Mejoras de autokitchen 14


Mejoras de autokitchen 14
autokitchen® 14
Summary of what's new
Autokitchen 14 comes with many new and improved functions. Most of them are geared to increase design
flexibility and to enhance the design presentation. In addition, the new Autokitchen 14 has streamlined many
functions and reduced design time.
New option to show room doors open in 3D views.
When partitioning a room with the internal wall button,
the new rooms can have different floor materials.
Default lights intensity is now automatically adjusted
based on the size of the room.
Each room has its own automated text indicating room
name, square footage and perimeter.
New function to automate placement of crown molding
and/or baseboard on walls.
The tools to modify the room architecture have been
streamlined and placed in the same level. Now you
can access them all at once.
Tools to move wall segment and corner have been
New function to extend an internal wall so that it
connects to a regular wall.
New function to split or divide walls so that different
materials or textures can be applied to each wall
You can select the type of handle that goes with each
room door. A catalog of twenty-two handle models is
New, additional way to move doors and windows. Now
you can also move doors and windows from their
existing position in addition to moving them from the
closest corner.
New function to draw sloped ceilings. Sloped ceilings
can have several sections, each with its own material
or color.
• Render parameters have been fine tuned to reduce the
number of lights required.
• New button to turn ALL lights On or Off. The button is
• When editing an image, you can now insert a logo or
located in the main tool bar under Photo, making it
easily accessible. This allows for two different looking
shade modes: All lights Off or On.
text, indicate its position in the image as well as its size,
font and transparency option.
• Images can also be edited within Autokitchen by
adjusting Brightness, Contrast and Saturation as well
as Red, Green and Blue coloration.
Panoramic Views
• New options for rapid placement of multiple lights:
• Placement along a straight line.
• Placement as an array.
The new Panoramic View function allows you to create
a 360 degree view of the design very quickly. The
panoramic view is especially useful for customers who
need help visualizing the entire design ahead of time.
Artistic Images
• New Edit Image function allows you to select any image
and apply several artistic filters to it such as:
Gray scale
Black and White
Sharp Edge
Blur image
Panoramic View created in autokitchen 14
Numbering Options
• Now your elevation and floor plan views can show the
numbers inside a circle, rectangle or octagon.
Pencil drawing
• BIM capabilities. Autokitchen designs can now be open
with any BIM visualizer in order to access all relevant
design information in one place. Accessing BIM
information is already deemed critical in some countries
while in others is likely to be required in the near future.
• The direct print button includes the option to print with
hand drawn effect.
View of autokitchen design via BIM visualizer
On/Off Configurations
• The pull down menu next to “Select On/Off set...” lists
the available layer pre-configurations. Additional
configurations can be created and saved by each user.
Several new tile designs have been added.
Laminates: Laminates catalog by Egger is now
• Object numbers (and associated text) can now be
turned off from the main On/Off dialog box.
Miele residential catalog is now available.
• Start your designs in your iPad with autokitchen
Express 2 or in your PC or Mac with Quick3DPlan, then
open the file in Autokitchen 14 and finish it.
Image of autokitchen Express 2, iPad.
2D profiles of people have been added to help in
the presentation of elevations and perspectives.
Accessories have been re-organized in order to
make the selection of high frequency elements
Some new elements have been added such as
extractors, an orchid plant and a food processor.
Over twenty bathroom fixtures have been added
including bath tubs, shower accessories and
Several glass door styles previously available
with mullions have been made available without
mullions as well.
Seven new wall crown molding profiles are now
New stacked wall cabinet is now available in
certain heights, with and without mullion.
Equal-size drawer cabinets have been modified
so that changes in cabinet height impacts all
drawers equally.
Under Unequal drawer cabinet, a new
modification allows you to change the size of one
Dishwasher and Pull-out cabinets now appear by
New model of Beaded door has been introduced.