Energyfluidics™ flyer (Englilsh)



Energyfluidics™ flyer (Englilsh)
About Steven
June 2010
The Healing Praxis of Steven Hurwitz
Individuals want to live
harmoniously in Mind, Body and
Spirit. They want Vital Health. I
am deeply grateful, that I can
a#ow this gi$ if Vital Light to
help heal others.
Steven is a practicing body therapist and herbalist in Switzerland, who has developed
techniques specializing in chronic physical pain release, nourishment for the body, and
meridian vitalization. EnergyFluidics™, is the name Steven has give to the manifestation of
the teachings and healing work of Vital Light, which flow through his hands and
With more than 40 years of herbal formulation, education and therapeutic work in
America, England, Switzerland and Germany, his gifts are a source of relief, in a
wilderness of neglect. One feels the roots of Japanese, Chinese, and Western approaches in
his hands, and knows each treatment is unique to them. His oil dispursement bathing
formulations and techniques merge Vital Light with Warmth Light.
He has created the Living Food Institute in California, formulated the Ejuva intestinal
cleansing formulations, formulated the Swiss based ananne natural cosmetic company
line of products, created Kiwi Botanicals native tonics from NZ, and managed over 100
healthcare practices.
Praxis and Contact Information
By appointment. Each Energyfluidics™ treatment lasts approximately 50 minutes. Single
or double sessions are available. Cost: 150 CHF per session.
Friday Amthausstrasse 32, 4143 Dornach CH
Saturday Gesundheitszentrum, Greenpark, 8967 Widen CH
Steven Hurwitz, BA, MA CMT
4143 Dornach CH
tel: 061 702 2570 fax: 061 702 2574
email: [email protected] web:
We have lost
touch with our
Regain your Health and Vitality
For complete health, all organs and fluids of the
Lecture Series
human being as well as muscles and bone must be
addressed, including releasing the blocking patterns
emanating from fluidic meridians, muscles, joints,
and organs.
Conditions such as loss of vitality, poor health,
unclear thinking, chronic pain and listlessness are all
linked to improper absorption and utilization of
light giving nutritive forces.
Energyfluidics™, helps the body to harmoniously
regain it’s homoestasis, realign the fluid life-force
bodies, and balance organ vitality through Vital
Light, Herbs and Potentized Oils.
Please Call
061 702 2570
For More
What Clients Say
Vital Light, fluidic and ebbing, flows throughout the body,
nourishes corporeal existence and consciousness. Through the
Energyfluidics™ therapy, this Vital Light and Vital Warmth is
passed through Steven’s hands to clear blockages, allowing Vital
Light to flow throughout the body.
Energyfluidics™ is a body therapy developed by Steven
Hurwitz that incorporates warmth body healing. Vital
Light, Warmth Infusions and Supra-Tactile Sensing
facilitate the Release of Blockages. Below are some of the
experiences of clients.
More than 60 percent of our population suffers from some sort of
chronic pain. It is epidemic. Your body, however, has the
possibility to break free of this painful condition. The body is not
only the reflection of your health condition, but is the ultimate
gateway for self-regeneration through its meridians, channels,
and energetic layers.
“I had been plagued by headache and shoulder
pain. Not only did you rid me of my headache,
and shoulder pain, I feel better and better”. R.M.
“I am a retired carpenter. For years I was plagued with chest and feet pain. I went from
Relief from pain can be found when obstructions are cleared
away. Energyfluidics™ can unlock physical, and Fluidic Energy
doctor to doctor to seek results. All to no avail. Through an accident, I came to Steven and
received his en-lightened hands. I am a lucky and happy man”. E.M. Germany
blockages to create within each human being a new paradigm of
health that includes physical and energetic renewal.
“The man with the golden hands”. J. Switzerland
Energyfluidics™ brings a deeper awareness of our healing
How does it work?
Directed light and warmth-filled movements clear blockages and accumulations of neuralmuscular tension... accelerating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual expansion.
"Steven legt seine Hände auf meinen Rücken. Wie immer sind sie sanft und doch so
präsent und intensiv. Sie sind nicht warm, sie sind auch nicht heiss - sie sind wie glühend
warm. So angenehm, dass ich oft in Kürze in einen Schlaf verfalle, sobald ich diese
glühende Wärme wieder auf meiner Haut fühle. Denn diese glühende Wärme vermag
wieder zu zerschmelzen, was ich tagelang an innerer und äusserer Spannung in mir
getragen habe. Er schmelzt es mit seinen Händen, und ich schmelze dahin unter diesen
Händen und bin wieder wohlig in mir, mein Körper ist geschmeidig, alles Blockierende ist
tissue throughout the body.
gegangen. Am Ende der Stunde erhebe ich mich auch seelisch und geistig leichter und
geschmeidiger vom Massagetisch. Wie die Welt doch gleich anders erscheint. Ich werde es
nie wissen - doch gespürt habe ich es schon so oft mit grosser Dankbarkeit, dieses
Geschenk, welches in seinen Händen verborgen ist”. S.H., Switzerland
It is also used in awakening or further activating the Warmth Body and it’s corresponding
“How did you do that? I am free of pain”! F.L., Italy
Energyfluidics is used, but not limited to, musculoskeletal disorders and chronic stressrelated disorders of the digestive, respiratory, reproductive system, and constricted muscle
consciousness. The client receives an “assist” in opening those doors that are blocked by
pain and discomfort. The goal of such treatments, is a freeing, a way seeing and acting, in
full awareness and relief from the plagues of pain.
“You find all the right blocked points. Such a gift you have. I trust you implicitly”. A.

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