mala voadora - O Espaço do Tempo


mala voadora - O Espaço do Tempo
Ante-Estreia - Portugal
01 JAN 1970 a 01 JAN 1970
mala voadora was created by its artistic director Jorge Andrade and José Capela and presented its first show in May of
2003. Supported by the Direcção Geral das Artes, the company has produced to date 25 shows. It has presented regularly
in the main Portuguese stages and festivals and as also in Germany, England, Scotland, France, Finland, Poland, Greece,
Cape Vert, Brazil,...
We enjoy speculating about what theatre can be and how it can be done. We do not work towards a recognizable
structure. In various shows we have tried to do "theatre with things that aren ᤀ琀 from theatre": a stamp collection, violence
and catastrophe as entertainment, books from a library, a set of about 2000 bibelots, speeches from heads of State,
death scenes from films, newspaper headlines - all things that everyone relates to and that constitute a common basis for
Sometimes, we experiment with resources that are closer to theatre ἀ猀 tradition, like narration and representation. We
have staged texts by Camus and Sartre, an essay by Walter Benjamin, a book by Kapuscinski and, in the last two years,
we‟ve been inviting a playwright - Chris Thorpe, an Englishman - to writeplays specifically for the company.
In 2004 Jorge Andrade was distinguished with an honourable mention in Gulbenkian ἀ猀 Madalena Azeredo Perdigão award
for the staging of The Justs. In 2007, he was invited to create a show for the forum O Estado do Mundo, in the context of
Gulbenkian ἀ猀 50-year anniversary. In 2012 the shows overdrama and memorabilia were nominated for the SPA/RTP
awards in the best show and best set design categories respectively. Also in 2012 the show what I heard about the world,
a co-creation between mala voadora and British company Third Angel,was nominated for best show of Edinburgh ἀ猀 Fringe
Festival by the Total Theatre Awards.
Jorge Andrade e José Capela Artistic Direction
Anabela Almeida Interpretation and Creative Learning
Vânia Rodrigues advisor for the programme and cultural management
Manuel Poças and Joana Santos Production
[email protected]