August 2010 - the Muskegon Rescue Mission


August 2010 - the Muskegon Rescue Mission
muskegon rescue mission
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arbor Light
Providing a beacon of hope through your support
vol. 10 issue 3
Investing in our children today gives all of us
Hope for
See how your involvement with young people is changing their
lives and our community! pg’s 4-5
Proud Daddy
Learn how Louis
is becoming a man
of integrity.
MRM online
Visit our updated
web site and new
facebook page!
Thank you!
A Mother’s dreams
for her children
are in reach.
letter from the director
You’re giving them
Dear Friend,
Imagine having never traveled outside the city limits, never having
walked in a forest, rode a horse or slept in a cabin. This is reality for
many of the children who stay at the Mission. This year, because of your
generosity, thirty-six kids, ages seven to fourteen, were able to attend
Grace Adventures Camp. They enjoyed a full week of fun activities, new
friendships, spiritual nurturing and so much more.
Carla Skoglund
Executive Director
The campers learned about having a faith rooted deep in Jesus
Christ as their Savior and then learned how to build their faith in Christ.
I am convinced that rooting children in God’s Word at an early age, is
critical to their spiritual development and to their faith being lived each
the Faith
of a Child
day throughout their lives.
about the love of Christ. They learned that just as God created the seeds
of plants and vegetation, so each person is fearfully and wonderfully
made by our Creator. God made them! They also came to understand
that the only way to flourish in their lives is to know God’s word by reading the bible every day, and by memorizing scripture. Another lesson
taught them to choose their friends carefully and that it is important to
“So then, just as you received
Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to
live in him, rooted and built up in
Him, strengthened in the faith as
you were taught, and overflowing
with thankfulness.” -­ Colossians 2:6-7
“walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers
harm” Proverbs 13:20. They came home with a heart for the Lord and
a desire to please Him and a goal to walk with Christ throughout their
life. What wonderful seeds were sown in the hearts of each boy and girl
this summer….and you had a part in this because: you cared, you prayed
and you provided. Only eternity will reveal the “fruit” of each child’s life
because of this camp experience. Thank you!
As you read the stories of Louis and Bridgette, you will see the
dramatic impact children have on the lives of their parents. Children
often provide the motivation needed to take the first steps to seeking
help and asking the most important question…is there a God and how
can I know Him?
In Christ’s Name,
“As a father has compassion on his children,
so the LORD has compassion on those who
fear him.” - Psalm 103:13, NIV
Grace Adventures used a gardening metaphor to teach the campers
Harbor light • AUG 2010
pA proud daddy, Louis knows how much he owes his kids...
you met Louis, you’d probably see him wearing a big
pin with his daughter’s
soccer picture. When he talks
about his kids, it’s easy to see how
proud he is of them... and how
much he wants to be the kind of
Daddy they need.
Daddy’s Angel
Louis’ own father was never
there for him. As a young boy,
Louis was molested by friends
who told him it was the way to fit
in. The pain ran deep, and Louis
turned to marijuana. “I was real
big into pot because my buddies
were doing it,” he explains. “Then
I found out my friends were doing
crack. My father died of a crack
overdose when I was 14, I told myself I would never do it, but I was
watching my friends do it.”
Despite his resolve, Louis was
seriously tempted and on the verge
of completely destroying his life.
But a little angel saved him. “When
Investing in our children
my daughter came into my life and
I held her, I just sat there and cried
because it was something so beautiful. It really changed me from the
inside out and I’ve just kept away
from drugs ever since.”
Louis’ love for his daughter, and
for the son who soon followed,
kept him clean—but old pain and
temptation made every day a
battle. His pastor and his spiritual
mentor told him he needed
Muskegon Rescue Mission.
A Man of Integrity
Here, thanks to your generosity,
Louis is getting exactly the kind
of help he needs. “In the program
you’re more secluded, more attentive to God and learning His Word.
I’ve quit cigarettes, I’ve done a lot
to be truthful, I’ve quit stealing
and I’m becoming a man of
integrity. I’m always looking
forward to helping somebody.”
Louis takes his journey of selfdiscovery and spiritual growth
very seriously. “I need to be delivered, not only for my sake but for
my kids’ sake. If I can break that
bondage that’s held me for so long,
there’s so much more I can do for
my kids.”
That includes working hard on
his parenting skills. “Growing up
without a father, it’s kind of hard
to get anywhere with your own
kids,” he says. “But thanks be
to God, He’s a good Father. He’s
always been there for me, and He’s
teaching me how I should train
up my kids, how I should love
them, how to take care of them.
I want them to know their daddy
cares about them. I want them to
know I loved them enough to do
a program that benefits them and
Thank you for giving hope, not
just to Louis, but to a little boy
and girl who are thrilled to have a
daddy they can count on!
Thank You for Investing in the Lives of Our Kids!
pAt camp, kids participate in fun activities and learn
biblical principles along with them. Activities like archery help
children understand the idea of missing the mark because of
sin, but hitting them mark every time through Jesus!
pWho doesn’t love some extra sweets at camp? In addition to
three filling meals each day, kids delight in snack time!
pWhat kids always take home with them from camp are new friendships. Thank you for giving them such fun-filled
memories in a nurturing, Christ-centered atmosphere!
Harbor light • AUG 2010
uskegon Rescue Mission can’t thank you enough for the love and encouragement
you are giving to children in our community. Every summer, dozens of boys and
girls catch a glimpse of heaven on earth through camp. Many of them haven’t come
from the most stable home environment, but God’s blessing of your generosity gives them a
memorable and life-changing experience. They learn about Jesus’ love and the eternal peace,
encouragement and security He brings. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
As campers form various teams in their cabins or through
group activities, it’s amazing to see them build unity and
grow in sharing, encouragement and kindness!
Jesus said, “Let the little children come to
me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom
of heaven belongs to such as these.”
— Matthew 19:14 (NIV)
pCamp also tests the faith and trust of campers
through engaging sports like rock climbing and
ropes courses. What a joy to see kids step out in
faith, overcome their fears and gain confidence
for new challenges in life.
pNestled in the midst of beautiful Michigan countryside,
camp is truly a refuge for kids. Many campers haven’t
experienced God’s creation in such fullness and it’s a
privilege to help them enjoy all He has made!
Investing in our children
memorial gifts
Our heartfelt sympathy
and prayers are with
the family and friends of
those remembered below.
These gifts are a special
legacy offering hope to
those in need.
In Memory of:
(gifts received April 1, 2010
through July 9, 2010)
Norma Agard
John Kadelsik, Jr.
Louis Andree
James & Doris Goudzwaard
Betty Ballard
Richard Ballard
Charles Ballard
Richard Ballard
Gary & Candy Ballard
Richard Ballard
Rayfield Baty
Bob & Jan Lowry
Delbert A. Bean
Ruth Bean-Bodell
Michael Bell
Thomas Montambo
Bob Bolema
Joanne Bolema
Wilma Bond
Ray & Lillian Remus
Joyce Bredin
Maureen Hall
Jeanette Bush
Wally & Elaine Haglund
David Carter
Joy & Tom Wolters
Arend & Della Cramer
James & Adele Bozeman
Minnie DeLong
David & Louanne Utzinger
Larry & Bonnie Vanderlaan
Winifred Nagtzaam
Dean & Karen Reenders
Louise & Leo Allen
Bob & Connie Cottrell
Mary Dykema
Virginia Johnson
Debra & Tom Kane
Nancy Nagtzaam
Ray & Judy Zuidema
Herman & Betty Zuidema
Steve & Debbie Olsen
Gordon & Cheryl Norman
John Kadelsik, Jr.
Karla Bates
Arthur & Delores Burkall
Mike & Kay Olthoff
Betty Ringelberg
John Kadelsik, Jr.
Robert Dodge
Brian & Patty Dodge
Edward Drabik
Doreen Squire
Marjorie B. Elwell
Jack & Joyce Way
Donna Nienhuis
Joycene Wolffis
Mabel Hill
Bob & Marcia Johnson
Linda Noble
Verna Noble
Beth Phillips
Paul & Jean Becker
Baby Ingrid Ana Erickson
Katherine Zagers
Mary Lou Fielstra
Ed Postema
Katherine Zagers
Ray & Lillian Remus
Jack & Eva Ortquist
Helen R. Howe
James & Doris Goudzwaard
Carl & Susan Schilleman
Donald J. Goven
Thomas Montambo
Helen Grevel
Walter & Peggy Goetz
Bill & Marion Haglund
Wally & Elaine Haglund
Mae M. Hallman
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Webber
Maxine Burrous
James Haynes
Harry & Pat Mosher
Vince & Vicki Arends
Garret & Evelyn
Wally & Elaine Haglund
Louis & Grace Herlein
Ken & Nancy Reynen
Louie & Doris Herlein
Florence M. Hogston
Arlene Blohm
Darwin & Eleanor Heykoop
Marilyn Flood
Chuck & Anna Priese
Maxine Workman
Connie & George Tilton
Don & Lola Priese
Ivah Memmott
Rick & Janet Gifford
& Family
Ralph & Sandy Gifford
Gary & Shirley Christensen
John & Dorcas Fekken
Edward & Gertrude Huls
Randy & Becky Machovsky
Tom Wisneski
Richard & Carol Witzke
Helen Iwaniec
Bill Paulson
Margaret Joslyn
Gene Joslyn
John & Christine Kadelsik
John Kadelsik, Jr.
Kyran “Butch” Kane
Anne Olson
John Kadelsik, Jr.
Kathleen Kelly
Gloria Sikkenga
Steve & Jana Tibbitts
Andria Barberi
Charles Langeland
Brian, Mary, Joe, Andrea,
Daniel & Erin Kelly
Ray & Madge Hanslits
Richard Johnson
Karen Kern
Thomas Montambo
Bill Knevitt, Jr.
Carl & Sharlynn Fuller
Roy J. Kroeze
Charles & Jane Clover
Marv & Ethel Brown
Robert & Vera Sundin
Glenn Sheathelm
Beverly Walhout
Graphics House Publishing
Lila & Vine Sutton
Eleanor Gasahl
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Wiersma
Janice Tourre
Norm Lager
Joanne Bolema
Helen Larson
Ralph & Joan Gustafson
Henrietta Lewis
Catherine Butterfield
Evelyn Malmstrom
Maureen Hall
Joanne Morrison
Ray & Lillian Remus
John Griffith
Ken Enders
Jim & Dolores Ankeny
Tim & Barb Schmidt
Bob & Polly Westfall
Beverly Walhout
Rich & Donna Stevens
Jackie Stark
Victoria Spellman
Delores Skiba
Phyllis Richter
David & Norma Reynolds
Rev. Wm. & Avis Randall
Ron & Ronni Pruhs
Richard & Virginia Pease
Pat & Red Paulson
Jim & Ruth Nielsen
Christine McClain
Karen Marotz
Johanna Kuhn
Larry & Verg Kittilstad
Joe & Nancy Kimble
Dave & Barb Kendall
John & Laura Karafa
Doris Kalinowski
Nelvin & Lucille Jager
Bob & Barb VanderLeest
Helen Nelson
John & Terri Hoekstra
Dick & Shirley Tindall
Jim & Barbara Holmes
Tom & Lois Hogg
Scott & Michelle Hoerig
Margaret Ford
Rod & Barb Dorsey
Patty Dobberstein
Joyce Carvey
Art & De Burkall
Ken & Dolores Baldwin
Walter & Mary Ann
Janice Agard
Paul Tojek
Rosalie Russell
Marv & Ethel Brown
Sukey & Malcolm Denniss
Susan Martin
Ann Ruiz
Arlaine Lois Mayette
Ken & Clara Kolberg
Doris Nelson
Joan Gardner
Harbor light • AUG 2010
Roger A. Nelson
Carol, Marilyn & Ralph Bernhardt
Richard & Dorothy Johnson
David & Arlene Johnson
Orville & Nancy Gee
Ken & Mary Bernhardt
Grace Kline-Schultheiss
Norman & Maureen
Christine Love
Tom & Cheryl Arnold
Stan & Cynthia Minnich
William G. Olsen
Jean Gerbig
Lena Osborne
Mark & Debbie Gordon
Angie Palsrok
Harvey & Lois Wierenga
Past Officers/
Mskg. Rescue Mission
Women’s Auxiliary
MRM Women’s Auxiliary
Susan Ritter Puls
Carl & Sharlynn Fuller
Jessica Puls
Kyle Ritcheske
Bob & Patti Ritcheske
John & Ann Roosmalen
Louie & Doris Herlein
Verley Sias
Neil Karel & Family
Jack Sorensen
Dan & Pam Millhisler
Rev. Matt Sorensen
Dan & Pam Millhisler
Vivien Sundeen
Norma Knowles
Norma Tazelaar
Thomas Montambo
Helen Trethewey
Margaret Mell
Do you have a relative or friend you would like to
honor? A gift to Muskegon Rescue Mission is an ideal
way to remember a birthday, anniversary or other
special occasion, or to acknowledge a loved one while
at the same time helping those in need.
Harry & Margaret Vledder
Gayle, John, Lindsay
In honor of:
& Nick Jones
(gifts received April 1, 2010
through July 9, 2010)
Karen Weesies
Thomas Montambo
n Appreciation
Lilah Matthews
Victor Wiesenauer
Alissa Matthews
Dan & Pam Millhisler
Elizabeth R. Wilson
Brad, Wendy &
Reed Anderson
Shirley Koteles
Mary Buzuma
Joni Hawryliw
Connie & Rick Bull
Jim & Debi Boismier
Tom & Karen Arntson
Bob & Rosie Anderson
Gail Anderson
Dr. William Bond
Barbara Fallon
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fallon
Judy Osborne
Lori Kreuter
Marguerite Boyd
Nancy Ellen Legatz
n 50th Wedding
Dave & Jan Mudgett
n Birthdays
Pat Jones
David & Susan Deitrick
Donnielle Geil
Tom & Valerie Gillard
n 100th Birthday
Henrietta Cochran
Karen Bolhuis
n Graduation
Nick Geil
Tom & Valerie Gillard
n Wedding
Rachel Sutton
& James Line
David & Beth Sutton
n Retirement
Dr. Joel Jarvis
Darlene Mol
When you send your memorial or “in honor
of” gift to Muskegon Rescue Mission, you
will receive a tax-deductible receipt and
a card will be mailed promptly to the bereaved family or the friend being honored,
telling them of your gift. Please mail your
memorial and “in honor of” gifts to:
Lowell Wolffis
Jean Wolffis
Rev. Fr. Steven
Ann Yankopoulos
n 70th Birthday
Marty Miller
Al & Doris Cwiakala
Muskegon Rescue Mission, 1691 Peck Street, Muskegon, MI 49441
Muskegon Rescue Mission Online
It’s a blessing to communicate with all
of our partners in ministry through each
edition of Harbor Light and personal letters throughout the year. But we’re
excited to expand our connection
through online media, too!
New Mission Website
For many years, our website has served
as a go-to for helpful information on
Mission news and events. But it was
definitely time for a refresh to better
meet the needs of our ministry friends
and people in the community who want
to learn about the amazing work going
on at Muskegon Rescue Mission.
You can check out our new website for
yourself at
Investing in our children
Take some time to browse the pages,
read the testimonials and stay up-todate on how God is changing lives
through you in West Michigan! Plus, we
have a great section to learn more about
volunteering in a variety of roles.
Become Our Fan on Facebook
Guess who joined Facebook? That’s right
-- Muskegon Rescue Mission!
Facebook allows us
the flexibility to post
news and notes almost
as quickly as they happen and is a great way
for ministry partners to
connect with the Mission and with each
If you’re already a member of the
popular social networking site, search
for Muskegon Rescue Mission and
become our fan today!
Her Dreams
Are in Reach,
to You!
“My dream is for my children
to grow up, finish school, and
find something positive in
life,” Bridgette says, looking
tenderly down at her newborn daughter. “I just hope
they don’t have to go through
the struggles I have gone
pBridgette cradles her newborn daughter, glad for your kindness that keeps her safe.
A Safe Place
It’s hard enough to be a single
mother, without also being
homeless, but that’s the struggle Bridgette faced. Friends let
her family stay with them for a
little while, but they were constantly moving. With every move,
Bridgette wondered how she could
ever focus on their future, with so
much instability in their lives.
That’s why Bridgette thanks
God for Muskegon Rescue Mission.
“I needed somewhere to stay and
get my life on track, for me and my
daughters,” she says. “The Mission
helped me out a lot, with things
I need for my children and with
housing. I’m happy I’m staying
here. I feel like any woman that’s
struggling and has children should
come here. I honestly think they
“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will
succeed.” - Proverbs 16:3, NIV
will like it. I love the donations
people give to help us out. Without it, I would still be going from
house to house.”
An Abiding Peace
The care you provide doesn’t
stop with good food and safe beds.
Bridgette is learning lessons that
will stay with her for the rest of
her life.
“The staff is teaching me how
to be a better mother to my children,” she’d tell you. “And I didn’t
know too much about Christ when
I came here, but I’m learning a
lot. I like the chapel and the Bible
studies, and I have seen the love
Muskegon Rescue Mission
1691 Peck Street
Muskegon, MI 49441
(231) 727-6090
FAX (231) 722-7030
of Christ.” Once, Bridgette’s dream
for her girls seemed impossible,
lost in the daily grind of poverty.
But now, with a fresh start from
you, that dream is in reach. Thank
Our Board
Joe Masvero, President
Dan McKinnon, Vice President
Doug Amstutz
Bryan Betten
Dr. David Dora
Dave Parnin
Cedric Scott
Harbor Light is a publication of
Muskegon Rescue Mission and is
produced quarterly.
Harbor light • AUG 2010

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