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Mark McEwen
Journalist, author and form er CBS news anchor, Mark McEwen was
voted one of the m ost trusted people in Am erica and was a fixture on
CBS in the m ornings from 1987 until 2002. His wit and warm th m ade
him a welcom e guest in m illions of hom es. During his 15-year tenure at
CBS, Mark served in a variety of high-profile positions, including anchor
for "CBS This Morning", weather and entertainm ent reporter for "The
Early Show" and correspondent for "48 Hours." He is a stroke survivor
and works with the Am erican Stroke Association and the National Stroke
Association to educate people on how to m ake healthy lifestyle
changes. His has written Change in the W eather: Life After Stroke.
From “The Morning Program ” to “CBS This Morning,” Mark was a m ainstay on the CBS early news since first joining the network in 1987. He
anchored with a unique flair and, over the years, has interviewed m any
prom inent newsm akers, including form er Presidents Bill C linton, George
Bush and Gerald Ford. He has also interviewed Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Sidney Poitier,
Paul McCartney, Jim Carrey, Garth Brooks, W hoopi Goldberg, Julia Roberts, Denzel W ashington, Tom Hanks,
Madonna and Joni Mitchell, am ong others.
He has covered alm ost every im aginable television event including the Oscars, the Cannes Film Festival, the
Golden Globe Awards, the Gram m y Awards, and the Country Music Association Awards. He covered three
W inter Olym pics including Albertville, France and Lilleham m er, Norway, and anchored the m orning broadcast
from Nagano, Japan during CBS Sports’ coverage of the Olym pic W inter Gam es. In 1995, Mark was nam ed one
of the country’s “Ten Most Trusted TV News Personalities” in a TV Guide survey.
In his m em oir, Change in the W eather: Life After Stroke, Mark candidly recalls his harrowing journey of
rehabilitation from a m assive stroke. It is an intim ate, life-affirm ing journey of recovery and his ultim ate m essage
of hope for stroke victim s and their fam ilies.
Today, McEwen has recovered m ost of his day-to-day life, even returning to do occasional TV spots for his local
CBS affiliate in Orlando. He speaks nationwide and is a dynam ic new crusader helping to educate and inspire
stroke victim s and their fam ilies.
Mark was born in San Antonio, Texas, and raised in Berlin, Germ any; Montgom ery, Alabam a; and Crownsville,
Maryland. He attended the University of Maryland and now resides in Central Florida with his fam ily.
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