Clairlea Public School


Clairlea Public School
Clairlea Public School
A Dual Track
Clairlea is a dual track
school providing
instruction in both
English and French. Our
English program starts
in Junior kindergarten
and continues through
to grade 8. Our Early
French Immersion
program starts in Senior
kindergarten and
continues through to
grade 8.
25 Rosalind Cres, Scarborough, ON
M1L 2X1
(416) 396-6165
[email protected]
JK to 8
Clairlea Public School, located on Rosalind Crescent in
Scarborough, first opened in 1952. In September 2002, the
French Immersion program from Kindergarten to Grade 8 was
introduced. We offer the unique opportunity of early French
Immersion to interested Senior Kindergarten students and their
families. We strive to enable all students to reach high levels of
achievement and to acquire the knowledge, skills and values
needed to become responsible members of society. We are
committed to providing a learning environment that is safe,
nurturing, positive and respectful. This is enabled through the
active involvement of our students, staff, parents and community.
A Greener School
Clairlea is a gold level Eco-School.
Our students and staff are dedicated
to reducing paper and energy
consumption as well as creating a
greener, more interactive school yard
for students to play and learn in.
More Information about Clairlea Public School
Clairlea's Physical Education Program
Our focus in Physical Education is long term skill development, the
philosophy of "teaching games for understanding", sportsmanship
and of course, having fun. We put emphasis on offering students
opportunites to practice fundamental skills in a wide range of sports,
however, the social and ethical themes prevalent in co-operative
games are essential to our program.
The Arts at Clairlea
Clairlea is committed to providing strong, specialized programs in all
areas of the Arts. Dedicated specialist teachers in all areas
provided a rich and expanded Art program. Clairlea students
receive specialized instruction in each of the folowing: Music,
Drama, Dance, Visual Art. The Visual Arts program is delivered in
both French and English.
Drama and Dance
The creative process is central to the Clairlea Drama and Dance
program with all students participating using different strategies.
Students are also exposed to professional theatre and dance
productions from kindergarten through grade eight.
The Music Program
The music program offers students an opportunity to experience,
listen to, create, compose, and perform music from a variety of
cultures and is offered to all students at Clairlea.
Additional Features
For a list of all programs that are also offered visit
Student Life - Where You Belong
At Clairlea, we take great pride in our extra curricular
programs. From sports teams to green teams, there is
something for everyone. The clubs and teams we offer our
students include, primary folk dancing, the student
leadership team, recorder club, choir, primary math club, the
green team, library ambassadors, drama club, musical
theatre club, dance team and intermediate band.
Opportunities to participate in both inter-mural and
inter-school sports teams are plentiful at Clairlea. Teams
include basketball, soccer, volleyball, flag football, softball
and track and field.
What Sets Us Apart
Here at Clairlea, we believe it is vital that students receive a
diverse education. To assist in the implementation of this, we
have specialized, qualified teachers in all of the arts and
athletics. Students at Clairlea receive specific programs in
drama, dance, music, visual art, and phyiscal education.
Intermediate students are also afforded a program in
robotics. This wide range of specialized programs help our
students develop their skills and knowledge, and many go
on to arts, sports, and technology focused high schools.
The staff at Clairlea consider themselves to be life-long
learners, regularly attending workshops and taking courses.
Local businesses and families are involved in the Clairlea
community through our school council.
Parent and Community Engagement
• The Clairlea School Council meets monthly and is actively involved
in support of our students. The funds which are raised from a variety
of activities, including monthly Pizza Lunches, Family Movie Nights
and the Spring Fun Fair go directly back to support all students in
the school
• Visits to the local Public Library
• Collaboration with community agencies (Public Health, Social
Services, CAS) and local businesses
• Police Programs: 41 Division Youth Services VIP program
• support for local and international charities
• Partnerships with various Faculties of Education and Nursing, and
local schools
TDSB - Better Schools. Brighter Futures
Imagine a TDSB where all schools share a common core set of characteristics. They are
community-driven and focused on teaching and learning. Students and parents have a wide variety of
opportunities and there are enough students in every school to increase program choices.
Imagine there is a clear focus on achieving student success and every student is engaged, has a voice,
access to a caring adult and the opportunity to develop their full potential.
Here at the TDSB our focus is on student achievement, parent and community engagement and financial
Contact Information
SCHOOL NAME: Clairlea Public School
25 Rosalind Cres, Scarborough, ON
M1L 2X1
(416) 396-6165
[email protected]

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