Preliminary Engineering Report


Preliminary Engineering Report
City of Port Orford
Water Supply Expansion
Phase I – Distribution System
Phase II – Hubbard Creek
City of Port Orford
Water Supply Expansion
Presented by:
City of Port Orford
SHN Consulting Engineers
& Geologists, Inc.
Water Supply Expansion Project
Oregon Infrastructure Finance Authority
(Community Development Block Grant).
 Technical Assistance Grant
 Oregon Water Resources Department
 USDA Rural Utilities Services – TA Grant
 Rural Community Assistance Corporation
 City of Port Orford City Council
Water Supply Status
2005 Water Master Plan
Shortage of Raw Water Supply
 Alternatives to Expand Source
N. Fork Reservoir Expansion
 New (additional) North Fork Reservoir
 Garrison Lake
 Do Nothing
Water Loss (Yr 2000 @ 22%)
 Water Loss (Yr 2010 @ 57%)
Opinion of Probable Cost
Phase 1--Distribution System
Phase 2--Reservoir
$ 13,145,000
$ 3,829,000
Application in to USDA RUS for ARRA
Funding for $ 14,000,000
on Preliminary Engineering Report
Phase 1
Phase I
Water Distribution System Improvements
Water distribution system leaks
Distribution system piping
consists of 15 miles of water lines
12 miles of Asbestos Cement pipe
3 miles a mix of PVC and other pipe
Oldest located (so far) is from 1926
Most was installed in the 1950s and 1960s
Distribution system pump
pump stations, necessary due to terrain
Portions of system less than 20 psi
No capacity to allow additional connections
to some of the pump stations
No fire flow in higher elevation areas
Age of pump stations causing maintenance
problems (parts availability, reliability etc.)
Types of System Failures
Phase 2
Reservoir Expansion
Water Supply Status
2010 Situation
Critical Shortage of Raw Water Supply
 Alternatives to Expand Source
N. Fork Reservoir Expansion
 New (additional) North Fork Reservoir
 Garrison Lake
 Do Nothing
Water Loss (Yr 2009 52% - Yr 2010 @ 57%)
 Less Than Average Year – Requires Conservation
N. Fork Hubbard Creek
N. Fork Hubbard Creek
Water Supply Status
2010 Situation
Critical Shortage of Raw Water Supply
 Distribution System is Failing
 Continue Leak Detection and Repair
 Water Loss (Yr 2010 @ 57%)
 PER/EA – Evaluation of Expanding Source
Replacing Distribution System
 Expansion of N. Fork Reservoir
Funding Applications
Water Consumption Practices
Reduce Water Losses to Less than 10%
Replace Distribution System
Implement Conservation During Drought
(15% Reduction in Water Usage)
Expand Existing Impoundment
59 acre-feet (19.4 Million Gallons)
 38 foot Dam Height
Release Minimum Stream Flow - 0.14 cfs
Phase II – Expanded Reservoir
Proposed Earthen Dam
Section of Proposed Dam & Intake
Section of Proposed Dam
and Primary Spillway
Current Water Rates 2010
Base rate, incl. first 2000 gallons $27.08
2001-5000 gallons
5001-10000 gallons
10001-20000 gallons
20001 + gallons
Water bill calculation
Usage 4400 gallons
Base rate
2400 gallons @ 6.49/M $15.58
Total bill this customer $42.66
Wastewater Rates
Base Rate (no gallons included)
Usage rate per thousand gallons
Wastewater Bill Calculation
Usage 4400 gallons
Base Rate
Usage (at $6.13/thousand gallons)
Total for this customer
“Average Customer” water and
waste water bill
Average customer 4400 gallons of
water/wastewater per month.
Water Bill
Wastewater Bill
Total bill for “average” customer $106.71
Water system operating budget
Personal Services
Materials and Services(O & M)
Annual debt service
Total Costs to operate water system
FY2010 revenue (charge for water)
Net loss for FY2010
Water system total usage
667 utility accounts
Average use per account 4400 gallons/ month
Average amount of water sold/month
2010 total data
Total water treated for the year 67,493,004
Total water sold for the year
Total water fund revenue
667 connections @ $27.08
2400 gallons X 6.49/M X 667
Total revenue generated
Water system (only) debt
Water system debt principal $348,495
Water system debt interest $67, 529
Debt total for water only $416,024
Distribution system (phase 1)
funding package
Grant funds
CDBG $1.895 M
USDA $1.250 M
Loan funds
$6.0 M
$4.0 M
Total package
$13.145 M
Payment and interest calculations
$4,000,000 loan amount, 3.5% interest, 40 years
$6,000,000 loan amount, 1% interest, 30 years
Rate based payback
Payment is 419,797.81 per year, or approximately
$52.45 per customer per month. Total water
(only) bill for this scenario is $94.45
Property Tax based payback
General Obligation, 100,000,000 assessed value
$4.1980 per thousand of assessed value
Payment based on $6M General
Obligation bond and $4M
Revenue Bond
General Obligation bond $2.3249 per thousand of
assessed value.
Revenue Bond requires rate increase of $23.40 per
month per customer.
If the vote for either the general obligation bond
fails, or the revenue bond fails, the project cannot
be completed. Both MUST pass in order for the
funding package to be viable.
This ends the presentation