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Email Defense Service
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email defense
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Don’t be fooled. Spam is not just a nuisance. It is a productivity-killer,
a carrier of
disaster recovery
network-debilitating viruses, and a way for cyber criminals to send more spam.
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“With a simple, yet
comprehensive management
interface, excellent accuracy
and distinctive features,
the MX Logic Email Defense
Service impressed us.”
Everything Channel’s CRN Test
Center Editors
Be in control with MX Logic® Email Defense Service. Protect your organization
with a managed service that analyzes the email that flows in and out of your
organization - ensuring that spam, viruses and other malware remain outside
your network.
Fully protect your email network with ease
Comprehensive email protection doesn’t have to mean time-consuming implementation
and administration. Here’s why you should implement our economical, award-winning email
security service:
We block billions of spam, viruses, worms, and phishing threats outside the network
every month
Activation starts with a simple MX record redirection and then you fine-tune the
system to your specifications through our intuitive web-based MX Control Consol
Managed services are easy-to-justify as operational expenses and ours eliminates the
need to hire additional IT staff
Disaster recovery options provide business continuity during emergencies
Productivity makes a comeback for you and your employees
With uncontrolled email frustrations a thing of the past, you can now focus on more highpriority projects.
Affectively blocks 99.97% of spam with industry-leading low false positive rates
Customizable end-user quarantine with management controls
Less desktop cleanup and maintenance
Web-based administration and easy-to-read dashboard reports
No long-term contracts or hidden fees offer program flexibility
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MX Logic® Email Defense Service Overview
email defense
message archiving
Get peace of mind with advanced technology
The Email Defense Service is like an insurance policy for your email network. Because it’s
built on advanced technology that is managed behind the scenes by the experts at MX Logic,
you can feel confident that your network is being protected while you are handling more
important projects.
Multiple anti-virus engines and spam filtering techniques extend into the cloud for
protection from viruses, worms and other threats
Stacked Classification Framework® spam detection system uses a patented method
of identifying and controlling spam via a voting algorithm
Proprietary WormTraq® detection technology identifies and intercepts zero-hour
mass mailing worms before they enter or leave a corporate network
Signature-based virus scanning from industry leaders McAfee®, Sophos®, and
MX record masking technique conceals mail servers from the public Internet to
protect businesses from denial of service attacks, dictionary harvest attacks and
mail bombs
Real-time, automatic updates performed 24/7/365 by Threat Center experts
Complete Protection
disaster recovery
Over 99 percent accurate
in blocking spam, viruses,
and more.
Easy activation,
administration and use.
Affordable service
packages designed to
meet every budget.
Effective multilayered
defense against a wide
range of email threats.
MX Logic® Spam Blocking
MX Logic® Virus and Worm Scanning
MX Logic® Fraud Protection
MX Logic® Content and Attachment Filtering
MX Logic® Email Attack Protection
MX Logic® Outbound Message Filtering
MX Logic® Disaster Recovery Services
MX Logic® Message Continuity
MX Logic® Fail Safe Service
Need more?
Combine Email Defense Service with the superior MX Logic® Web Defense and/or MX Logic®
Message Archiving for comprehensive protection against blended online threats and to
support growing email storage and compliance needs.
For more information on the time-saving, productivity, and security benefits of MX Logic
Email Defense Service, call 1.877.MXLOGIC or visit us at
About MX Logic
More information
MX Logic is a leading provider of managed email and
Web security services that deliver enterprise-grade
performance without enterprise-level complexity and
cost. Our easy-to-use, award winning services reduce
risk and liability, lower overall IT costs, and increase
productivity. MX Logic services are available through
our extensive partner network.
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4355 Cobb Pkwy, Suite J122
Atlanta, Georgia 30339
Email: [email protected]

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