Drum Unloader RMD™ 200 HV ZP30


Drum Unloader RMD™ 200 HV ZP30
Drum Unloader
RMD™ 200 HV ZP30
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Gluing Technology
RMD™ 200 HV ZP30
Drum unloader for industrial applications
RMD™ 200 HV ZP30
The RMD 200 HV ZP30 is a drum unloader for
industrial applications. It melts medium and
high-viscosity materials (3,000 to 100,000
mPas) such as acrylic adhesives, thermoplastic and reactive ad-hesives and sealing
compounds from drums. It is essential that
written consent be obtained from Robatech
for the processing of other materials.
A Type ZP30 gear pump pumps the melted
material out of the unit. The maximum feed
pressure is 100 bar. Depending on the pump
block version, the maximum feed pressure
is set manually or can be regulated pneumatically.
Following variants are available:
Pressure relief valve mechanically configu-
rable (standard)
Controlled bypass P1/P2
pressure control with pressure sensor and software
A heated hose with nominal diameter
13, 16 or 25 mm transports the melted
material to a deposit sys-tem or fills other
units. A second heated hose is available as
an option.
Drum aeration when raising the melting
plate out of the drum is completely automatic. Venting of the drum while lowering the
melting plate into the drum must be carried
out manually, either per changeo-ver valve
or via retractable lance. A unit for automatic venting of the drum is available as an
Copyright Robatech AG 2012 I Part. No. EN165874 I subject to change
Ø 571.5 mm (DIN6644)
Melting plate type
Ribbed plate with melting insert, unheated (SB) or heated (SEB)
Melting rates
Acrylic adhesive max. 60 dm3/h
Feed pmup / pump capacity
ZP30 / 32.08 cm3 per revolution
Pump drive unit
AC motor
Pump regulation
Steplessly adjustable rpm
Maximum feed pressure
100 bar
Material viscosity
3000 - 100 000 mPas
Heated hose connection
2x G1“ connection bore holes, 1 connection fitted with adapter
and screw fitting for 25 mm heated hose
External heating zones
6 heating zones as standard (option for 10 or 14 heating zones)
Working temperature
20 - 210 °C
Compressed air connection
5 - 7 bar, class 4
Operating voltage
3x400 volts AC, 3LPE, 50 / 60 HZ
or 3x400/230 volts AC, 3LNPE, 50 / 60 HZ
Power consumption
Max. 28 kWatt
Ambient temperature
0 - 45 ° C or 0 - 113 ° F
Dimensions WxDxH
1660 x 650 x max. 3120 mm
700 kg (without drum)
Sound pressure level
≤ 70 dB(A)
Parts wiht direct adhesive contact:
Anti-stick coating
Unit cladding:
Optional extraction system
Ventilation system is to be set up at the customer site:
Extraction volume = 1000 m3/h with 600 Pa
Hose connection = Ø 120 mm
* The long-term output depends on the melting output of the unit.
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