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Beneath the Waves - ashleynoeldesigns
GPHD 140 · Time-Based Design
Professor Mario Estioko
Fall 2013
Cable Channel ID & Promo Bumper
Ashley McFarland
Create a brand logo and animated television bumper for a new cable channel
called Beneath the Waves. The logo
should function for both print and broadcast applications; it should also evoke
the essence of the channel’s programming. The final TV bumper should be a
Quicktime mov file, 20–30 seconds in
duration, that minimally adheres to the
NTSC DV standard (720x480).
Beneath the Waves is a show that airs
on Adult Swim at 12:30 am and runs
for 15 minute segments once a week on
Fridays. The show is about underwater
sea creatures but is not an informative
show. Actually the viewer will learn very
little if at all nothing after watching this
show. This show is an improv narrative
about underwater sea creatures and has
a host who is a major comedic influence
in pop culture. The host is Seth Rogen.
He comments on the activity of various 15 minute clips of underwater sea
animal activity. Like Octopus, Seahorses,
sharks, whales etc. Every episode, their
is a special guest narrator, mainly comedians. The footage of the sea creatures is
all ad-libbed. The guest narrators know
nothing about the footage and what it is
about. They can see the footage but they
don’t know if it is about seals migrating
or if it is about shark attacks. Some of
the guest narrators that will appear on
this show are Will Ferrell, Gilbert Gottfried, Tracy Morgan, Zach Galifinakis,
Norm McDonald, Steve Carrell, Ricky
Gervais, Will Arnett, Alec Baldwin,
Conan, Ben Stiller, and Ozzy Osbourn to
name a few.
This show was inspired by Check It Out
with Dr. Steve Brule with John C. Reilly
and Between Two Ferns with
Zach Galifinakis.
Age: 14-34
Gender: 80% Male. 20% Female
Race/ Ethnicity: 70% Caucasian.
15% Hispanic
10% Asian
5% miscellaneous
Income: less than $30,000 a year
Education: College students and High
school graduates. Early graduates.
25% Democrat
20% Republican
50% No party affiliation
5% other party
Geography: Live in metropolitan area
and college towns.
Religion: 60% believe in a higher power
but don’t go to church.
Marital Status: Mainly single. Large
population have a partner/ significant
other but are not married.
Entertainment: They watch Adult Swim,
other comedies, stoner movies, mainly
listen to rock and alternative music, play
video games, and are rarely outdoors.
This population of consumers are viewed
as lazy and more involved with technology than other target markets.
Shopping: Gamestop, Best Buy, Hot
Topic, JC Penny, Target, gas stations (for
energy drinks).
Transportation: Commuter cars, and
public transportation.
Occupation: Electronic gaming stores,
retail, bottom ladder occupation in their
career field, web developers, computer
programers and work in coffee shops.
For the initial storyboard concept, I
came up with three mock up variations.
From here, I chose which one worked
best for the message that I wished
to communicate.
When researchign for this bumper,
some concepts I researched were Avant
garde, surrealism, and a handmade feel. I
wanted the bumper to look like someone
snuck into a recording studio and made
a T.V show.
The T.V show is modeled after Avante Garde
influences. Color, shape and the use of unpredictability were all major influences.
All of Adult Swim’s T.V. shows have a very
strange feel to them. They are childlike and
immature. I wanted to convey that in the
T.V show.
Concept 1:The first concept that I
explored was a stage-like concept.
For this concept, the main sequence
would take place on a theatrical
stage and we would see the back of
the main viewers head. This played
on the “poorly” handmade feel for
the bumper.
Concept 2: The second concept
that I explored was more of a
Jacques Cousteau. I concepted
the bumper taking place in a
submarine where the sea creatures
do unpredictable things such as
playing video games and drinking
beer as the narrator passed them.
Concept 3: Concept 3 has the main
character watching the deep sea
footage from a T.V screen. The
viewer is watching an old tape of
a shark eating a dolphin. The main
character doesn’t know what he
is watching and finds it hillarious.
The characters enter the screen via
string and come in and off frame.
The music for the piece, The Mollusk, comes
from Ween’s 1997 album The Mollusk. The
songs strange upbeat melody reinforce the Surrealist tone that this T.V. show will have.
GPHD 140 · Time-Based Design
Professor Mario Estioko
Fall 2013