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Editor: Emmanuel Félix Lesprón
CNDH probes killings
in Zacatecas, Michoacán
Investigator from Mexico’s
National Human Rights
Commission (CNDH) fanned out to two states Monday to investigate killings in
which federal troops may
have been involved.
On Sunday, the Mexican
army’s 11th Military Zone
announced in a statement
that its military justice arm
had found indications that
soldiers were involved in
the disappearance of seven
people on July 7 in Calera,
Zacatecas. The army said it
would pass on its findings to
the Mexican Attorney General’s Office (PGR) and continue investigating to determine if military discipline
is merited.
One day earlier, the
army announced it was opening an investigation after
complaints and banners
accused soldiers of involvement in the disappearances.
Seven bodies were reportedly found last week elsewhere in Zacatecas. It remained unclear whether
they were the same people
Armed forces
work in benefit of
Mexicans: EPN
who had disappeared.
The Zacatecas state attorney general’s office did not
immediately return calls for
comment Monday. A woman
reached at the federal Attorney General’s office in Zacatecas said the agency had no
Also Sunday, a 12-yearold boy was killed when an
armed group opened fire
on a crowd of protesters in
The Michoacán coordi-
nated security group of federal forces said the crowd
was protesting the arrest of
a local vigilante leader Sunday when armed men began
shooting. It gave no other
details. A statement released early Monday promised
to find those responsible.
Witnesses said federal
forces opened fire when a
group tried to block the
highway to protest the detention of Cemei Verdía, a
self-defense leader in the
Aquila municipality. Verdía
was detained earlier Sunday and accused of arms
Michoacán citizens rose
up in 2013 against the
Knights Templar cartel,
which then controlled the
state. Most of the vigilantes
later disarmed or became
rural police, but some selfdefense groups persist, saying they still have no government protection from
organized crime.
Paulina Rubio insults Puebla wins
Donald Trump
Supercopa MX
Singer Paulina Rubio called U.S. tycoon Donald
Trump as a “pend...,“ a
really bad word in Spanish
with meanings ranging
from “idiot” to “imbecile”,
passing through terms
that more than one could
find fitting.
In a video published on
YouTube the singer responds to a journalist question about her views regarding Trump with a simple
and direct phrase: “That
Trump is a ‘pend...’”.
Rubio participated in
the Reventón Superestrella,
a massive music event in
Los Ángeles, where she was
Mexican President Enrique
Peña Nieto said that the armed forces of the country
will always be praised by citizens even when some sectors are trying to tarnish
their actions.
During the inauguration of the City of Women
initiative, in the mountains of the state of Guerrero, Peña Nieto said that
the soldiers and members
of the marine and navy come from the people.
After saluting the Mexican flag, Peña Nieto said
Trump keeps the
lead to the GOP
A mistake by goalie Cirilo
Saucedo provided Puebla
with the goal they needed
to defeat Monarcas Morelia and win the Supercopa
MX, in a game held in
Frisco, Texas.
The goal was scored by
Luis Gabriel Rey 67 minutes into the game.
La Franja had the control
of the actions since the
start and created a lot of
against Saucedo, who had
problems with the constant attacks and the actions of his defense players.
Saucedo pretty much
left the ball on the hands
of Rey on the 67 and was
unable to stop the score.
Morelia tried to get a
tie and had special impetus at the penal shots, but
was unable to break the
defense of Cristian Campestrini, who was able to
stop all shots against his
U.S. referee Kevin Terry Junior sanctioned Argentinean Marco Torsiglieri, Hibert Ruiz y Juan
Pablo Rodríguez, of Monarcas, as well as Flavio
Santos, from La Franja.
that “I recognized the permanent labor done by the
Army and the Navy of Mexico, support and strength
of the democratic institutions in the country.”
“No matter how many
times some people try to
tarnish the efforts done by
our armed forces, one has
to recognize that our
army, our Navy, formed by
men and women from the
people, come from the Mexican people and work
every day with determination and sacrifices in favor
of all Mexicans,“ expressed the President.
Trump surged into the
lead for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, with almost twice
the support of his closest
rival, according to a poll
conducted by ABC and
the Washington Post.
And Trump is heading
the polls after he continues
his attacks against immigrants, and getting flack
for them, and ignited a new
controversy after making
disparaging remarks about
Sen. John McCain’s Vietnam War service.
Yet, support for Trump
fell sharply on the one
night that voters were surveyed following those comments. Telephone interviewing for the poll began
Thursday, and most calls
were completed before the
news about the remarks
was widely reported.
Although the sample
size for the final day was
small, the decline was
statistically significant.
Still, it is difficult to predict what could happen
to Trump’s support in
the coming days and
weeks as the controversy
plays out.
Even with the drop in
support on the final night
of the survey, Trump was
the favorite of 24 percent
of registered Republicans and Republican-leaning independents. That
is the highest percentage
and biggest lead recorded
by any GOP candidate
this year in Post-ABC
News polls and marks a
sixfold increase in his
support since late May,
shortly before he formally joined the race.

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