How to Remove and Install 997 Rear Bumpers


How to Remove and Install 997 Rear Bumpers
FRP Techniques
How to Remove and Install 997 Rear Bumpers
1 To begin, open the decklid and use a torx
socket to loosen the 2 mounting bolts for
each taillight. Then remove the 4 bolts
along the back edge of the bumper
2 Slide the taillight out and disconnect the
electrical connector.
3 In the far corner is a small fastener securing
a tab on the bumper to the quarter panel,
4 From underneath remove the screw that
secures the tip of the bumper to the quarter
5 You can now pull the sides of the bumper
away from the quarter panel.
6 From underneath remove the 2 screws
holding the very bottom edge of the
7 From underneath, by the muffler, remove
the 2 bolts holding the bottom center in
8 Carefully slide the rear bumper cover off
of the car.
9 Remove bumper support. Some bumpers
require that you remove the triangular
supports that fit inside the bumperettes.
Remove the bumper bar to access the rivets
that attach the supports.
10 Loosen and adjust the plastic
bumper support downward. This will
give the new bumper flanges a bit more
space to slide into.
11 If the replacement bumper has side ducts
there is reduced clearance to the inside
between the duct and the plastic support
12 Removing a small bit of the plastic
flanging will remove any interference
13 Trimming for clearance on the left side.
14 In addition to lowering the flange
mounting bracket, the small plastic ridges
can be lightly cut out to facilitate assembly.