The Palace Theatre Visual Story


The Palace Theatre Visual Story
The Palace Theatre
Visual Story
This visual resource is intended to help prepare visitors for a new
experience and to help them become familiar with the surroundings
and what to expect.
Welcome to the Palace Theatre.
This is a theatre for children and adults.
This is the box office. This is where you get your tickets if you need to.
This area can become very crowded from 1 hour before the show.
This is where you come into the theatre.
The Palace Theatre is a large building with a foyer and three seating
levels. These are called stalls, circle and grand tier.
Once inside you will see a kiosk. Here you can buy drinks, chocolates,
sweets and ice creams.
This may become crowded and noisy as lots of adults and children will
be excited to see the show.
If you look at your ticket you can see where you need to go.
If you are in the stalls you will go down steps.
If you are in the circle or grand tier you will go up steps.
If you are in the stalls you will walk down steps like these.
This area is well lit with a handrail on both sides.
If you are in the circle you will walk up steps like these.
This area is well lit with a handrail on both sides.
If you are in the grand tier you will walk up steps like these.
This area is well lit with a handrail on both sides.
There are lots of steps up to the grand tier. We also have a lift.
You will see lots of ushers wearing white shirts and black waistcoats.
Ushers work for the theatre and are there to help you if you have any
You will show your ticket to an usher when you go to your seat.
When you enter the seating area you will find a letter at the end of
each row and a number on the seat.
All seats face the stage so you can watch the show.
You will sit on a chair like this and you will try to sit still and be quiet.
This is the seating area.
This is a large room which will be full of lots of people.
If you need to go to the toilet please look for a signs like this.
Toilets are on every seating level.
There is an accessible toilet outside the entrance to the circle level.
You can ask an usher in a white shirt and black waistcoat for directions.
Before the show starts you will hear a bell ring. This is to let you know
the show is about to start. If you haven’t sat in your seat yet, you
should now.
When the performance is going to start the lights will go out and the
theatre will go dark. The music will start. Everyone will try to be quiet
and sit still. Some people will make noise but this is nothing to worry
During the performance you might hear the actors make a joke. Some
of the audience may laugh. You can laugh too if you like.
During the performance you might see something that makes you feel
sad. You can feel sad if you like, that’s okay.
If you would like to take some time out then you can go into the foyer
to relax for a while.
If there is an emergency you need to follow signs like this with your
Theatre ushers are trained to evacuate the audience so may direct you
outside where you will be safe.
Halfway through the show there is a break called an ‘interval’. It lasts
for 20 minutes. The lights will come on and you can go to the bar to
buy a drink or ice cream.
At the end of the interval the bell will ring again. If you are not already
in your seat you should go back to it and sit down. The room will go
dark again and you try to be still and quiet.
At the end of the show everyone will clap their hands to show the
actors that they have enjoyed the show. You can clap your hands too if
you like.
If the clapping is too loud you can cover your ears.
When the show has finished the lights will come back on and you can
leave the theatre to go home.
You will leave the theatre through one of the exits. An usher can show
you the way.
We hope you enjoy your visit to the Palace Theatre, if you want to tell
us about it then please email or write to us.
[email protected]