Are You Kappa Famous?


Are You Kappa Famous?
Are You Kappa Famous?
Exploring Kappa’s history resources
Kelly Nylund, Fraternity History Chairman
Kylie Smith, Fraternity Archivist/Museums
“And in the act of making things, just by living their daily
lives, they also make history.” ~Anne Bartlett
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How to get to Kappapedia
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Let’s look at Alpha Deuteron
Alpha Deuteron - Continued
How to Edit Your Chapter History
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Check out one Historically Speaking article
History Books - Continued
New this Biennium!
• Ritual/ History Specialist Team
–14 specialist, one for each of the proposed new districts
–Resource for Chapters and Associations in district
• Chapter History Report due date is now 12/15 (to be done by
outgoing officer)
Help Needed!
• Looking for writers for 35 more original chapter histories
–Chapter histories are complete from founding through 1976
for older chapters, and histories are also complete in the
–Just need the gap between 1976-2010 filled in. Summarized
by decade.
–Will provide data and a template.
• Email Kelly Nylund if you are interested
• [email protected]
Thank you!