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It`s all happening.
It's all happening.
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Millennial women are closing the wage gap with men (at least on
Millennial women, also known as Gen Y, are a different breed in the workplace then the
world is used to. These women are known to be driven, efficient, intelligent, and extremely
optimistic and maybe that is why the wage divide is smaller now then ever. Women are
currently earning 93 cents to every dollar men make but don't get too excited ladies, the
fight is far from over. Keep up the good work.
Megyn Kelly Wins.
And her victory is all that everyone is talking about- rightfully so. Her confidence, poise,
and intellect are inspiring us away as we watch the blood battle (pun intended) unfold
between herself and Mr. Donald Trump. Earlier last week at the GOP Republican Debate,
true colors finally shined through, thanks to Kelly. "You've called women you don't like 'fat
pigs, slobs, and disgusting animals," she began accusing Trump. Frustrated by his lack of
control of the situation, Trump blamed Kelly's aggressive demeanor on her period. "She
had blood coming out of her eyes, coming out of her... wherever." Trump, you're fired.
Keeping it real.
Life can be pretty ridiculous. We think it's worth writing
My LinkedIn keeps recommending I connect with my therapist.
I promise I'm not that messed up.
Dear Bloomingdales, it is still 90 degrees and sunny.
It is the first week of August so naturally all I really want to do is sit by the pool and
enjoy the last few weeks of hot summer sunshine. So please, tell me why I am receiving
emails from you telling me to come pick up my Canada Goose jacket today. Am I being
punked? Is Ashton and the cast of Punked about to show up at my front door? Is global
warming really that bad?
Town Mom Groups
"I know it's been asked before but I'm looking for a reasonable but very good massage
therapist that can come to my home. Thanks"
Town mom groups: where teenagers should go if they want to bang their heads against
the wall.
Fit List #WomenWednesdays
Meet Ali Maffucci
Founder of
NY Times Bestselling Cookbook
Author, Blogger & Culinary
After discovering the Spiralizer, a
kitchen tool used to create noodles out
of vegetables and other products, Ali
was hooked. This tool allowed her to
create easy, delicious and creatively
nutritious meals that her diabetic
mother and she could enjoy alike. She
quickly realized that there was no
community for those who spiralize so
she decided to create one herself. With
a web domain, spiralizer, and passion
for delicious and healthy food,
Inspiralized was born. Learn more
about Ali, her story, and why we think
she is Fit to Lead from our exclusive
interview that can be found on The
Choose to shine.
Studies prove that looking at
GREEN things drastically
increases motivation. Surround yourself
or even look at
something green to boost motivation
and creativity. So whether you are
studying for a test or simply relaxing,
go outside! You will feel better instantly.
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