TNT Fall 03 Newsletter



TNT Fall 03 Newsletter
“And pray for us too,
that God may open a door for our message…”
Colossians 4:3
Up Coming TNT Events
510 Stevens Road • Ephrata, PA 17522
TNT Youth Ministry
Mike Wenger and Grant Gehman
We need volunteers who feel called
to youth ministry, and need a place to
exercise or discover their spiritual gifts
on a Thursday night.
Four, Playstation 2 controllers
One, Four controller multitap for
Playstation 2
Playstation 2 games:
Madden ’07, NBA Street Vol. 3,
NFL Street 3, Burnout Revenge, and
Burnout Takedown
Playstation 2 version of DDR
Guitar Hero for Playstation 2 and guitar
Adobe Photoshop software for PC
Adobe Illustrator software for PC
15 New rubber playground balls
Mobile Basketball stands with
backboards for outside
Wiffle ball equipment; bat, ball, bases, etc
Banners to display TNT logo
Yard sign to display logo in front lawn
of church on ministry nights
Digital projector
10 revolve biblezines for girls
10 refuel biblezines for boys
Two, one hundred dollar gift certificates
to Wal-Mart
TNT Explosion is published quarterly and edited
by Grant Gehman and Kristen Shuey. Our goal
is to share with the friends of TNT Youth Ministry
the mission this outreach ministry has in reaching
the lost youth in Ephrata with the Good News of
Jesus Christ.
Executive Director: Mike Wenger
Director: Grant Gehman
Board Members: Edgar Buckwalter, Mike Denlinger,
Brad Forney, Jim Hertzler, Kevin Horning, Dave
Knowles, Rod Redcay, Jay Showalter, Clair Weaver,
Mark Weaver
Mike Wenger and Grant Gehman
March 29
Seventh Day Slumber Concert
Seventh Day Slumber will be visiting
TNT along with Decypher Down and
Clean Slate. This will be a comeback
show for local favorite Clean Slate.
We are very excited that these bands
are coming to our Thursday Night Thing,
and we hope that everyone gets a
chance to come out and enjoy this
evening of music. The concert will be
held at Ephrata Mennonite Church and
tickets will be sold at the door. For more
information about the concert please
visit our website,
Crystal Roman
April 19
John Rueben Concert
TNT along with Warehouse 54 and
Manheim Brethren in Christ Church
will host a concert with John Reuben
at Ephrata Mennonite Church on April
19 at 7:00 pm. Doors will open at
6:30 pm, more details available at
May 4th
Seven Project
May 4th, Evangel Assembly of God,
TNT and other local churches will be
welcoming the Seven Project to Ephrata.
The Seven Project is an evangelistic outreach program coming to the
Ephrata Public School Campus to
My Story
April 8, 2006 my husband
and I were married and anxious to
spend the rest of our lives together.
I don’t know when or how it happened but within a few short months
God was thrown out of our lives,
our five year relationship and short
lived marriage was out the door,
and we were living in separate
homes. The anger and hatred in our
hearts towards each other and the
hideous lifestyles we both took on
was not working. In the years prior
to all of this we were so happy in
Christ and so in love with each
other, but we both went our own
way and got rid of Jesus. In the few
months we were separated I not
only hated life and resented God,
but I was destroying myself. Ask me
how I was doing, and I would have
told you that I wish this life were over.
To hear the rest of Crystal’s
miraculous story visit and click on the link, MY
May 25th
TNT Extreme Event
May 25th, TNT will be holding its
fifth annual Extreme Event. The Extreme
Event will be held at Ephrata Park from
6:00–10:00 pm. There will be music,
food, a rock climbing wall, Dance
Dance Revolution, an inflatable obstacle course, musical competitions and
more. Pray for another great turn out,
around 1,000 youth last year, open
hearts to hear the gospel, and great
July 15 –19
The Awakening
July 15–19, TNT along with other
local churches will be holding a youth
tent revival. The revival week will be
titled “The Awakening.” We have a
desire to see youth and young adults
awakened again to the power and
message of Jesus Christ. Please pray
for this event as we want to see God
glorified and many lives changed
for Him.
TNT Welcomes a New Arrival
Mike Wenger
If you call TNT’s office number you
share about six issues that the students
are dealing with: drugs, alcohol,
anger and so on. The visiting speakers will be a skateboarder, and a
retired Philadelphia Eagles player.
The team will perform tricks and
skills during their speeches then
encourage the students to come out in
the evening to hear about the seventh
thing they want to share. The seventh
speech will be all about Jesus and His
love for them.
The Seventh project will be at the
Ephrata Middle School and Ephrata
High School for the assemblies. The
evening program will be at Ephrata
High School. Please pray for this day.
will hear a voice that doesn’t sound
anything like Grant or Mike. That’s
because it’s the voice of TNT’s wonderful secretary Jill Zimmerman. Jill has
been working with TNT for over a
year now. She is a great asset to the
ministry and her responsibilities include
organizing schedules, answering
questions about TNT, paying the
bills, and making sure all of TNT’s
documents and information are updated
and organized.
We would like to congratulate Jill
and her husband Jeremy on the birth of
their son, Chase Patrick this past month.
Congratulations also to daughter Lauren
as you now have a baby brother!
Thank you Jill for all you do for the
ministry. We really appreciate your
hard work. You are a real blessing!
Shining a Light on Campus
TNT Dodgeball
Mike Wenger
This has been an amazing year so
far and we have seen so many students coming out to the campus Bible
studies. We even had to move the
middle school students out of the class
room and into the auditorium because
we got so full!
The students also continue do different outreach activities such as handing out tracks with candy canes,
teacher’s appreciation breakfast, giving out donuts, events, and purchasing Christmas gifts for those in need.
TNT has been blessed by the
school districts openness to working
with our ministry. Grant Gehman is
now on the Cocalico High School
campus and Mike continues to work
with Ephrata. This year we have more
youth leaders on campus then we have
ever had. Youth leaders help teach
Bible studies, volunteer for lunch duty,
and disciple student leaders as they
teach and lead the Bible studies.
God continues to open doors for
us and we are so thankful for the
opportunity to serve. Campus ministry
has become a huge part of what TNT
is all about. Connecting with
teachers, and
networking with
to get
them on
activities for the
students to invite lost
friends to.
So many say that there is so
much darkness in our schools, but
we see God breaking through, and
a light burning bright in the Christian
students, teachers, administration
and youth leaders. His presence is
felt and seen and we praise God for
what He is doing!
Grant Gehman
Dodgeball has found a home at
TNT Youth Ministry. You might think
that Dodgeball has gone the way of
Roller derbies and Discos, but this
game is alive and
well. If you were
to come out to the
gym on a Thursday
night there is a
good chance you
will have to watch
your back. Even
innocent bystanders are
not safe from the volley of
Dodgeball attacks. Because it has
become so popular we have begun
monthly Dodgeball Tournaments. The last
Thursday of every month is dedicated
to six on six Dodgeball action. The winner gets the coveted TNT Dodgeball
championship belt and a feature on our
Hall of Fame web page, halloffame.html. If
you would like to put a team together,
come out on a Thursday night and ask
for the team sign up sheet.
TNT Band Nights
Grant Gehman
The first Thursday of every month
brings about our monthly band nights.
These nights are set up to feature
bands that love Christ and desire to
share Christ’s love with others. These
bands are made up of students from
our local High Schools, and they work
so hard to create music that expresses
their passion for Christ, and is fun to
listen to and watch. They ask for no
money, and are so thankful for a
chance to play. Admission is free so
come on out and check out our Band
Nights on the first Thursday of every
month. We are proud to have Chris
Burkhart join the TNT Youth Ministry
team as the manager of these nights.
Chris sets up the band list for these
nights as well as manages the sound
and schedule for the night. If you know
of a band that you would like to see
play on a TNT Band night please
contact Chris. You can find contact
information, as well as information
about upcoming shows, and bands
that have played in the past at In the near
future we plan to offer concerts featuring artist such as Seventh Day Slumber
and John Rueben. For more detail on
these artists coming to TNT Youth
Ministry keep an eye on our website,
Check out our website,
Grant Gehman
Where Two or More Are Gathered
Mike Wenger
Every other month TNT along with
other local youth groups comes together for a night of prayer and praise. The
night is spent together, worshiping and
praying for the community, schools,
and lost friends. Each church and
youth group takes a turn in hosting the
night. The host church is in charge of
putting together the worship, speaker,
and prayer time for their evening.
These nights are so important
because the youth get to meet peers
that are parts of other youth groups but
share common passion to reach their
lost peers for Christ. We want them to
learn that being united in Christ is so
crucial, and that they have others who
will stand and fight with them.
We have been so blessed to have
over 100 youth come to unite in
prayer for the lost during these nights.
It doesn’t matter what denomination
you come from and there isn’t any
competition. We are just one body
coming together to cry out for those
who need Jesus.
TNT Youth Ministry wants you to
be informed of everything that we as a
ministry have to offer. Our website, is updated on a
regular basis and includes all the
events, contact information, schedules,
and resources that TNT has to offer to
the community. Every week new items
are added to help keep everyone up
to date with our ministry. Please check
us out on the web if you want to know
anything about TNT Youth Ministry.
This is also a great reference tool for
you if you ever wanted to refer someone to TNT. We love to hear your
feedback, good our bad, so that we
can offer the best information possible.
We have also set up a
page in order to keep up with the
latest methods of
among the youth
culture. Our
page is just one
more tool that
we use to keep
in touch with
youth as well
as present
ourselves as
a resource
for anyone
that can use
the influence of
truth in their