BBVA, Experiencia3c2


BBVA, Experiencia3c2
welcome to the
BBVA brand
At BBVA we understand our brand as the promise
we make to our stakeholders (customers, employees,
shareholders and society) and to their experiences
in their relationship with us.
A strong brand requires coherence between the promise and
working inside the
company and transmitting these values to the outside world.
the promise
(what we say)
the experience
(the life experience of people
with whom we have relationships)
Our attitudes and behaviour are guided
by the vision, mission and brand positioning:
we the employees
are the brand.
hello !
Our vision is what we aspire to be.
BBVA, working for a better
future for people.
Our mission is why we exist.
We are committed to providing the
best solutions to our clients, profitable
growth to our shareholders, and
progress to society.
We provide easy to understand,
reliable solutions which are
suitable for every stage of life
Our brand positioning seeks to hold a privileged place
in the minds of our stakeholders.
+ brand positioning
adelante. means making the future happen today,
anticipating needs and providing suitable solutions for every
stage of life.
We create solutions
We want the experiences and
perceptions of the people with
whom we are in contact to be
coherent and in line with the vision,
mission and brand positioning at
all touch points.
Touch points with our stakeholders.
BBVA branch offices
Debit/credit cards
Statements and receipts
Corporate webpages
Shareholder office
Corporate buildings
Working together
we can achieve the future
we desire!
Let’s get to work!