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PRODUCTS & SERVICES • Tirecraft Canada
MARCH 2011 • The Canadian Business Journal
Rolling toward
the future
Moving forward sensibly. Ever since startup in 1968, this has been the
view of Tirecraft, a leader and well-respected brand in Canada’s tire sales
and service industry, as both a retailer and supplier partner. It’s with this
meticulously diligent philosophy the company has seen growth over the
years, now with more than 150 locations across Canada.
PRODUCTS & SERVICES • Tirecraft Canada
Tirecraft has grown into a significant position
“Our associate store team across the country
in the Canadian marketplace and, as such, is
creates an invaluable network that clearly provides
able to extend very competitive pricing to its as-
Tirecraft with a competitive advantage. It’s not un-
sociates, across all product segments. The diver-
common for our competitors to get tires [delivered]
sity of the brand, in addition to quick responses,
once a day or once a week, while service through
efficient service and consistent pricing with one
our distribution network of 14 warehouses provides
point of contact allows the company to thrive
delivery service ranging from one time to up to four
while improving associate member profits.
times per day, with the latter being in the major
From the standpoint of the supplier and the
markets. With the amount of brands and SKUs
independent owner, the desire to join the Tirecraft
growing every day, it’s almost impossible to inven-
network is mutual, with most locations (about 80
tory what you need,” said Richardson. “The service
per cent) independently owned and operated. In
our Tirecraft associates receive gives them the ad-
its membership, Tirecraft looks for those that will
vantage of having what they need when we need it,
live up to the brand’s high standard of integrity and
while freeing up inventory dollars and carrying costs
seek owners with a vision, a willingness to commit,
to invest in building their retail business. Efficient
values and business ethics in line with that of the
supply chain management has given Tirecraft the
brand. Tirecraft is also a very strong proponent of
same advantages some of the largest companies
giving back to local communities and is aggressive-
in the world have realized.”
ly promotes involvement in locally based initiatives.
The Tirecraft network continues to grow—
In essence, Tirecraft looks for quality shops that
already doubling its national presence over
will add to the reputation of its brand.
the last two-and-a-half years—not only in num-
Tirecraft look for partners who can effectively
bers, but also in program strength. Rather than
market its dual brand strategy, allowing the com-
investing unnecessarily in a Canadian head
pany to maintain its independence and continue to
office, Tirecraft remained lean by leveraging its
share and build its entrepreneurial strengths. This
regional administrative, sales and marketing
is ultimately the core strength of the Tirecraft pro-
teams across the country, again contributing to
gram—entrepreneurs sharing common goals, direc-
the highly competitive position of its program.
tion and a willingness to help each other grow—far
Members find the channels of communication
from just a tire acquisition program.
are also much more effective.
MARCH 2011 • The Canadian Business Journal
Business networking
our members respond to the market changes in
a timely fashion and stay a leg up on the com-
“Joining Tirecraft is the best thing
that happened to our business,”
one associate, Glenn MacDonald,
President of Multi Tire of
Scarborough, tells Tirecraft.
“Within the first year of joining,
our sales doubled.”
petition,” Richardson added. “The growth of the
Tirecraft program has been very satisfying to all
parties involved and membership has jumped
simply because we are doing things that are
working well, providing support where and when
it’s needed. Going forward, we don’t have aggressive growth targets. Instead, we will continue to
focus on our customer’s needs.”
“When we meet as a management team,
we don’t have a target where we want to be 100
Reliable customer service
or 200 or 1,000 locations. Our goal has always
Tirecraft continues to build on the strengths of
been to be a solid responsive partner helping
its brand. Prime among them is its reputable
PRODUCTS & SERVICES • Tirecraft Canada
customer service. Its network serves as its most
rely on. We’ll be there for them the next time they
resourceful hub, one that has proven to be more
need something done.”
personable and less corporate. When a consumer chooses Tirecraft as opposed to a major
Going green
chain, on many occasions that customer associ-
This year, Tirecraft is rolling out a test in Ontario
ates with the business owner, carrying a vested
where its locations can become green certified,
interest in high customer satisfaction to ensure
an environmental initiative that the company re-
that customers leave satisfied.
fuses to take lightly. If stores hit a certain criteria,
Like any company, Tirecraft strives to ensure
that store can then brand itself as green certi-
that its customer can tell others about a positive
fied, permitting for greater social responsible.
experience and, ultimately, for those costumers
Not only does this method save both time and
to be a continued client. “We make sure that the
money, it’s something in which every organiza-
customer gets what they need, at a fair price,
tion should take part, according to Richardson.
and with great service from someone they can
Three years prior, Tirecraft began its green initia-
MARCH 2011 • The Canadian Business Journal
tives by promoting its environmental movement,
strong future as the Tirecraft network continues
something it now encourages more and more
to improve its marketability through its growingly
within its locations.
recognizable branding and reliable name in a
highly competitive automotive landscape. CB
“Being a solid corporate citizen
is a must for any business,” said
Richardson. “Tirecraft is an industry
leader in this regard.”
With that, the mission at Tirecraft is to exceed customer satisfaction through independent
owner operations where the values and integrity
of the Tirecraft family brand truly shine through.
As such, these business cornerstones spell for a