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Read - Heckyl Technologies
CNBC-TV18 | 12 Aug 2014
Lessons in Leadership
with Donald Trump
CNBC-TV18's Young Turks, has turned 13 this year and CNBC-TV18 had hosted an
exclusive session - Lessons in Leadership with Donald Trump - as part of their initiative to
foster and strengthen the startup ecosystem in India.
The session had begun with a keynote by Donald John Trump, Sr. the American business
magnate, investor, television personality and author. Mr. Trumps’ keynote was followed by a
freewheeling conversation with CNBC-TV18's Managing Editor, Shereen Bhan. Heckyl Technologies India was one of the select invitees from amongst the list of a few fast
growing invested firms. It was both an opportunity to be a part of the exclusive session from
CNBC-TV18 and an opportunity to engage with Mr. Trump in a brainstorming session from
the Young Turks community.
Shereen Bhan,Managing Editor, CNBC-TV18 and Series Editor of Young Turks in dialogue with
Donald J. Trump.

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