Cover Story


Cover Story
There's exciting new evidence
So eating healthy becomes ea
verwish there was a will- trigger appetite-suppressing effeee
explains Lund University's Charlo;
power powder you could,
M.D., Ph.
say, whip into your morning smoothie? Then we've An extract allows your body to
them much sooner, so you get .
got great news. Swedish
researchers have figured out a way to more benefits. Have questions abo
how thylakoids work and wheth
extract "willpower" from spinachcreating a smoothie mix-in that will or not they can help you? We
got answers!
instantly slash your urge to overeat
by 85% and, over time, reduce it by
a whopping 95%! The payoff: You
lose flab about 43% faster. So far, What are thylakoids exactl
women are down 17 pounds in 30 "They're cell membranes that he
days, 44 pounds in 12 weeks. "It's plants convert sunlight to sugar a
beyond amazing," insists Idaho
energy," explains Dr. Erlanson-,
grandmother Eileen McDevitt, 60, bertsson. Spinach happens to ha
who read about the stuff
more thylakoids than most plan
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drop 12 pounds in
tests on synthetic apI
two weeks. Eileen
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alternative. "We test
them, and they work
spinach extract
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• How does spina
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! extract kill appetit
stop craving junk,
"Thylakoids temporar
stop continuing to
bind to enzymes that digE
eat after she was
fat: We believe this trigge
already full. 'Those stubthe release of enterostatin, a h~
born inches around my. waist
mone that decreases the desire
seemed to just melt away. It didn't
eat dietary fat," explains Penninga
even feel like I was trying!" Wow!
Biomedical Research Center's Frn:
Experts say credit goes to ap- Greenway, M.D., who helped
petite-killing compounds that are
ish scientists test thylakoids. .
highly concentrated in spinach. So there's fat in most foods we (J{':
why aren't spinach lovers automatieat for pleasure-including
cally slim? "Because when you sim- fast food and chocolate-a
ply eat spinach, the body doesn't . enterostatin turns off cravings
absorb the special compoundsshuts down binges. Dr. Erlanse
called thylakoids-until
they're too
Albertsson adds that thylakui
far along In the digestive tract to also rev production of at least ~
Spinach extract FAQ
Smoothie off wei
at a new spinach extract can shrink appetites and blast era
.and losing weight is a cinch!
other anti-hunger hormones. "The
overall effect," she says, "makes a
smaller meal feel bigger, fullness
last hours longer and temptations
seem less appealing."
Spinach extract
triggers the
release of at
least three
• How much do I take? Lund University's tests show that five grams
of thylakoids in the morning is all
you need. That's about one heaping tablespoon of spinach-flavored
most folks find it's
tastiest mixed in a smoothie. Does
the smoothie recipe matter? Yes
and no. Thylakoids make any mix
of smoothie ingredients magic-as
long as they have fat to bind to, So
if you're having a smoothie by itself
(and not with a fat-containing meal),
be sure to whip in a tablespoon
of oil. Dr. Erlanson-Albertsson recommends flaxseed oil or coconut
oil, since both contain compounds
that further increase production of
anti-hunger hormones. Bonus: "Coconut oil has been shown to speed
fat burning, too!" she says. See box,
below, for extract brands to try.
• Is the supplement really safe?
Since testing began in 2008, no side
effects have been reported or observed. And experts don't anticipate
any. Says the doctor: "Thylakoids are
a natural substance!"
• How do I maximize results? You
want to make sure you're taking advantage of your dramatic decrease
in hunger-and not eating extra out
of habit. One simple solution: Start
the day with a thylakoid-boosted
smoothie, then enjoy a sensible
lunch and dinner with no snacking
in between. For those who'd like
smoothie ideas and sensible meal
guidelines, we've got 'em, below!
It works!
Mathison began testing our guidelines, she says her
for sugary junk disappeared,
felt so satisfied, and yet I IDlS _
losing weight like crazy,
the Chicago reader, 25. "I lost
inches from my waist in less
two weeks!" Meanwhile,
Jilcott was stuffed and stu:inl~
too. "The smoothies at b
were so filling, some days I even want to eat my lunch..
the Georgia mom of five, 37.
diet was so easy and adaptable
my busy life. Plus, I lost 10
in a week! I think a lot of
will love it!"
f Smoothies with bonus benefits!
Whether you add thylakoids or not, these drinks boost health deliciously!
: ·The Turbo Hunger Destroyer
The Tropical Fat Burner
: Protein, berry antioxidants and oat fiber in
: this drink deliver a serious blow against appe~
tite-and that's even if you
opt not to add thylakoids!
Vitamin C from the mango and fatty acids
from coconut oil both enhance fat burn!
Blend 1 cup milk
or coconut water,
112cup frozen
mango chunks,
1 ripe banana,
1 Tbs. melted
coconut oil, 1
Tbs. or 1 packet
spinach extract
splash pineapple juice.or
vanilla extract.
Blend 1/2 cup frozen
blueberries, 1/4 cup
rolled oats, 1/2 cup Greek
yogurt, 1/2 cup milk or
water, 1/2 cup ice, 1
spoonful nuts or seeds,
1 Tbs. flax or coconut
oil, 1 Tbs. or 1 packet
•.•._ powdered spinach
~~ extract (optional),
::' stevia or zero-cal
;.. sweetener to taste.
Photos: iStockphoto
(2); Shutterstock
{2l; Colin Erricson/StockFood;
Lew Robertson/Brand
Tacie Wrightllkonik
Pix; courtesy of vendor (3).
-I All-Day
This one delivers fiber, protein and cinnamon to
keep blood sugar and energy steady-plus a shot
of matcha green tea for
a jitter-free buzz!
Blend 1 banana, 1 cup kale
or spinach, 1 cup milk or
almond milk, 1 Tbs. G
oil, 1 tsp.-2 tsp. matcha
green tea powder, pi
cinnamon, 1 dash al
extract 1 Tbs. or 1 packet
powdered spinach extract
(optional), a few ice
cubes, stevia or zero-eel
to taste.