Ancestry of Alex and Eddie Van Halen



Ancestry of Alex and Eddie Van Halen
Ancestry of Alex and Eddie Van Halen
1a. ALEXANDER EDWARD (ALEX) VAN HALEN, born at Amsterdam May 8th 1953, married 1st in
June 1983 (divorced two months later) VALERI KENDALL, born at Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.A.
May 22nd 1962; Alex married 2nd in 1984 (divorced in August 1996) KELLY CARTER, still
using the name VAN HALEN, interior designer, with Baron Rogers co-founder of
KellyBaronDesign (residential design, renovation, construction, construction management
and interior design for homes, vacation homes and condos), together they have daughter
Stella; Alex married 3rd in 2000 STINE SCHYBERG.
Issue from second marriage:
a. ARIC VAN HALEN, born Los Angeles October 6th 1989, graduated at the University of
Colorado in 2013 with a degree in film studies, he is a cross country athlete.
Issue from third marriage:
Aric Van Halen.
Alex and Kelly Van Halen with their son Aric.
Alex Van Halen and Stini Schyberg.
1b. EDWARD LODEWIJK (EDDIE) VAN HALEN, born at Amsterdam January 26th 1955, married 1st
at St. Paul the Apostle Church, Westwood, California April 11th 1981 (divorced December
20th 2007) VALERIE ANNE BERTINELLI, born at Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A. April 23rd
1960, actress, winner of two Golden Globe Awards (1981 and 1982) plus one nomination
(1983), received August 22nd 2012 a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6912
Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, daughter of Andrew Bertinelli (of Italian descent) and
Nancy Carvin (a descendant of King Edward I of England), she re-married Malibu,
California January 1st 2011 Tom Vitale, divorced husband of Sharon N.N.; Eddie married
2nd at Eddie’s estate in the hills above Studio City, Los Angeles, California June 27th 2009
JANIE LISZEWSKI, born in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 1970, actress and stuntwoman.
Issue from first marriage:
a. WOLFGANG WILLIAM VAN HALEN, born March 16th 1991 (from both of his parents of
Italian descent), bass player for Van Halen and the heavy metal band Tremonti.
Wolfgang Van Halen and his mother Valerie Bertinelli,
August 22nd 2012.
Eddie and Janie Van Halen, January 26th 2011
(photo published on
JAN VAN HALEN, born at Amsterdam January 18th 1920 (son of Hermanus van Halen and –
married Den Helder 12th September 1912 – Jannetje Berg), saxophonist, clarinettist and
pianist, professional musician at Amsterdam, joined the Royal Dutch Air Force in 1939 as
a musician, during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands forced to perform German
propaganda music, emigrated after World War II to the Dutch East-Indies and re-emigrated
spring 1953 with his wife to the Netherlands, where they settled in Amsterdam at Michelangelostraat and later on in Nijmegen at 59 Rozemarijnstraat, continued at that time to
perform as a professional musician, member of the Ton Wijkamp Quintet, one of the top
acts at the Loosdrecht Jazz Festival 1960, emigrated in February 1962 with his wife and
two sons to the U.S.A. and finally settled after a journey by train from New York to Los
Angeles in Pasadena, California at 1881 Las Lunas Street, Jan took many different jobs and
started gigging around the L.A. area at weddings and bar mitzvahs and in oompah bands,
lost in 1972 by accident his left hand middle finger and quitted playing the clarinet, died at
Los Angeles, California December 9th 1986, he married at Djakarta (Indonesia) August
11th 1950
EUGENIE VAN BEERS, born at Rangkasbetoeng (residency Bantam, Java) September 21st 1915
(not 1914!), died Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County, California August 4th 2005.
Wedding announcement in the
Java-Bode of August 11th 1950.
Jan and Eugenie Van Halen, August 11th 1950.
Jan and Eugenie Van Halen with their sons Alex
(left) en Eddie (collection: Alex and Eddie Van
Halen; published on:
Grandparents (on mother’s side)
FRANS VAN BEERS, born at Bodjonegoro (residency Rembang, Java) September 13th 1888,
civil servant in the Dutch East-Indies, overseer 3rd class department of civil works 1910-,
died at Salatiga (residency Semarang, Java) April 25th 1921, married at Bodjonegoro May
24th 1912
EUGENIE MAFFICIOLI DEL CASTELLETO, born at Poerworedjo (residency Kedoe, Java) February
23rd 1893 (born prior to the marriage of their parents), died at Utrecht (The Netherlands)
November 21st 1976 (she re-married at Semarang March 15th 1922 Jacob Petrus Paulus
van Putt).
12. N.N. VAN BEERS (may be C.M. van Beers, who lived in 1885 at Bodjonegoro (see: De Locomotief of November 20th 1885), had a son (see number 6) with an
13. Unknown Indonesian woman.
14. RIJGELO MAFFICIOLI DEL CASTELLETTO, born Pasoeroean (residency Pasoeroean, Java) June 1st
1873, civil servant in the Dutch East-Indies, under overseer 1st class Dutch East-Indies
railways on Java -1909, died at Poerworedjo October 8th 1909, married Magelang (residency Kedoe, Java) September 30th 1910
15. ROEBINEM (Indonesian woman), born Poerworedo about 1874, died unknown.
Great-great-grandparents (Mafficioli del Castelletto lineage)
28. LUCIEN PAUL FELIX MAFFICIOLI DEL CASTELLETTO, born at Soerakarta or Solo (Central Java)
November 13th 1836, civil servant in the Dutch East-Indies, overseer 3rd class 1873-1874
and 2nd class 1874-1881 department of civil works at Pasoeroean 1873-1874, Pamekasan
(on the island Madoera) 1874-1875, Sampang (Madoera) 1875-1877, Modjokerto
(residency Soerabaja) 1877-1878, Grisee (residency Soerabaja) 1878-1879 and Soerabaja
1879-1881, honourably discharged 1881, after his resignation he received a yearly state
pension of 600 guilders, died at Poerworedjo February 2nd 1921, he married twice an
Indonesian woman (first to Augustina at Pasoeroean February 7th 1874; second to Betje at
Poerworedjo April 25th 1896) and had a son (see number 14) with an
29. Unknown Indonesian woman (may be Augustina).
30. Unknown Indonesian man (father of Roebinem).
31. Unknown Indonesian woman (mother of Roebinem).
Great-great-great-grandparents (Mafficioli del Castelletto lineage)
56. PAOLO MAFFICIOLI, born in Italy about 1795, presumably in a place called Castelletto such
as Castelletto Ticino on the shores of Lago di Maggiore, Castelletto di Brenzone on the
shores of Lago di Garda, Castelletto Monferrato in Piemonte, or Castelletto di Branduzzo
south of Milano, according to family tradition he was a physician of the indigenous ruler
(with the Javanese title of soesoehoenan) of Soerakarta (Central Java), he was owner of the
coffee plantation Pengoeng at Soerakarta, died Pongong (Bojolali, Soerakarta) March 26th
1846, (married at Batavia March 31st 1822 Frederika Christiana Johanna Thilo, baptized at
The Hague (The Netherlands) November 13th 1795, died at Soerakarta June 16th 1824,
daughter of Johan Henrich Benjamin Thilo, lieutenant-colonel military administration of
the Dutch army in the East-Indies, and Louisa Catharina Muller), he had a son (see number
28) with an
57. Unknown (most probably Indonesian) woman (according to family tradition she was a
princess from the kraton (palace) of Soerakarta).
Source: R.G. Neve, ‘De familie Mafficioli del Castelletto in Nederlandsch-Indië’, De Indische
Navorscher 24 (2011), pages 173-183.
Roel de Neve, The Hague, The Netherlands.

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