DT Manufacturing`s Capability Brochure


DT Manufacturing`s Capability Brochure
ISO 9001: 2008
Billing Address:
17195 Silver Parkway #303
Fenton, MI 48430
Plant Address:
1471 Alloy Parkway
Highland, MI 48356
Telephone: (248) 889-9210
Fax: (248) 889-9215
DT is a manufacturing firm established in 2003, serving
production and non-production markets. Originally supplying
the automotive market with only non-production product and
services, DT has pursued and obtained production programs in
the automotive decorative interior component markets. DT has
successfully obtained this business while also increasing its
market share in non-production product and service sales. DT
perceives an opportunity to acquire a significant amount of
market share by providing a better quality product, with ontime delivery and performance, at a competitive cost.
DT Manufacturing, Inc. thermoforms decorative interior and
exterior components for the automotive, heavy truck, marine,
consumer, medical and aftermarket industries. DT thermoforms
non-production products, such as protective covers, dunnage, and
custom molded shapes. DT also injection molds, performs
laminate “in-mold” injection molding, provides laminating
services, and has a full service urethane molding shop, including
the ability to “spray on” urethane for applications requiring it.
Urethane products include custom sheet, rod, tubing, and custom
molded shapes, fixtures and tooling. Finally, DT engineers and
supplies fabricated metal and plastic fixtures, tooling, racks, and
miscellaneous fabricated products.
DT Manufacturing, Inc. seeks to serve its customers by exceeding
minimum acceptable quality standards and by providing the
highest quality product at the lowest possible price. We value our
relationships with all current and future customers, and hope to
communicate our appreciation to them through our outstanding
product quality, personal service, and efficient delivery. Our
commitment to our customers will be reflected through honest and
responsible business.
Company Management Team
Michael L. Denton
President/Chief Executive Officer
Drew F. Sweetman
Vice President – Sales and Engineering
Raymond Gallatin
Manufacturing Manager
Glenn Sprague
Design and Engineering Manager
David J. Adams
Quality Manager
Richard Green
Tooling /Project Manager
Jeffrey Good
Robotic Engineer – Production Supervisor
Kirk Boluch
Sales Manager – Non-Production Sales
William Wieczorek
Sales Engineer – Non-Production Sales
Greg Brumbill
Sales Engineer – Non-Production Sales
George Gackiewicz
Manager – Urethane Division
Emily Grow
Accounting & Human Resource Manager
Elyse Ferguson
Assistant Accounting Manager & Customer Service
Melissa Denton
Accounting/Administrative Assistant
Current Equipment
Thermoforming Machines:
(1) MAAC Single Station 4’ x 6’
(1) Comet Single Station 4’ x 8’
(1) Cannon-Shelley Continuous Inline Thermoformer
(1) Brown 821HD Continuous Inline Thermoformer
(1) Modern 2436CT Continuous Inline Thermoformer
(1) Kiefel Single Station 6’ x 10’
Injection Molding Machines:
(1) 300T Haitian, all electric, in clean room
(1) 95T JSW, all electric
(1) 385T Van Dorn
(1) 300T Van Dorn
(1) 200T Van Dorn
(1) Monco 50” Hot Oil Internal Heated Laminator
Robots – Router Trimming:
(1) Fanuc M710 Laser Cell
(1) Fanuc 420i
(2) Fanuc Arcmate 100
(1) Motoman Adept V-3
(4) Motoman Sk6
(2) Motoman SK16
(1) Fanuc M710 RoboTrim Laser Cell
(1) Adept – 6 Axis
Trim Presses:
(2) Dennison 10 Ton Hydraulic Trim Presses
(16) Free-Standing Custom Pneumatic Trim Presses
(1) Hudson Hydraulic “Clicker” Trim Press
(2) Custom (large) Hydraulic Trim Presses
(1) Northfield Foundry 36” Bansaw
(1) HMT Hot Melt Glue Application System
(1) Heated Urethane Processing Aluminum Table 5’ x 12’
(4) Custom Urethane Processing Curing Ovens
(1) Langeman “Gard It” Urethane spray system
(3) Compression Molding Heated Hydraulic Presses
(1) Ultrasonic Welding Machine
(1) Mitutoyo BHN 1010L CMM
(*) Various thermolators, chillers, grinders, conveyor systems, material
dryers, tool room equipment and supplies.
Thermoforming Equipment
Thermoforming Equipment
Injection Molding Machine
Robots – Router Trimming
Robots – Router Trimming
Custom Pneumatic Trim Presses
Custom Pneumatic Trim Presses