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Leaders for Lunches - Kentucky River Area Development District
The Kentucky River
ADD will serve as an
effective leader,
networking with all
appropriate groups
and agencies, to
improve the quality
of life for the
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Leaders for Lunches
The KY River Nutrition Program held the Kentucky 2012
Leaders for Lunches campaign
during March 2012. The campaign consisted of public
officials who helped serve the
meal at the senior center or
went out on the meal delivery
route. Leaders for Lunches is
a statewide campaign designed
to raise awareness of senior
hunger and to encourage action on
the part of the local community. As
the number of older people in Kentucky grows, so grows the need for
increased attention to delivering
services to this segment of your
community. Adequate nutrition is
critical to health, functioning, quality
of life and independent living. Kentucky’s Elderly Nutrition Program
New Business
J A N U A R Y - M A R C H
provides nutritious congregate
and home-delivered meals
following the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The program also includes nutrition
screening, assessment, education and counseling to help
participants meet their health
and nutrition needs.
Coal Fields Regional Business Park
The Coal Fields Industrial Authority Board of Directors recently completed the sale
of property to FedEx, Inc. at the Coal Fields Regional Business Park in Perry County.
FedEx is currently constructing their new sorting and distribution center at this time.
When completed, they anticipating adding 30-50 additional jobs at the new facility.
KY River Aging Events
May 8— Ladderball Tournament Senior Games—Hazard
May 9—WSGS Radio Day—Hazard/Perry County Senior Citizens
May 10—Senior Games Golf Tournament—Sugar Camp Golf
Course, Jackson
May 17—Senior Games Big Day—Knott County Sportsplex
May 18-19—Silver Ribbon Restaurant Days in honor of Elder
Abuse Awareness
May 24—Community Collaboration for Children Meeting—
June 13—Aging Council Meeting—KRADD
June 21—Ombudsman Luncheon
During the January KRADD Board of
Directors Meeting AEP/Kentucky Power
presented KRADD with $5,000 to go
toward Aging Programs that are offered
in the Kentucky River Region.
Breathitt County Water District Projects
The Breathitt County Water District has received funding
from multiple agencies in order to construct the HWY 1098
- South Fork, Canoe and Houston Water Line Extensions
Project. The project encompasses all of the South Fork area,
Houston Road and Short Fork, Canoe Road and its side
roads as well as a railroad bore for Cecil Clair property and
upgrades to two pump stations in the system.
The South Fork area has been broken into two separate
phases and Phase I is currently underway. South Fork Phase I
was bid in February under two separate contracts. Contract
1 is for the water line extensions to the Swift Branch area of
HWY 1098. The contract is with G&W Construction Company, INC. from Morehead, KY. Contract 2 is with Welding,
INC of Charleston, WV and will construct a 64,000 gallon water tank to insure water pressure in the area. Both
contracts are expected to be completed by the end of
The Houston Area Water Line Extension which includes
Houston Road and Short Fork was also bid in February
and construction is under way as well. This extension is
being completed by BearTraxx Construction, LLC of
Louisa a sub-contractor of H2O Construction Company
from Pikeville, KY. This water line extension is expected
to completed by the end of June.
The engineering firm, Nesbitt Engineering, INC., expects
to bid South Fork Phase II which will begin at Swift
Branch and extend water lines to Open Fork and Press
Howard Fork in May. This project will also include the
railroad bore and pump station upgrades. The Canoe area
water line extensions is expected to be let for bid within
the next couple months.
The total project cost for all areas is currently
$4,233,000. Funding includes $2,500,000 Drinking Water
State Revolving Loan Funds, $566,000 Community Development Block Grant Funds, $675,000 Coal Severance
Funds, $485,000 Environmental Protection Agency Funds
and $7,000 local funds.
Kentucky River Elder Abuse Conference
The members of the Kentucky River Council Against Maltreatment of Elders held its 7th Annual Elder Abuse
Awareness Conference for Professionals on March 21st, 2012 at Hazard Community & Technical College. The
goal of this training was to educate professionals on elder abuse as well as increase community awareness and individual knowledge of issues surrounding elder abuse and the aging population. This year there were 220 individuals present from across the region and state for this training. During the training the council presented their annual elder abuse awareness awards for individuals who were nominated to have went above a beyond in their
field. The recipients this year were:
Sheila Cornett, Lee Co Care and Rehab received the Elder Abuse Awareness Award for a nursing home staff
Sheriff Danny Webb and Deputy Eugene Slone, of
the Letcher Co Sheriff Department, received the
law enforcement Elder Abuse Awareness Award.
Adam Abbott, Hazard High School was presented
with the Elder Abuse Awareness Volunteer in
Elder Abuse Award.
Benny Fleming, Cabinet for Health & Family Services, Eastern Mountain Service Region received
the Social Work Elder Abuse Awareness Award.
Sara Brandenburg, Case Manager at KRADD, received the Case Manager Elder Abuse Awareness
All the KY River Elder Abuse Council members were presented with a certificate and recognized for working
hard in their communities to get elder abuse awareness projects completed.
KY River Elder Abuse Poster Contest winners in the K – 2
grades category were: Niko Fugate, Madison Plummer and
Caleb Noble all of Chavies Elementary School (Perry Co);
winners in the 3 – 6 grades category were: Brittany Stidham
of R.W. Combs Elementary (Perry Co), Katie Nickles of
Hindman Elementary (Knott Co) and Robert Adams of Letcher Elementary (Letcher Co). Winners in the Essay Contest 912 grade category were: Brittany Deaton and Samantha Kincaid of Lee County High School (Lee Co).
Overall the conference was the biggest and best yet! Plans
will soon be underway for next year’s conference.
Kentucky River
Area Development
Serving the Counties of: Breathitt, Knott, Lee, Leslie, Letcher, Owsley,
The Kentucky River Area Development District is a quasi-governmental
Mike Miller, Executive Director
917 Perry Park Road
Perry, and Wolfe.
agency working with the city and county governments in the KRADD
area to improve the quality of life for our citizens. KRADD serves as a
representative of local units of government and citizens throughout the
area as a communication network for cities,
Hazard, KY 41701
counties, state and federal governments.
Phone: 606-436-3158
For information about the history and
1-888-875-3158 (toll free)
formation of the fifteen Area Development
Fax: 606-436-2144
Districts, please visit the Kentucky Council
E-mail: [email protected]
of Area Development Districts’ website at:
Staff News
Upcoming Events
May 8, 2012—Troublesome Creek Environmental Authority Meeting
May 9, 2012—Regional Transportation &
Planning Committee Meeting
May 9, 2012—Water Management Council
May 11, 2012—Pine Ridge Industrial Authority
May 16, 2012—Appalachian Industrial Authority
KRADD participated in the National Wear Red
for Women Day on February 3, 2012.
May 23, 2012—KRADD Board Meeting
June 6, 2012—Coalfields Regional Industrial
Authority Meeting
June 8, 2012—Pine Ridge Industrial Authority
Please Visit our website for more
information about our programs and
projects for the region:
June 12, 2012—Troublesome Creek Environmental Authority Meeting
June 20, 2012—Appalachian Industrial Authority
June 27, 2012—KRADD Board Meeting

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