AppRiver guards your inbox against unwanted


AppRiver guards your inbox against unwanted
About AppRiver
AppRiver was founded in April of 2002 with a mission to develop and deploy a steady
flow of powerful email and Web security solutions. Since then, the company has grown
rapidly and now protects 45,000 business customers and eight million mailboxes
worldwide. One reason is
because AppRiver leverages
the flexibility and
cost-effectiveness of the cloud
to make hosted services
affordable for businesses of all
sizes. Coupled with our
commitment to Phenomenal
Care™, this innovative
approach has helped us
maintain a 93-percent
customer retention rate since
the company’s inception.
Phenomenal Care™
Phenomenal Care is AppRiver’s commitment to supporting all of our services with free,
US-based customer service that is provided by our own employees and is available 24
hours a day, every day. With AppRiver services, you always get a 30-day free trial and
there are no contracts or commitments required. We believe in earning your business
every day and Phenomenal Care is one important way we do that.
AppRiver’s Customer Portal
Innovative. Intuitive. Incredibly easy.
With a single sign-on, AppRiver’s customer portal
allows you to manage all of your services from one simple-to-use interface.
Customer Portal Advantages:
Unified password and policy management across services
Simple tools that allow easy management of entire email hosting environments, email and Web
security, encryption, and archiving accounts
End-user control (as allowed by administrator) to make minor account changes Live spam and malware threat statistics and zero-hour virus alerts
Secure portal and OWA logins embedded in your Web site
Secure Hosted Exchange
Improve productivity and eliminate the hassles
of in-house servers.
AppRiver’s Secure Exchange Hosting gives you control of your email system without the
complications and expense of managing your own servers. For a low monthly fee, you get
unlimited storage along with faster, more reliable performance from your mobile devices.
SecureTide™ is embedded in every hosted mailbox, so you also get the best spam and virus
protection in the business built right in.
Secure Hosted Exchange Advantages:
Microsoft Office 365
The tools you know and the support you need –
all delivered from the cloud.
Microsoft Office 365 takes the industry’s most recognized set of productivity and collaboration
tools — Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and Office Web Apps — and
delivers them as a subscription service. With our cloud services, your organization can lower
overall costs and provide the right set of tools for the right users, all with appropriate layers of
security and compliance. There are different Office 365 packages available to meet the needs of
organizations of all sizes.
Office 365 Advantages:
Spam and Virus Protection
AppRiver guards your inbox against unwanted messages.
We make it easy to keep your email free of spam and viruses. With our award-winning
SecureTide™ service, 99 percent of unwanted messages never reach your inbox. There’s
no contract required, no expensive equipment to install and, best of all, no more junk mail
or malicious messages in your inbox.
SecureTide Advantages:
Web Protection
Stop malware before it starts.
Malicious Web content can expose your company to higher costs, lower productivity and
legal issues. SecureSurf™ can protect your network from Web-based malware and viruses,
and shield your employees from offensive content. SecureSurf requires no onsite hardware
or software and it doesn’t demand constant attention from your IT staff.
SecureSurf Advantages:
Email Encryption
Send confidential emails with confidence.
Protect your sensitive email messages with CipherPost Pro™ – our super-secure, simpleto-use encryption service. With AppRiver’s service, just one click ensures your message
remains encrypted all the way to the recipient. And it’s as easy to manage as it is to use,
helping keep your business compliant and your email safe.
CipherPost Pro Advantages:
Archiving & Compliance
Store, search and retrieve your records quickly and securely.
AppRiver’s market-leading archiving & compliance solution provides secure, off-site message
archiving and long-term storage with online access. Authentic copies of all incoming, internal
and outgoing messages are captured, replicated and unified for rapid Web-based search,
retrieval and monitoring.
AppRiver Archiving Advantages:
SharePoint Hosting
Improve productivity by making it easier to work together.
The new, hosted Microsoft SharePoint from AppRiver will help connect your team members
with each other and your customers. Share documents, calendars and other media,
simultaneously edit documents with automatic version control, create company intranets or
Web sites – and manage SharePoint from an intuitive customer portal.
Hosted SharePoint Advantages:
Spam & Virus Protection | Business-grade Email & Collaboration
Web & Malware Protection | Office 365 | Email Encryption
SharePoint Hosting | Email Continuity
Archiving & Compliance | Phenomenal Care™
Email & Web Security Experts TM
Global Headquarters
1101 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Suite 200
Gulf Breeze, FL. U.S.A. 32561
[email protected]
EMEA Office
AppRiver AG
Industriestrasse 20
5242 Lupfig. Switzerland
+41 56 444 12 82
[email protected]

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