2016 Discipleship Classes Brochure


2016 Discipleship Classes Brochure
Adult Education
8180 Telephone Rd
Ventura CA 93004
(805) 647-3757
Our Mission Statement
Orchard Community Church is a community,
passionate about knowing Jesus Christ,
enthusiastic about sharing His love, and
committed to spreading His good news.
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Orchard is an ECO Church.
Want to grow in your
Christian life?
The purpose of Adult Education at Orchard
is to encourage ongoing growth as followers of
Christ through introducing and deepening biblical
literacy, promoting intentional fellowship, and
exploring practical ways of applying God’s Word
in our daily lives. The Adult Education classes are
ways we want to fulfill this purpose.
Inside you’ll find an overview of classes for 2016,
plus brief descriptions and bios of the teachers.
Please check out the website for more information
and other ways to get connected into life at
These classes are open to all ages, married or single., whether you are new in the faith, or have
been walking with Jesus for a long time. If you have questions about these Adult Education Classes,
please contact Judy Alexandre ([email protected]). All of the classes meet in the Library at
Orchard Community Church.
Jan. 10 – March 20
Melinda Hoyt
The Confessions
Robyn Lynn
The Gospel of Luke
April 3 – May 22
Yvon Prehn
Minor Prophets
Wes Haystead
1 & 2 Peter
June 5 - July 24
Rich Smith
How We Reach Out
Sept. 11 - Oct. 30
Miracles of Jesus
Multiple Teachers
Comparative Faiths
Nov. 6 – Dec. 18 (no classes the Sunday after Thanksgiving)
Multiple Teachers
Comparative Faiths
Judy Alexandre
Ongoing Classes—these classes meet on an ongoing basis throughout the year
Parents’ Group: Sunday’s at 9 am in room 6 (Downstairs in children’s area)
Drop your kids off at Children’s Sunday School and debrief with other parents! The parents’ group is
a casual group that gives parents a place to be real, and explore raising kids in a Christian home
with others doing the same. Parents with kids of all ages are welcome! Facilitated by Shaun Stople.
Men’s Fellowship hour: Sunday’s at 9 am in the Farmhouse. This is a great time to come together as
men, learn about the Bible, and walk together in Faith. Facilitated by Gabe Gonzales and Nagi
Study with Pastor Matt Hoyt: Every Tuesday morning from 10 -11 am (or a little later) No
homework, or study ahead required. The class is open to everyone, and is a fantastic time to learn
from, and discuss the Bible, theology, and life application with our Pastor.
Women’s Bible Study: Tuesday Evenings (7 -8:45 pm) or Wednesday Mornings (9:30-11:30 am) Join
other women of all ages for Bible study, worship, and fellowship. Both groups follow the same
curriculum. Wednesday morning offers small group break out sessions and child care..
Join us for a 10 week study of the Creeds and
Confessions of our faith. We will journey back in time
and across continents to discover the issues faced
by the Church, which caused her to pause and state
her faith anew. The class format will include
teaching, multimedia presentations, and group
discussion. All ages and stages will enjoy the
experience! Bring a Bible and pen. Attend all 10
weeks or come when you can. Facilitated by
Melinda Hoyt and others!
Gospel of Luke
As we read the gospel of Luke, we will see Jesus’s
life and ministry through the eyes of Luke, physician,
historian and theologian.
Minor Prophets
Does God really love us when we sin terribly?
Where is God when things go wrong? What is
really most important to Him? How do we treat
those less fortunate? We all ask these questions as
have people throughout the ages. We find answers
in the Minor Prophets. This study will not only show
how they fit into the history of the Bible and the
world at the time they were written, but how they
apply to and challenge us today.
1 & 2 Peter
The Apostle Peter’s two brief letters were written to
equip believers to face the rigors of living for Jesus
in a hostile world. Peter helps us see how to model
Christ like love in the real world, exploring both the
richness of God’s grace, and the call to be holy in
all we do.
How We Reach Out
Explore the many ways that we, Orchard Community
Church reach out in the world, and in our local
Miracles of Jesus
Scripture tells us of the many miracles that God
performed in the Old and New Testaments. In this
class we will focus on the miracles of Jesus. We will
look at these miracles in terms of what they tell us
about God and how they apply to our lives today.
Comparative Faiths
Not only is it courteous to understand other faith
systems/beliefs before we attempt to share the
Christian faith with others. A study of other faiths can
help to strengthen our trust in the veracity of the
Christian faith. Understanding others assists us in
having meaningful dialogue. Though we will not go
into any one faith in great depth, we will look at the
beliefs of the Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Buddhist
and Islamic faiths, sharing an overview of that faith in
our world today. We will look at the major
differences of each faith and Christianity. A different
person will lead the teaching on each faith system
that will be explored.
What does it mean when we say Peace, Shalom?
What are theological, ethical, and practical
applications of our call to bring Shalom to our
communities in the old testament, and peace in the
new testament. What are the fuller meanings of these
biblical concepts? Together we will explore the
meaning and application of these biblical concepts,
and seek ways to bring these concepts to practical
reality in our very broken world.
Judy Alexandre
Judy Alexandre is a licensed clinical
social worker having had a private
practice for many years,. She taught
Sociology and Social Work at Westmont
College. She has worked with several local non-profits
that address issues of child abuse, poverty, and
homelessness. At Orchard, she has served as an elder
and currently chairs the Social Concerns and Justice
Committee, and the Adult Education Committee. Her
heart seeks Jesus and His justice.
Wes Haystead
My wife, Sheryl, and I moved to Ventura
in 1980 and began attending
Eastminister Presbyterian Church that
summer, becoming members that fall. At
the time I was Senior Editor at Gospel
Light Publications, where I had worked since the early
'70's and where Sheryl and I met. By the mid '80's, I
was doing writing and editing projects for a variety of
Christian organizations, as well as assisting in the early
years of providing record-keeping software resources
for church, school, and mission agencies. I continued in
that latter role until I retired at the end of 2011. I have
served several terms on Session at EPC, and was part
of three pastoral search teams here. But most of all,
I've been teaching Sunday school (just about every
age group) since my teen years back in the '50's.
Melinda Hoyt
Melinda Hoyt has attended Orchard
Community Church for over seven years.
Mostly serving in Children’s Ministry,
Melinda is thrilled to have an
opportunity to lead an adult class and take a break
from books which rhyme. Melinda is a pastor and has
served congregations in Granada Hills, New Jersey,
Scotland, and Palos Verdes before moving to Ventura
to serve her most important congregation of 3
daughters, a dog, and of course, Matt. When she’s got
a spare moment she enjoys all things ballet, history,
Downton Abbey, and is always up for a morning with
a friend at Simone’s or at the beach.
Robyn Lynn
I am thankful that I grew up in a
family and church where I had
many opportunities to study the
Bible. My B.A. from Wheaton
College is in Literature and Biblical Studies; my
M.A. from Baylor University is in English. I am
currently a stay at home mom and volunteer
musician at Orchard Community church. My
brain is happy when I can do the daily puzzles
in the LA Times.
Richard Smith
Richard is involved in
transforming communities globally
and locally, sharing the gospel
while working with Christian
organizations in Uganda and Honduras, and
leading a tutoring program at Cabrillo Village
for the past 4 years. He works as a Chemistry
teacher at Buena High School.
Yvon Prehn
Yvon’s life centers on being a
writer and teacher for Jesus. She
has written for, and served as a
communication's consultant for
many Christian ministries, traveled and taught
church communication seminars, and founded
Effective Church Communications, an online
training ministry. She has an MA in Church
History, attended seminary, and has taught
children's, youth, and adult Bible classes
throughout her life.
At Orchard we want to do more than pass on
knowledge and facts. In all our classes we will
provide practical applications to help you in your
Christian walk.