from the North County business community.
More than 77 sponsors signed up for the following
donation levels: Event Sponsor - $5,000; Emerald
Sponsor - $2,500; Pot of Gold Sponsor - $1,000; Leprechaun Sponsor - $500; and
Shamrock Sponsor - $250. “The addition of Ferguson as one of the host cities may
have been a contributing factor to this increase of support. It opened the door for
other North County businesses and residents to get involved in this event which is
growing in popularity,” said Chief Carl Wolf (ret.), Shamrock Ball Event Chairman.
Executive Director
Jim Guyre
Plant Manager
Terry Crow
Marketing Director
Jerry Hart
Newsletter Staff
Linda Shaffer
Each year, Valley Industries selects two
Workers of the Year to be crowned King and Queen of the
Shamrock Ball. This year’s winners were Mike Riner and
Lynette Roberson. They were both dressed up as royalty
with capes and crown/tiara, and given the honor of cutting
the official Shamrock Ball cake. The runner-ups were Mark
Averill and Mary Beth Webb.
After accepting a beautiful plaque honoring The Delmar Gardens Family and Garden Villas North for being
an Event Sponsor, Gabe Grossberg, president and CEO, announced the company’s 50th anniversary and
its 25 years of service to the North County community. He also presented Valley Industries with an additional $2,500 donation. Mr. Paul Dietrich, past president of the Rotary Club of Florissant, received an
Event Sponsor plaque, also for his organization. In 1967, the Rotary Club of Florissant became Valley Industries’ first donor. In 2011, the Rotary Club reached an impressive bench mark of $575,000 in donations to Valley Industries over the years.
The Emerald Sponsors included Ameren Missouri and former Florissant Councilwoman Karen McKay. In
November 2011, Ameren Missouri donated a ½-acre parcel of land, valued at $60,000, to help create a
second entrance at Valley Industries for better public safety and traffic flow. McKay donated all the gift
baskets that were given away to guests as attendance prizes at this year’s event, and has been doing this
every year.
Several state, county and local elected officials were on hand to show support for Valley Industries.
Some of them included Congressman Lacy Clay’s district manager Lou Aboussie, State Senator Gina
Walsh – District 13, State Representative Margo McNeil – District 69, and St. Louis County Executive
Charlie A. Dooley. The four North County mayors who were decked out in tuxedos and top hats as program hosts were Mayor Norman McCourt of Black Jack, Mayor James Knowles, III, of Ferguson, Mayor
Tom Schneider of Florissant, and Mayor Matthew Robinson of Hazelwood.
Guests who paid $100 per ticket to attend St. Louis’ premiere “green tie” formal affair were able to walk
around and sample delicious food, hors d’oeuvres, and pastries at several food stations manned by these
restaurants and catering services: Catering You, Choices Catering, Delmar Gardens, Helfer’s Pastries &
Deli, Meyer’s Country Cottage and Irish Pub, Mattingly’s Sports Bar & Grill, Pasta House, Piccolino’s Italian
Grocer, and Yacovelli’s sponsored the bar.
They were also treated to top shelf entertainment throughout the night. Two dance groups, Clarkson
School of Irish Dance and The Clark Academy of Irish Dance, kicked off the festivities with dazzling performances. The Clark Academy dancers were the ones who auditioned at The Fox Theater for NBC-TV’s
“America’s Got Talent” last year. They were voted to go
on to the semi-finalist round in Las Vegas. Additionally,
guests danced the night away to the upbeat music of The
Bob Kuban Band. At one point, the dance floor was
packed with people doing the Electric Slide.
Other event features included a Party in the Penthouse
featuring a generous Martini bar, attendance prizes , the
Treasure Chest of Happiness
raffle prizes, as well as a grand
prize drawing of a 32” flat
screen TV donated by Garden
Villas North.
A Special Message from Garden Villas North...
Garden Villas North retirement community would like to extend their gratitude and give a HUGE “thank you”
to the North County Community for sharing over 25 years of friendship and partnership. To celebrate, Garden Villas North has reduced their monthly rates AND added a $2,500 bonus to use towards any incidental
costs such as moving expenses, additional meals, Delmar Gardens Private Services, etc. This special offer is
for a limited time for our North County neighbors. Please feel free to let your family or friends know AND, if
they choose Garden Villas North luxury retirement community, you will receive a special gift. Please call
Melissa, Lynn, or Kristen at 314-355-6100 to schedule a tour and a complimentary lunch or dinner.
Ask us about Assisted Living! We look forward to meeting you!!
2-Alarm Celebration for the Boeing Fire Truck Donation
Our friends at Boeing donated their 1982 Mack Pumper Fire Truck to Valley Industries for us to use in parades and other
events to promote the workshop and the thrift store! We appreciate all that Boeing employees do everyday to support the mission of Valley Industries! Boeing Deputy Fire Chief Michael Coleman and Boeing Deputy Director Bill Naughton presented a
ceremonial key to Valley Industries Executive Director Jim Guyre and Marketing Director Jerry Hart. Members of the Hazelwood Fire Department including Hazelwood Chief Dave Radel joined in to celebrate and properly retire Boeing’s fire truck.
Valley Industries’ 225 employees came out to welcome the new arrival and thank Boeing for their great partnership!
The Guyre Wire:
The 7th Annual Mayors’ Shamrock Ball will be held on Saturday March 8, 2014 at
Garden Villas North. Please save the date and join us for a wonderful evening of open bar,
Irish Fare, and Bob Kuban’s Brass! We really appreciate all of our sponsors, attendees,
Mayors’ Ball Committee, vendors, and every one of our workers and staff and board members who help to make it a big success year after year. The owner and staff of Garden Villas
North were gracious hosts, and have offered a special $2500 move-in special for Valley
Industries and the Mayors’ Ball attendees who would like to move into Garden Villas North detailed previously in
this newsletter. King Michael Riner and Queen Lynette Roberson represented us well! The outstanding runners
up were Mark Averill and Mary Beth Webb. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back next year for the
crowning of the king and queen. Who will that be?
I would like to send a big Thank You to the Rotary Club of Florissant for donating $10,000 to us at their
installation dinner in June. Thank you Past President Debbie Kerber! Good luck to new President Howard Nimmons! We really appreciate their 46 years of support!
A big thank you to all of our workers who have been working in our new Sheltered Workshop Enclave
Crew offsite! The crew has been going out and working out on location at customer facilities along with their
employees from time to time. You all are doing a great job and are representing Valley well. We are proud of
the work that you are doing. If your company would like more information on how an enclave crew can help
you, call Jim or Jerry at 314-731-1771.
Finally a big thank you to all of you who volunteer your time or send donations for our thrift store, make
monetary contributions to our sheltered workshop, and remember loved ones with memorial donations to Valley
Industries. Thank you, also, to our local Knights of Columbus groups & Lions Clubs for your continuing benevolence. We appreciate your kindness and your support. We could not continue to employ our 200 workers with
developmental disabilities without your generosity. A huge thank you to our valued customers of our workshop
and our thrift store. Your support of Valley Industries makes a huge difference in the lives of the workers and
the families that we serve. Thank YOU!!! ~Jim
The Tripplett Family brought in Valentines for Everyone.
St. Norbert Council donation Darrell McCormack.
Hot Dog Day, YUM!!
Our annual Hot Dog Day was held on July 3rd this year in connection with the Independence Day celebrations. Hot Dog Day is always such fun thanks to the
many volunteers and donors. Thanks Royal Vending for providing the chips and
the VIP’s for the cake for dessert and volunteering your time to serve us all lunch.
Karen Abegg
Nan Corey
Angie Corey
Ron Corey
Margie Donze
Kellee Gentry
Frank Guenther
Minnie Jackson
Kylan Jackson
Camryn Jackson
John Keiper
Becca Keiper
Mary Beth Kretschmer
Lisa Kretschmer
Mary Kuessner
Thank You
for all
your help!
In memory…
Robin Blue, one of our beloved workers, passed away this past spring in a
house fire. Robin had been employed at Valley Industries since 2006. He
was Worker of the Year the next year in 2007 and the very first King of the
Mayors’ Shamrock Ball in 2008. Robin was a very friendly person, a good
worker, loved his job, and a friend to all. He will be truly missed. We offer
our condolences to all of his friends here at Valley Industries and his dear
friends the Rushing family who became his family after the passing of his
mother 20 years ago.
We will miss Robin greatly. Rest in peace, dear friend.
Susan Moore
Jim Moore
Leesa Neiner
Juanita Newsome
Libbyanne Nguyen
Lois Raimondo
Pam Schandler
Bob Schandler
Mary Jane Schnorf
Jeanette Sicking
Matt Sicking
Anne Webb
Dorothy Webb
Workers of the Month for
December 2012
Lynn Williams and Terrance Coleman
Sponsored by Kevin Hall with Bommarito
of Hazelwood
Pictured here: Tina, Adianna, & Kevin Hall, Lynn,
Terrance, Jerry Hart, and Jim Guyre
Workers of the Month
for January 2013
Rachel Mathews and Larry Devance
Sponsored by the St. Ann Community Center
Pictured Here: Tim Younker, Cathy Younker, Larry and Rachel
Workers of the Month for February 2013
Mary Alice Dorsey and Dennis Dorsey
Sponsored by Katy Moran
in memory of Nancy Nelson
Pictured Here: Mary Elizabeth Dorsey, Rick Dorsey, Mary
Patricia Dorsey, Mary Alice, Katy, Dennis, and Jim
Worker of the Month for
March 2013
Holly Brown and Neil Landgraf
Sponsored by Nancy & Erika Fellinger in Memory of
Lowell Fellinger
Pictured Here: Sal Smith, Leon & Carolyn Clewis, Teri Wilson,
Holly, Harold, Linda Landgraf, Neil and Cathy Swengrosh
Thank you Helfer’s Pastries and Deli for the
delicious cake for each Worker of the Month!
Best of Luck to Debbie Patrick who retired after 12 years at the workshop, and also,
to Nelson Lutke who has moved to Florida with his family after 10 years with the
workshop. We wish you both happiness and contentment. You deserve it.
Thank you Bloomer’s Florist for the
lovely flowers for each
Worker of the Month!
Workers of the Month for
April 2013
Ashley Roemmich and Gary Hatt
Sponsored by Nancy & Erika Fellinger in memory of Lowell Fellinger
Pictured Here: Jim Guyre, Laura Roemmich, Ashley, Gary, Nancy, Allison, & Tim
Workers of the Month for
May 2013
Mary Miller and Donielle Moore
Sponsored by
Bill Adams, NSC Diversified CEO
Pictured Here: Nikki Moore, Bill Adams,
Don, Flavia Moore, Mary, Nancy Currinder, Martha Matter, Barbara Giles, Jim
Workers of the Month for
June 2013
Christine Gunn & Ron Adams
Sponsored by Dee Dee Homan, Candy & Court
Conkwright in memory of Carl Hamilton, Bob
Wallis, Chuck Schuler and Bill Green
Pictured Here: Teri Wilson, Lois Adams, Christine, Ron,
Margaret & Chuck Gunn, and Terry Crow
Workers of the Month for
July 2013
Donna Johnson and Dan Reuber
Sponsored by Dee Dee Homan, Candy &
Court Conkwright in memory of Carl Hamilton, Bob Wallis, Chuck Schuler and Bill Green
Pictured Here: Teri Wilson, Jim Guyre, Samantha Donovan, Debbie Patrick, Elaina Mensinger, Evan Mensinger, Dan, Diana
Mensinger, Donna, Clarence Johnson, Shantana Johnson, Donna Johnson, Cecilia, Nelson, Marty & Earl Lutke,
Court & Candy Conkwright and Dee Dee Homan.
Valley Industries
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Phone (314) 731-1771
Fax (314) 895-4471
E-mail: [email protected]
Visit our website www.valleyind.net
Our mission is to provide dignified, meaningful employment for adults with developmental disabilities, while providing outstanding quality and service to our valued
Our vision is to be the employer of choice
for people with developmental disabilities.
In order to receive Valley Industries updates
throughout the year, please visit us at
www.facebook.com/valley.industries. While
you’re there, be sure to “like” us.
Wish List Item
We are seeking a donation of or use of a gently used passenger
van for transporting our new enclave crew(s) safely to and from customers’
work sites. Please contact Jim Guyre, 314-731-1771, or e-mail
[email protected]
Make plans now for
March 8th, 2014
For more information visit mayorsshamrockball.com or check us out on Facebook.