advisory 034 Eggland`s Best


advisory 034 Eggland`s Best
Eggland’s Best Eggs Judged
Superior by Chefs In America
Eggland’s Best eggs taste
great because of the
superior quality of the hens’
feed and EB’s strict quality
and production standards.
Eating well never tasted
so good!
The American Masters of Taste is
a food & beverage judging
organization made up of 7,500
Chefs and Masters of Taste. Our
full time occupation (for 25 years)
is selecting superior tasting
products in world markets to
recommend to taste professionals
and ultimately to consumers. The
American Masters of Taste
conducts all taste panel judgings
for Chefs In America.
Cedar Knolls, NJ
Ph. (800)922-3447
Eggland’s Best now provides even better nutrition
compared to ordinary eggs. EB eggs deliver even
higher levels of important nutrients like vitamins A, D
and E, along with lower levels of saturated fat and
cholesterol. All this, combined with their delicious,
farm-fresh taste, is why Eggland’s Best continues to
stand for the very best in quality and value.
EB has the most comprehensive and strict Quality
Assurance program in the industry. Every aspect of
production and distribution of EB eggs is constantly
monitored and carefully managed.
These eggs are selected and produced from Grade AA
farm-fresh EB eggs. The hard-cooked, peeled eggs
deliver the same benefits of EB fresh shell eggs. You
get all the nutrition plus convenience with these
refrigerated, peeled and ready-to-eat eggs.

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