Americhip: CBS + Pepsi Max


Americhip: CBS + Pepsi Max
CBS + Pepsi Max
Case Study
CBS + Pepsi Max
Networks live and die on the success – or lack thereof – of their Fall launches. With consumers accessing content
from so many different sources, the networks and their ad agencies need to develop campaigns that are guaranteed
to cut through the clutter and grab the attention of viewers.
When launching its new campaign called “Monday to the Max” (a partnership with Pepsi), CBS and its media agency
OMD knew they needed something special to stand out.
Americhip had just finalized the design of a brand new, patented technology called Video in Print™ which allowed
advertisers to program up to 45 minutes of video content and embed it directly into a magazine insert. CBS and OMD
worked closely with Americhip’s technical teams to program nearly 30 minutes of video content from 6 of the new
shows premiering. Pepsi was so impressed with VIP® that it sponsored the insert and included one of its commercials
as part of the VIP® content. For the first time ever, consumers were able to watch actual video when reading a
The execution generated exceptional awareness for CBS and Pepsi Max. Buzz tracking indicated both received a
400% lift in overwhelmingly positive social media and blog conversations. Time Inc. showed unprecedented recall and
awareness numbers for subscribers receiving the groundbreaking issue:
98% recalled at least one of the shows and 72% recalled the Pepsi message
52% were more likely to watch the shows after seeing the ad
24% were more likely to try Pepsi Max after seeing the ad.
The execution received press coverage in 200+ media outlets worldwide, including CNN, BBC, NY Times and The Wall
Street Journal. The story was covered by broadcast, web and newsprint all over the world. The VIP® Insert made the
Cannes Lions 57th International Advertising Festival’s short list for Best Use of Magazines.
Awarded Grand Prize for ”Buzz Awards” by Adweek: “Americhip and OMD’s campaign for CBS and PepsiCo took the
concept of Video in Print™ from a fantasy to reality, proving that [advertisers] can make magic, too. It’s just that we call
it technology.”
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