NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 13 - Sagip


NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 13 - Sagip
c Gg.l6
Septembes 2OIS* sriiness IEAM together with his gpup,
wirich sdy$cates the care of n&trlre, condrrted documentatinn,
ttu,ough t&re video and photqgr*pilu, 'aborJ
Benit in Labo, Ca,marin"e.s. Norte-
o Later onr tll"y procee.ded tor'Bry; ,,Eenit, ,rvherc ,the mining of
mineral ores was bcing condusted arrd found thrt 1ft.6 same hpd
* larger cov€rag€ of mining sitee.'They ofuscrv€d t]rat t]re mining
was "been-'done tluorrgtr' ttre use of cqripment tike bactCroe,
brcav.etorrlllXh"eel laader, Road :Ra[Ief
o rtrey
{f,rcre ireformed -by ,Ergr.
ard nrunp trrrcks-
lBbetrrnau r.otenzo Bgirtroa and
Ilrgrvrd krdo tho tenA boing nrinod by Bohai Top
International Mining corporation art coveied by titles
[{Certilicate of Land Ownership Award (CLOA}], which wcre
diSrilutsd to t}re regishrd benefxiary tenants.
o TSSlvfFe werc issued .by.Gov. ,faqado to RU,EL FONASO and
\MILFREDO DE LEON" however, instead it was Bonhai Top
"tlrat wa,e miniag the area,
They.were a.ble to iieiei-uieur .Fo.rIAyo aua .np LEON and a6ked
f9r their participation in the mining operations. Mr, poNAyo
cl,aiiracd tlrat he was mcrctlr ,instrrret"d''by Engr. RoNAcDo c.
yARS+s_to srgn an agre€ment conveyinf his-rnining rights to
Top, who uras represented by its president Waa, Cnuu
Yuan. It was the last time he talked with VARGAS.
JPO_NA]IJ ryas gyen Php?OO Fqsos as p.atrryrent for.the rent
of the Iand he is 6lling, fire same amount trlrned out ts be the
first and l*gt Barnoeirt rnade .by v4BGgs. IVhen +rsked about
V-ARGAS, PoNAYo claimed ttrat the latte: is urrder flre employ
of €ov. ,latrlado and this clairn was piovea when he and- his
father, ROGELIO, went to the capitol t; talk to Gov. Tallado.

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