Bet You Can`t “Trump” This! THE



Bet You Can`t “Trump” This! THE
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Abishag was initially king David’s wife
in his old age (1 Kings 1:1-4). After his
failed attempt to seize the throne of his
father David, Adonijah requested of
king Solomon through Solomon’s
mother, Bathsheba, that Abishag be
given to him as wife. Solomon
interpreted the request as another
attempt for the throne and had Adonijah
executed(1 Kings 2:13-25).
“The Donald” for anything!
Young people need to realize that parents
would like to provide much more than they are
able, but difficult choices have to be made.
Parents sometimes are forced to provide less in
the way of material things so that they are
available to provide the truly important things.
What material possession would you take in
exchange for your mother's loving care? What
material possession would you take in
exchange for your father's attention?
Bet You Can’t “Trump” This! I believe “The Donald” has given us something
to think about.
By Allen Dvorak [Post-script: Donald Trump and Marla
Maples were married in 1993 after the birth of
their only child together. Of course, Trump’s
marriage to Marla Maples didn’t last either.
Apparently he began a relationship with his
present wife, Melania, while separated from,
but still married to Maples.]
[Editor’s note: I wrote this article in 1991 as a
result of some news regarding Donald Trump.
I thought it might be of interest inasmuch as
Trump is presently receiving national
attention. As you read, you will discover that
it is definitely “dated,” but the points made
still stand.]
You’ve probably already heard just about
all that you want to hear about Donald
Trump, so bear with me. The news blurb
on this page appeared in the Port Arthur
News on March 21, 1991 and it caught my
Notable Quotables “Hate is like acid. It can damage the vessel in which it is
stored as well as destroy the object on which it is
-- Ann Landers
April 10, 2016
Volume 9, Number 14
Of course, it seems that everyone knows
that the Trumps, Donald and Ivana, have
been having marital problems for some
time. The media has made sure that we
know all the lurid details of Donald's
adulterous affair with Marla Maples.
Well, the marriage is finally finished. The
Trump assets have been divided between
husband and wife and the divorce is
finalized. Donald is obviously relieved.
Unfortunately, he is misinformed about
several things.
“I’m very happy that it worked out so
well.” A marriage has ended because of a
playboy husband and the three Trump
children have been treated to more than a
year of conjugal strife...and “it worked
out so well”? I suspect that what he meant
was that he didn’t have to pay Ivana any
more than he did to get rid of her! Don't
you just love a happy ending?!
“All payments will be made, and it will
be finished.” The truth is that it is not
over. Oh, the divorce is finalized and the
squabbling over material things has
finally ended, but the matter is not closed
yet. God will call all those who break vows
to give account in the final judgment for
their perfidy. Notice what the prophet
Malachi said to the people of his day: “And
this is the second thing you do: you cover the
altar of the Lord with tears, with weeping
and crying; so He does not regard the
offering anymore, nor receive it with good
will from your hands. Yet you say, 'For
what reason?' Because the Lord has been
witness between you and the wife of your
youth, with whom you have dealt
treacherously; yet she is your companion
and your wife by covenant" (3:13-14).
Donald and Ivana may be able to forget all
about the marriage and divorce (I know
that I am tired of hearing about their
squabbling!), but God doesn’t forget sin
until it is forgiven.
“Most importantly, my family is taken
care of. They are financially set for life.”
This is the statement which really
prompted this article. It takes a great deal
of gall to describe Ivana and his three
children as “my family” inasmuch as he
deserted them for another woman! If
“taking care of his family” is so important
to him, why then the 13-month struggle
over how much Ivana and the children
would get of the Trump assets?
Note the mindset of “The Donald.” He has
given his wife and children a large sum of
money and so they are “taken care of.”
Evidently as far as Donald is concerned,
the only thing “his” family requires of him
is money. I wonder if his children need a
father. What about his responsibility to
teach them, to discipline them, to love
them? What children need from us parents
is our time and attention. I may not be able
to buy for my boys what “The Donald” can
buy for his children, but I can give them
what no amount of money can purchase -my love and a stable home in which to
grow and develop. In addition to caring for
our children, they need us to care about
them! I guess the trauma of watching their
parents brawl via the courts won't matter
as long as “they are financially set for life”
(note: read this sentence with sarcasm in
your voice).
How sad! “The Donald” has worked hard
to build up a financial empire. I believe
that his god is mammon and it is
impossible to serve two masters (Matthew
6:24). He is eaten up with materialism...and
it isn't very pretty. I wouldn't trade places
Bible Challenge Question
Who asked for Abishag the Shunammite as wife?
The answer to this question is on the back page. Sermon Notes Words of Eternal Life
By Allen Dvorak Text: The reason that many disciples left: Peter acknowledged that Jesus has the . Peter was not suggesting that Jesus’ words were Words are the of . They have God’s power for salvation is the . Jesus’ invitation for individuals to hear: “He who has , let him .” “Words of eternal life” would include: (v. 60). of . . to 1. Words of ( ) 2. Words of ( ) 3. Words of ( ) Jesus said to him, “I am the , and the , and the . No one comes to the except through . -­‐-­‐ John ; ESV 

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